Today’s first letter, from our correspondent Roger Arthur, asks an inconvenient question about our military independence post-Brexit:


Please publish my letter to Mr Nick Herbert, my constituency MP:

“Dear Nick,

I hope that you are well.

You may recall your response to my concerns about the potential impact of PESCO on our military independence, in which you said:

“We are leaving the EU.  We are not going to put our armed forces under EU control or give up our seat on the Security Council.”

On that basis, I must assume that the report below is fake news, but I would appreciate confirmation.

Best wishes, etc”

The report (link here) says that:

“The UK government is planning to sign away our defence autonomy to the EU in exchange for proposed trade arrangements.

In effect, the Withdrawal Agreement and proposed Defence Treaty would keep the UK under EU power permanently – even after the end of the ‘transition period’.”

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Our contributor Jim Makin also addresses this important issue:


The take-over of our armed forces by the EU Defence Union now seems to be out of the bag. Please watch. This concerns UKIP.

As reported by UK Column:

  • This is not the “new” EU army – they are “unifying” our UK armed forces, transferred lock stock and barrel to EU command.
  • Army, navy, air force, special forces, nuclear deterrent . . . our military is remaining in the EU whilst we “leave”.
  • We will of course continue to pay for them through our taxes, without representation in the EU.
  • We will have no effective independence of action.
  • Don’t even mention how conscription might work . . .

None of this is reported in the main media.

So Mrs May is trussing us up as a colony of the EU by unreported agreements behind closed doors.

All the stuff about trade over the Irish border is the distraction.

What’s more, if UK Column is right, Her Majesty’s Government may have exceeded their authority in signing up to EU military unification arrangements:

Under the Scrutiny Reserve Resolution of Nov 1998, ministers must wait until the full scrutiny process is completed in Parliament before any decision for or against is taken at EU Council.

More information here on how this has come about.

We can expect that this will all be quietly wrapped up in the coming weeks under cover of a great deal more noise about trade and borders.

Respectfully, Jim Makin

Our reader Margaret Dennis sent in her trenchant questions about business, the EU and Brexit:


Where do the profits go?

Aldi and Lidl. German companies. Were any other companies offered the chance to be official Team GB champions? Mueller (ditto).

Aviva and Friends Life, owned by French company AXA. Locally attempting to build a logistics centre, designer outlet village, unwanted and not needed by the locals. It will destroy more food producing land. Why not replace with community farming, orchards, forestry and horticulture? An educational facility onsite and with markets held daily?

Who gets our EU funded project money?

Who owns land which gains from the CAP? It is meant for UK landowners/farmers but research shows a huge stripping of these monies to big lobbying corporations in the EU.

EDF and China building Hinkley nuclear power station in Somerset and promised excessive rates of pay for the electricity it will produce. This technology is supposed to produce power more cheaply but it will prove to be devastatingly expensive due to David Cameron’s promises.

Locally a multi-millionaire has bullied the District Council into allowing the destruction of food producing land by building warehousing. Farm diversification law was on the Council’s side but he stated, and still does so, that he can afford world class lawyers who would win any case.

Rolling over, with many Conservatives who have links with this man and his money, the Council then put a waste transfer unit on the site. This is costing the ratepayers huge amounts for the rent, build-out and new vehicles. Are these buildings, vehicles, etc., produced in, and the profits for, the UK?

Stating that it will provide jobs, they do not say where those jobs will be created. As an example, some of these buildings are produced in the Netherlands, shipped over and put together by workers from the producing country. Only a cost to us.

Locally we have a very low unemployment rate, so allocating so much land as employment land is for whom?

Over-supply of housing and the wrong type to be built. Proven that methods used to find numbers required are out of date by the CPRE. About half the numbers are needed.

Developers do not want to build affordable homes and use viability regulations to downgrade the percentage per development in cohorts with planning officers. These officers then use impact assessments to overturn any decisions against the plans by elected members. Is this happening in your area?

Even the local Federation for Small Business agent is against us and for the costs of EU bureaucracy to the very small businesses who do not export. Self employment is job creating for those who have the ability so now the UK Government is going to destroy our chances of working for ourselves. Their game is clear.

Hyper-capitalism is current Conservative policy. Bad for the people.

Communism masquerading as Socialism is too.

What is UKIP for?

The people over banks, the elite and the bubble that they live in.

A safe country for our children with an education system telling the truth. Educating not indoctrinating.

Free speech and an end to Political Correctness, clue in the underline as to why.

So vote UKIP, do not be mislead by the MSM, nor those who say join/vote CON and reform from inside the party. You will be CONned again.

Respectfully, Margaret Dennis

Finally, a letter from our correspondent Geoffrey Brooking on the ongoing Brexit negotiations:


Theresa May is now pleading for help from Angela Merkel and Co “as she fights to seal her Brexit divorce deal.” (Daily Express, 08/11/18).

They are like two lame ducks stuck in a pond!

We don’t need help from the Germans or any EU leaders in clarifying Brexit.

The British people have already spoken.

Instead of pussy-footing around Brussels for the last two years would it not have made logical sense to have just repealed the EEC Act and have done with it?

Given that her Chequers plan has little or no chance of getting on the statute book anyway, has this woman still not realised that the writing is already on the wall come March 29th?

Stop being so scared of No Deal, bottle up, be brave, go with the flow at the WTO and accept it.

Respectfully, Geoffrey Brooking


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