Here are the first letters on Ms May’s disastrous ‘Withdrawal Agreement’. Our contributor Jeff Wyatt, giving the link to UKIP’s Analysis Paper, writes:


Ted Heath conned the British in 1972 (despite Lord Kilmuir, the then Lord Chancellor, telling him that joining the EEC will lead to losing our sovereignty and control of our laws, money and borders i.e. committing treason )

In 1975 the government conned the British (me included) into believing we were voting to merely join a trading block.

In the 1980’s / 90’s Mrs Thatcher / Mr Major signed away our last vestiges of sovereignty as Kilmuir said would happen.

In 2004 Blair allowed the floodgates of immigrants to open and come to our lands (clogged roads, scarce Doctors appointments, full to the capacity schools, overheated housing market, deflated wages for the unskilled, concreted over green fields, the rise of Islamic influence).

In 2016 Cameron and Osborne took for fools the British and tried to con us again. Thank God the People saw through the politicians lies.

Since then Mrs May the Remainiac has fudged, delayed and deceived her way to the most disliked, poorly negotiated and treacherous “deal” ever put forward to the British People.

We are being conned again by the noses-in-the-troughs Westminster class.

400 years ago May would have been hung at The Tower for working with a foreign power against the interests of her people.

I know for some the attached initial UKIP analysis of the proposed Withdrawal Agreement will be heavy going to read, but if you want a sober, serious and concise immediate resume, I have not seen better so far.

Jeff Wyatt, Milton Keynes

Link to the UKIP Briefing paper


From our contributor and correspondent Roger Arthur we received this letter:


This is ‘Brexitrayal’. It seems that Mrs May has helped to push the Brexit cell door closed, handing the only key to Brussels, by accepting a clause (p148) along these lines.

“Judgements and orders of the ECJ ….. shall have binding force on and in the UK.”

She fears ‘No Deal’ so much that she will give almost anything away to avoid it. How did anyone with such no-deal phobia ever get to run our Brexit negotiations?

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Our contributor Ann Farmer sent us her observations:


Following Mrs May’s unveiling of the ‘deal’ she intends to offer to Brussels as an inducement to enter trade talks – a deal which might result in never actually leaving the EU while being deprived of voting rights and paying untold sums of money for the privilege – Barry Gibbs offers the dictionary definition of subjugation as ‘“the act of defeating people or a country and ruling them in a way that allows them no freedom”’, adding that it is ‘ironic that in the week following Armistice day we are seeing that where the Kaiser and Hitler failed, the EU is succeeding’ (Letters, Telegraph, November 16, 2018).

Nearly a hundred years ago G. K. Chesterton warned that a new revolutionary caste would suppress civil liberties in a very British coup: ‘If Bolshevist bureaucracy is the ultimate danger, it is the intellectual who might evolve it out of the existing bureaucracy and that evolution is much more dangerous than revolution.’

Arguably we face the danger of such a revolution, with death by a million regulations, strangled by red tape and squashed flat by thousands of European directives, all engineered by our own bureaucracy – the civil servants who enjoy power and privileged information denied even to Cabinet ministers while employing the only approach that could make Mrs May’s deal even remotely worthy of consideration by relentlessly spinning the allegedly appalling outcomes of a ‘no deal’.

For a thousand years our island nation has enjoyed independence, and while facing many threats of invasion we have never given a potential invading power detailed directions, a small fortune in public money to cover their expenses and even thrown open the doors and rolled out the red carpet to smooth their arrival. Mrs May believes she has found the key to peace and prosperity by giving away our sovereignty and ensuring that we might be shackled to the EU forever while being made to pay for the privilege; if anyone is guilty of subjugating the British people it is our own Prime Minister, under the influence of our own bureaucrats.

Respectfully, Ann Farmer

Today’s last letter is from our correspondent Geoffrey Brooking:


I do wish that the MSM would stop getting people’s hopes up as regards what is Brexit in name only.

It is a total capitulation. It is surrender. It is set to turn our country into a vassal state.It does not protect the fishing industry. It will not reduce immigration. It will not reduce bureaucracy. And above all, it is a treacherous, fraudulent sham that must be stopped by the removal of Theresa May as Prime Minister as soon as possible.

Respectfully, Geoffrey Brooking


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We would also like to draw readers’ attention to this podcast interview of Rodney Atkinson on Sputnik Radio:

And in case you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the link to Gerard’s interview on RT:

Finally, in case you haven’t found it yet and would like to spend the weekend reading, here is the link to the official text of the “Withdrawal Agreement”:


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