Today’s first letter is from Stuart Adair (UKIP Tewkesbury). It wa published in the local paper. We republish it in the hope that it will encourage readers to write to their local papers. The support for UKIP is growing noticeable in the comments in national online papers. We need to encourage this support by writing to our local press. Remember: all politics are local!


My letter below was published in the “Citizen”. UKIP Daily readers might enjoy it:

“With the Conservative Party in complete disarray over the delivery of Brexit I think now is a good time to remind ourselves about who actually started the whole process off, and to turn to them again in our hour of need. UKIP was formed when those from across the political spectrum came together to restore democracy to Britain, standing firm against the dictatorship of the EU. The people of Britain realised the strengths of UKIP and used the party to voice their opinions in both European elections and the Brexit vote. However, when the referendum was delivered UKIP fell apart. The view being that now that we were leaving the EU it was, “Job done” and with members having so many different political views of non-EU related issues there was a loss of direction and the party was teetering on the edge for a while. However, the party now has a new drive and vision and here in Gloucestershire has gone from strength to strength. With the Conservative Party now conceding to the EU (No surprise there) and the Labour and Liberal Democrats both ignoring the democratic result of the Brexit vote and wanting to form ever closer ties with the EU; the time is right once again for people to turn to UKIP. However, I have a note of caution to add. The people of Britain used UKIP as a tool to deliver an election result. After that result that UKIP tool was discarded into some far recess as they were abandoned in subsequent local and national elections. If you want to use that tool again in the future you have to maintain it by supporting the party in all elections. I foresee a time very shortly when British people will once again turn to UKIP to deliver democracy. The Westminster elite continue to show their arrogance in ignoring the will of the people of Britain. They would be wise to remember that we’re battle-hardened and ready to take on them on once again.”

Respectfully, Stuart Adair, UKIP Tewkesbury

Next, a letter from William Dartmouth MEP on the BBC:


In light of the High Court ruling over the BBC’s invasion of Sir Cliff Richards privacy, the BBC Director – General Tony Hall should resign immediately, and without his gold plated pension.

Further the BBC should abandon any thoughts of an appeal against the judgement and recognise it should not be defending trash journalism on the spurious grounds that there is public interest.

Respectfully, William Dartmouth MEP

Our contributor Roger Arthur sent in these observations:


A remainer contested (see here) that the EU agenda is to end the era of the nation state, that this is over. Then he said that he wants a federal EU. I responded that at least he is honest, because many deny the EU agenda and went on to point out that:

An EU official was recently quoted in the FT as saying “There is no such thing as a sovereign country any more”. That might be their dream but they need to look around the world where over 90% of people don’t even live in the EU. They should think again, because their dream is our nightmare.

EU leaders have told us in many different ways that the era of the nation state is over. They want to reduce Parliament to the status of a local council.

But the British people have NEVER voted for Parliament to be emasculated, while our Constitutional Law says that ultimately the British people (not Parliament nor the Monarch) are sovereign.

So neither MPs, nor the Queen, had any right to transfer Parliamentary powers from these shores. Neither did Parliament have any right to make the Queen an EU Citizen.

Any MP, MEP or member of the judiciary who tries to frustrate Brexit and the will of the 408 constituencies, which voted to leave the EU, risks being charged with Treason.

Anyone who believes that Constitutional Law has no force, should read “Treason at Maastricht”. If that Law had no force then we would not have Constitutional Lawyers and that case would have be killed at the start.

So the EU agenda runs counter to our Constitutional Law and that agenda must be rejected, by those who want all regulations to be proposed and made in our Parliament, by directly elected MPs.

In any case why would anyone want to be governed by the EU, where over 90% of MEPs do not live in the UK, where many regulations are proposed by un-elected officials, where treaties are self-amending and we have lost so many powers of veto?

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

And finally, something to elevate the giggle-level of Kippers on this fine Saturday, sent in by Rob Mcwhirter:


I came across this article, and it’s too good not to share:

Gaffe as civil service magazine prints poster telling parents to shoot rabid children

Also using a Google Images search for “Scarfolk” (namechecked in the article) had me in fits!

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter


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