The grassroots have spoken, the NEC results are in (see this article). Today’s first letter is a thank-you letter which reached UKIP Daily at first light, and which speaks for itself:


Please may I, through the good offices of UKIP Daily, thank your readers for the trust and confidence which they have placed in me in the recent  NEC election?

I was delighted to have topped the poll, and will do my very best to live up to the expectations of the grassroots members who have entrusted me with their vote.

Many thanks once again.

Richard Ford, Chairman UKIP Gloucester, Chairman UKIP South West

UKIP Daily’s own Debbie Le May sent in her thank-you letter as well:


I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me to join the National Executive Committee of UKIP.  Unfortunately, I did not muster enough votes to be elected. However, there’s always next year.  I’m not a quitter so I shall keep trying.

I hope those members who were elected work hard to serve the party we all love and from the sidelines I, too, shall do whatever I can to help UKIP.

Respectfully, Debbie Le May

The next letter, from our contributor Felicia Catto, also has the NEC elections as theme:


As grassroots member, I look forward to the work of this ‘new’ NEC. May I congratulate all the winners – and may I say to those who didn’t make it: thanks for standing. You’re not ‘losers’, you’re proper Kippers who stood up and stepped forward. There’s always the next NEC elections! My hope for this new NEC is that they can get our constant demand for more transparency (publication of minutes) implemented, now that there’s a new Party website where we hopefully can read them a.s.a.p. And given that many members and branches are doing their best to select PPCs according to Gerard Batten’s “Red Alert” a few weeks ago, I hope that the whole machinery of vetting and Party leaflets etc will now be dusted down and turned into a winning machinery. We’re all in this together, as many politicians like to say. UKIP is getting its house in order and one of the encouraging signs of that is that we grassroots feel we’re no longer disregarded. So here’s cheers for the new NEC!

Respectfully, Felicia Catto

To remind us that we cannot afford to take our eyes off the Brexit ball and indeed UK politics, here is a letter from our contributor Rob Mcwhirter:


The New Statesman reports here that Kate Hoey faces deselection in Vauxhall.

I stood against her in 2005 at short notice after a load of London candidates jumped ship to join Rabid Killjoy-Sulk’s Vanitas. At the time, Christopher Booker wrote in the Sunday Telegraph urging readers to support their UKIP candidate everywhere except in Vauxhall. Standing is the one thing in UKIP I regret.

If the local party DOES deselect her over Brexit, we should invite her to join us, and make every effort to support her.

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter

Finally, our contributor and correspondent Roger King sent in the following letter:


here is an incisive DT letter, plus my response:

“SIR – Theresa May has made clear how Brexit is now to be managed. The Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, will be subordinate to a civil servant, Olly Robbins. Mr Robbins will manage Brexit and keep the Prime Minister informed of his decisions and progress as he sees fit. Thus the democratic decision by the British electorate to end rule by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels is to be implemented by unelected bureaucrats in Whitehall, whose sympathies lie squarely with Brussels. Surely Mr Raab’s only honourable course now is to resign and trust that Theresa May will follow his example? Roger Ball”

My response:


A picture can be worth a thousand words, as was the DT’s photo of Ministers at the Chequers meeting. As seen in this photo,David Davis was still reading Cabinet papers, with his back the the PM, who had seemingly withheld the papers, until after her meeting with Mrs Merkel – no doubt on the advice of Olly Robbins.

Mr Cameron learned that spin and deception will not fool too many people, for very long. What will it take for Mrs May to see that and that she has already taken us well beyond a bad deal – in her pursuit of compromise? She is fooling no one now.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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