Today’s first letter is from Pat Bryant, the RO for South West North, a member of the NEC and UKIP Data Controller:


The Government and the Judiciary have proven that UKIP’s job is not done.

Since the Referendum many people have said that UKIP is no longer needed – the Referendum is won, and UKIP should curl up and die.

It seems to me that such people misunderstand the purpose of UKIP.

In my opinion UKIP has never existed simply to achieve divorce from the European Union. I don’t think it even exists simply to achieve freedom from the EU and achieve and independent Nation State.

I believe that we do and must exist to reclaim those freedoms which have been stolen from us over the years in order that the Elite can maintain their so-called superiority over the Citizen.

When I was a kid and was told I could not do something I recall I often responded with “why not?  It’s a free country” It is many years since I said this – and many years since I heard anyone else say it – probably because it is no longer true.  We are no longer a free country; and it is not just the EU which oppresses us. It is our own elected Governments who have removed our freedoms almost always without mandate.

When did a party manifesto ever declare that they would suppress “Freedom of Speech”?  Or use the Courts to suppress the dissemination of information about various criminal prosecutions – or favour sections of Society thus removing the freedoms and the many?  If it ever happened it was couched in language that only an experienced lawyer could disentangle.

Our Freedoms have been removed surreptitiously – by stealth and often under the cloak of Equality but in fact it mostly exaggerates inequality and gives advantages to minorities whilst denying freedoms and often justice to the majority.

My friends, UKIP’s job is far from done.  Until we can all say “Why not? It’s a free country” with conviction and belief UKIP’s job will never be done.

Marches and demonstrations are (sometimes) allowed but they have no effect.  Over a million marched against to “Stop the War” – Blair ignored them. Nearly half million marched against the Hunting Ban – Blair ignored them.  

Whilst people still vote for them the elite who govern us will continue to ignore our views and gather even more power to themselves restricting our freedom even further.

UKIP MUST convince the electorate that voting once every 5 years for the same old people will result in the same old regime and further restriction.

Our cry must be “VOTE FOR FREEDOM – VOTE UKIP”.

Respectfully, Pat Bryant

The next letter comes from Geoff Edwards, with the title ‘Can Small Businesses Survive Leaving the EU’:


When I tried to argue with a friend about whether small businesses would like to leave the EU by including a copy from the UKIP Manifesto 2017 “Backing Small Businesses” by Christopher Miles I received a rather disturbing reply, excerpt:

If we leave the customs union my business will no longer be viable, what UKIP say is a complete myth! If I have to deal with tax and duty within the EU I will retire and make three people redundant. This is the reality for any business who import and/ or export daily as I do. The vast majority of small businesses would rather stay in the EU. I do not at present have to pay any business rates as I work from an office at home. It is time to listen to people like me who have to deal with the actuality of what you are endorsing, it is disastrous! Time to get real!

I referred him to the Federation of Small Businesses website to get some opinions. I am wondering whether there is a UKIP member who has overcome the issues that might arise from leaving the EU!

Respectfully, Geoff Edwards

Today’s last letter comes from Roger Arthur:


Ryan Bourne (Business Friday) could not have better described what afflicts the Tory Party today.

Mr Cameron re-branded the party to distance it from his perception of the “nasty party” Thatcher era legacy. He put style ahead of substance, losing many members in the process.

As its membership fell to around 100,000 the party became increasingly dependent on big party donors, many of whom like EU protectionism and lobbying power as often described in your columns.

So we have a Tory party which is reluctant to break with the left-leaning EU politburo and to make a strong case for enterprise, innovation and small government.

For now Mr Corbyn only has to keep offering more of other people’s money, to the circa 50% of the people who only pay 10% of taxes, to inherit the keys to No 10.

What is the point of leaving the EU, if both main parties remain wedded to protectionist socialist policies?

We really need a leader of conviction and tenacity who is not frightened to say NO NO NO to socialism and the EU and who is less dependent on big party donors.

Sadly we are unlikely to see such a leader, until the Tory party returns to its roots.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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