Today’s letters show the wide interest of Kippers in current political issues right across the globe, from the UK to Italy to the USA. The first letter is by our reader Paul Chambers:


I am pleased to attach a letter that I am going to post on UKIP South Norfolk’s page. I am currently the Branch Secretary for UKIP South Norfolk:

The Betrayal and Destruction of our Country as we used to know it.

I am very sad to observe the complete betrayal of our Country via, not only Brexit, but also our freedom of speech. The political class and the BBC hold the people of the UK in total contempt. The wishes of the electorate are completely ignored.

For most of my lifetime, the reputation of the UK was such that we represented the epitome of democracy and freedom of speech. Our media were widely respected as the International standard of accuracy, honesty and fairness. Words fail me on this issue now. Immigration levels were modest and controlled and crime levels were low due to an honest and upright fair police force. The police force was respected then but now, with record violent crime levels, particularly in London, we are told that cuts have led to too few police officers on duty. The 900 officers appointed by Cressida Dock to read Twitter and Facebook are busily engaged in the destruction of our freedom of speech whilst looking for non-crimes yet to be committed . Why are they not fighting real crime in the streets?  Political correctness has now reached the point that those likely to be implicated cannot be searched because this would be racial discrimination.

The problem of freedom of speech was created by Tony Blair’s introduction of a “hate crime” act to suppress dissent over immigration levels. Our unbelievably less than wonderful politicians are now looking for extensions to this act to further suppress discussion over Muslim extremism. Naturally, the huge profits made by Saudi contracts need to be protected.

When three quarters of our self-serving politicians deliberately seek to water down and defeat our wishes on Brexit, what are we to do. We have tried democracy  and can see the result for ourselves. I wonder how embarrassed the young seriously misguided socialist voters will feel about their stupidity in twenty years’ time as they wallow in their own bankruptcy.

I pose the question again, what are we to do? Many people feel uncomfortable about voting for UKIP as they are negatively influenced by our wonderful BBC (I will resist the temptation to get carried away over this issue). People need to forget your normal party-political loyalty as you have already been betrayed by them. I would emphasise that the only threat that the traitors in Westminster really fear is the loss of their seats with the corresponding loss of access to the gravy train. The only party who will support our wishes on Brexit is UKIP and, like it or not, voting and electing a UKIP GOVERNMENT is the only way that our democracy will be respected and acted upon and our freedom of speech will be restored.

On a positive note, I do have a suggestion regarding the physical decay of the Houses of Parliament (the levels of moral decay there are beyond redemption). Our politicians could relocate  during repairs from Westminster to the Tower of London which would be a highly appropriate venue for their activities.”

Respectfully, Paul Chambers

The next letter is from our correspondent Septimus Octavius who is keeping an eye on things Italian:


On the evening of 18 October 2018, the EU delivered its expected condemnation of the Italian budget, pointing out that it was an unprecedented breach of the rules, and a particularly serious breach. The Italian Government says it does not care what the EU thinks, it is going ahead with its budget anyway.

The Italian Government therefore has all the excuse it wants to go ahead with a decoupling from the euro, a default on its debt mountain, and a massive devaluation of its currency.

On just what day that happens remains to be seen, but when it does happen, a lot of dominoes will tumble very quickly indeed.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

Finally, a letter from our contributor Alan White, on the looming US Mid-Term elections and the question of the US Vice President, Mike Pence:


In ‘16 the Republican party gave us Pence, not Trump.  Pence did nothing to the vote count and he has no chance of being a winning candidate on his own in ‘24. Mike has the charisma of a bowl of cream of wheat.  He does not need to waste 6 more years of life waiting to get beat badly in ‘24 in the primaries no less. Pence was the establishments choice and now going into a second election and getting momentum for ‘24 you change VP’s. Say thanks Mike for all you have done, but the next term belongs to X, whoever X would be.

A solid fresh voice. Younger, lots of energy, can explain the difference between the Venezuela and America business and economic models. Knows the difference between being WOKE and actually WOKE up.  Grievance by riot is not constructive and shall not be tolerated in civil society. Trump can have the stage again to announce a new VP; fresh energy going into an election which in the end will be very important. If the Blue wave is a trickle in ‘18 as I expect, the ability to remain on course will aide the whole by 2020. Having a fresh voice will add excitement that is free to TV from the media.

Pence actually needs to be a department head as they are wasting some of his talents, but I’m sure if asked off the ticket he would not stay around. But he does go down in the history books as one of the Countries Vice Presidents so not all lost as a career. Plus Al Gore has found out that the VP gig has been very profitable in the outside world. With a new Speaker in the works for ’18,  a new VP for ‘20 would be also very positive moving forward. The real test of a president and the last was for Reagan in that Bush 1 got to be Reagan 3. Setting up for ‘24 is what ’20 is all about. Trump’s 3rd term. So for ‘24 to be a real Trump legacy he has to change VP’s at some point. He is smart enough to know that and I am sure Pence is aware that his tenure is only necessary for so long.

Respectfully, Alan White


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