A week after the rally for the anniversary of our vote to leave the EU – which was of course not reported in any of the MSM! – there are signs that UKIP is not the busted flush the establishment has been insisting it is. The Germans have a saying according to which those who’ve been declared dead are actually living longer. The news that four famous libertarian internet warriors have joined UKIP is therefore a case for unmitigated rejoicing although we must recognise that the enemies of Free Speech now think they have another stick to beat us with. This is the subject of the first letter which comes from our reader Steven Donald:


No – UKIP aren’t moving to the alt-right, and we need to accept their legitimacy.

At the time of writing this, searching ‘UKIP’ on the internet brings up countless articles about their ‘dangerous’ move to the alt right. Large publications such as The Guardian and the New Statesman seem hell-bent on telling us that UKIP are an evil force, here to send away all migrants and spew some hatred.

This isn’t the case. These accusations have started following UKIP welcoming four influential new members: Milo Yiannopoulos, Marcus Meacham, (screen name ‘Count Dankula’) Paul Joseph Watson and ‘Sargon of Akkad’. Separately, they are Youtubers who focus on issues such as free speech, immigration and how much power the state should have. Together, however, they form what has become known as the Intellectual dark web, a movement formed primarily of journalists who have been condemned by mainstream media for having views that fall out with the norm that mainstream media like to preach.

Milo Yiannopoulos first gained fame as an editor for conservative publication Breitbart. Breitbart are known for being one of the key publications responsible for Donald Trump’s ascension to the white house.

Meechum is a Scottish comedian who was arrested and eventually fined £800 for posting a video of a pug doing a ‘nazi salute’ (yes, really) and has since become a key figure of the free speech movement in the UK.

Paul Joseph Watson is a British contributor for US-based news company Infowars, run by Alex Jones and known for featuring Donald Trump several times during the US election.

Sargon of Akkad, real name Carl Benjamin, has a youtube channel focusing on libertarian and classical liberal ideas, his channel has almost 1 million subscribers.

With the addition of these four, UKIP has the potential to become the party of free speech at a time when free speech is becoming more and more at risk. At a time of Brexit and uncertainty, a party promising to spend less on foreign aid and more on the NHS whilst being tough on Brexit and still pushing for good trade relations with our neighbours could be exactly what we need right now, and these Youtubers may be what UKIP needs to come into the public eye and appeal to a younger generation.

Respectfully, Steven Donald

Our contributor ‘Mr Bav’ has sent a letter which speaks for itself. Having been to London recently, I have to agree with his decision:


A change in Strategy:

“A withdrawal may be anticipated, as when a defending force is outmatched or on disadvantageous ground, but must cause as much damage to an enemy as possible. In such a case, the retreating force may employ a number of tactics and strategies to further impede the enemy’s progress. This could include setting mines or booby traps during or before withdrawal, leading the enemy into prepared artillery barrages, or the use of scorched earth tactics.”

Well, that’s it. After struggling with London for most of my years,  I have decided that it has been lost to the forces of Khan, Momentum, Abbott, Corbyn and the like.

Outside of Bermondsey, perhaps the only place one can go into a London pub, talk sense, fly a flag on St George’s day and frankly have a good time, London has indeed turned into a total s******e.

I’m bored with filthy streets, where foreigners cough up and spit their tubercular germs on the pavement;  of gangs of black drug dealing kids knifing each other; of moped gangs so prevalent that the Met actually put posters up telling us not to dare use a mobile ‘phone.

I’m tired of seeing dirty Romanian peasants in rags with coffee cups begging for money at every traffic light. I’m tired of smelling the stink of ‘skunk’ and watching drunks with no teeth and dogs-on-string pissing into shop doorways.

I’m sick to death of the Congestion Charge, of ULEZ, of ULEZ 2.  I despair at councils ruining trade with crazy ‘phone parking at £4 an hour.

I had become a whinger.

Well, bollocks to all that.  I’m moving next week. Off to the South -East, where there are still a lot of -albeit poor- real English people with real English manners and some real English fresh air.

From there I can not only jump back in time 30 years or so, to an England that resembles the one I want to believe in, but I can also get stuck into some real politics and start the fight back.

After all…. Nothing is over until we decide it is !

Respectfully, Mr Bav

Finally, our reader Alan Stannard sent this letter on Brexit and the failure of our government negotiators:


When will one of our politicians have the guts to tell it as it is!

A frictionless trade agreement would be beneficial to both businesses and working people on both sides of the channel. The EU negotiators are the only ones who constantly put barriers in the way to stop this happening.

It certainly proves to me that they do not give a damn about either. Their only concern is their own Power and Empire building. The future for them is a Soviet Union in the west governed by a corrupt, unelected bureaucracy that will be a mirror image of the old Soviet Politburo.

Respectfully, Alan Stannard


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