Today’s first letter is an Open Letter to Mrs May, sent by our contributor Jack Thomas:

Dear Mrs. May,

I am, to put it mildly, extremely disappointed with your performance; firstly as Home Secretary who oversaw the mass invasion of our country and secondly as Prime Minister who continues to fail in delivering our exit from the EU. I know that many others share my concern.

You may recall that the referendum in June 2016 specified two options: stay in the EU or remain a member. There was no conditional leaving specified that would keep us tied to the EU in any way. Yet you have continued to pander to the various conditions put forward by the EU negotiators to the detriment of the exit that we voted for; you even offered them an outrageous “divorce settlement” when you should instead have demanded the repayment of our contributions to the various EU assets.

As a reminder to you the clean exit that we voted for must include at least:

  • No financial contribution to the EU
  • No acceptance of EU rules
  • No recognition of the ECJ
  • The restoration of our national borders
  • The end to free movement of so-called “refugees” and “asylum seekers”.
  • No recognition of their European Arrest Warrant
  • No participation in their ‘EUROGENDFOR‘ or other security initiatives which compromise our sovereignty
  • The restoration of our fishing limits in accordance with international rules

Of course we should be open to a free and fair trade agreement between the UK and the various remaining EU members but that cannot include observance of EU rules aside from the normal compliance with product specifications which applies to other countries.

Time and again you have failed to stand up for the native British people and your weakness is being exploited by the EU negotiators. It is well past time that you had a serious change of attitude, start to do the job that you were elected to and paid to do and, in particular, respect the referendum result.

Perhaps I should remind you, having recently celebrated D-Day, of the many who gave their lives or lived on with severe disabilities in order to save our country. If you cannot bring yourself to respect their memory along with the referendum vote and restore our sovereignty then you must resign and make way for someone who will.

You have the opportunity of going down in history as the Prime Minister who delivered us from the EU or, as Heath and others before you, one who was complicit in their acts of treason in giving up our sovereignty to others.

Sincerely, Jack Thomas, a true native Brit.

The next letter comes from our reader  Martin Macrae:


The referendum  and recent elections have shown  that UKIP policy is on the right track for the majority of the population but the same voters  are not interested in having UKIP as a local councillor. Perhaps they think UKIP does not have the experience for ‘fixing the drains etc’. they may be right, UKIP can only loose standing on such trivia.


The events of the last to years have shown that current incumbents have no intention of carrying out the result of a referendum that carries more political weight than their own positions.  In other words, we will never leave the EU with the current PM or MP’s of all parties currently seated.

UKIP should give up attempting to win local elections – a waste of time and effort – and put all effort, resources in winning Westminster seats in national elections.

This  would mean selecting a realistic number of  candidates most likely to win. Policy would be, in  that in office where power lies, to exit the EU now.

Respectfully, Martin Macrae.

Today’s last letter was sent in by our reader StuartJ:


Fellow UKIP members will no doubt have received the email of 6th June from Gerard Batten putting the party on “red alert” for an Autumn general election (which I have also myself previously predicted is going to happen).

Reading the June 6th news roundup on UKIP Daily is quite depressing really (not Debbie’s fault of course!) and it is clear to see how the media are now building up to this next election, which will of course decide the fate of Brexit once and for all – and clearly the electorate are once again being ‘softened-up’ (or emotionally ‘bullied’ or ‘blackmailed’ as I prefer to term it) to accept the Establishment wish that “Brexit ain’t gonna happen”.

The Conservatives will campaign on the basis that “there is nothing they can do to get a good deal from the EU over Brexit, we’re better off staying” which will ultimately lose them the election (which I believe is their intention). Meanwhile it looks like Labour will be campaigning on the basis of staying in the single market and customs union, which is to all intents and purposes to ‘remain’ in the EU. If the 17.4m majority who voted to Leave were to stand their ground, that too could cost Labour the election.

The future of Brexit is sadly going to be determined not by a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ definitive referendum (where people DID know what they were voting for), but a general election where people generally DON’T know what they are voting for (because the main parties manifestos are generally full of hot air and empty worthless promises and ‘pledges’ and besides no-one really reads them). “Will of the people” and all that.

The biggest challenge UKIP is going to face is to find a way to get people to ‘wake up’ and convince them that it doesn’t matter whether Labour or Conservatives (or even the LibDems) are in power, nothing ever changes, and the end-game is always the same. Only by finding a way for a smaller party to gain major ground and prevent either Establishment party gaining an overall majority can we begin to turn the tide.

The truth is that people ARE starting to ‘wake up’, starting to question things, and becoming more aware of what’s really going on. But unless we can find a way to get these people to shake off their apathy, and get off their backsides and vote differently, another truth is that despite our best intentions, yet another ‘majority’ Government will be voted in by a ‘minority’ of the people.

The “tyranny of the minority” must come to an end. Peacefully of course, violence and hatred is not the answer. We all have to put aside our differences, expand our perceptions, stop squabbling amongst ourselves, and unite together against our true common enemy, the Establishment Elite.

Respectfully, StuartJ


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