The first letter today is from our contributor Jim Makin:


Mike Hookem is absolutely right to highlight the impending give-away – sorry: negotiation – of our fishing rights.

However, there is another equally alarming give-away happening right under our noses which some would say is of far greater import: the folding into the EU of our armed forces. Henry Bolton did touch on this at his “Save Our Services” campaign launch, but subsequent effort came there none.

Happily the Bruges Group is currently highlighting this on-going (and almost completed) betrayal by launching a campaign to persuade us all to write to our MPs (see their campaign here).  Even if you are (like me) certain that actually writing to your MP would have zero impact, it’s worth the trouble to click on the link to see the letter that they have devised. If you don’t know about this already, stand by to be amazed at the sheer scale of this betrayal, much of which has been ongoing post-referendum, and none of which has been afforded any mainstream publicity despite the implications for our future safety. Even MPs are in the dark on most of this, hence the campaign.

Once you have read it I think you will be incandescent, so complete the job and click the button to send the letter. We need the Government to be brought up sharp by a total email blizzard if we are to have any hope of clawing this back. Shock tactics and as much publicity as we can engineer might make them pause for thought.

The cat is not yet out of the bag – let’s rip that bag to shreds!

Respectfully, Jim Makin

The next letter comes from our reader Allan Stannard:


Last Sunday the Government announced they are going to Impose housing on councils that in their opinion don’t build enough houses. Over-ruling local planning authorities.

In the South East ( in particular Essex ) we are being concreted over in many cases on prime agricultural land that should be growing food.

The main political parties keep banging on about the “Housing crisis”. The real crisis is for affordable and social housing not the 3/4/5 bedroom houses the developers keep building to maximise their profits and enable them to carry on donating to the main parties.

UKIP will fight tooth and nail in local councils for a much higher percentage of affordable and social housing rather than large homes that are only being bought by people who are already home owners and are simply moving around.

Respectfully, Alan Stannard

Finally, the latest ‘Caustic Comments’ from Peter Mchough:


Caustic Comments  (8 – 3 – 18)

A nation that has produced : Macaroni, Michelangelo, Mozzarella and the Mafia, can’t be all bad, can it ?

So last Sunday that nation’s passionate electorate drove a big brexit nail into the European Union’s coffin, endorsing in the process our referendum decision of 2016.

Could Italy now be close behind us,  as we scamper down the mooring ropes of the : sinking, stinking Brussels ship ?

Their 5 Star party ,  founded by eurosceptic comedian Beppe Grillo,  won a 32 % share of the vote, and Matteo Salvini leader of the equally eurosceptic Lega Nord, won another 17 % .

Salvini was quick to make it clear, that he and his party would like to see the lira restored, and branded the euro a German currency primarily designed to profit Germany  — unusual to hear that from an EU member state politician.

Could it be that our UKIP  propelled LEAVE vote, has fired a shell that has penetrated deep into the undemocratic Brussels ship,  or at least fired the torpedo, that will disable it, like the Fleet Air Arm’s Swordfishes did to Bismarck in 1941.

Predictably, our EU funded BBC, and a section of our press, have been luke warm in reporting Europe’s  growing euroscepticism, but digital news outlets have not, and it is clear that Juncker and Merkel have cause to be worried.  

Writing in Wednesday’s Telegraph Business Section, economist  Ambrose Evans Pritchard draws attention to Salvini’s warning to Brussels, that they will not rubber stamp any attempt to punish Britain for Brexiting,

Salvini added : We understand why Britain wants to escape –  and revenge makes no sense.

Another running sore that has not been reported here, is that Italians still deeply resent the strict austerity imposed on them in 2011 that enabled Germany and France to acquire bail out funds, which were then used to rescue German and French banks, at the expense of Italian citizens and taxpayers .

The article now ranks Italy as the most eurosceptic European nation, even more than we are,  and Evans Pritchard’s opinion is, that the Euro Project is dead. We shall see!!







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