Today’s first letter comes from our reader Stephen Willmott:


The Brexit negotiations are pretty much centred on access to the single market. It has also been observed that by value, Britain imports more from the EU that it returns to them. Should we then part from the EU without a trade deal then duties will be payable and chargeable on trade, with the British Treasury profiting most. If that sum were kept in a fund then exporters could be advised to submit the duties paid by them to Brussels and have these offset against the fund, providing automatic duty-free access to the single market and a tidy sum left over for the Treasury end of year party. Too simple?

Respectfully, Stephen Willmott

The next letter, by our reader Peter Foyster, has an interesting proposal:


Here is a kite that’s worth flying.

Much is said about why UKIP should continue after the referendum victory. We are not in fact a single issue party and our 2015 manifesto proves it, though few have read it.

I’m a huge Nigel fan, but he is now concentrating on other things and it’s time to move on, as the nation must do after leaving the EU. If you slow down, someone overtakes you. We do need to shed the “nasty party” image and a less strident approach under new management will help but we can demonstrate our evolution very easily at little cost, whilst in no way shedding our principals.

When we have our new leader, let’s emphasise how we’ve changed with a new name for a post referendum nation. It may help remove the artificial toxicity the usual suspects have managed to smear us with.  Move from the “UK independence party” to the “UK Independent Party”.  Signifying that we are independent from the political overclasses.  We’ll still be UKIP, no need to even buy new badges but it kills the idea we are no longer relevant.

Respectfully, Paul Foyster.

We’ve been asked to draw the attention of members and readers to the following petitions:

The two petitions below are pretty self-explanatory:


Two issues which are dear to my heart as an Organic farmer are thee tow following below:

Chris Packham’s petition calling for a moratorium on shooting of Woodcock, Snipe and Golden Plover.

The vote to end the badger cull instead of expanding to new areas:

Readers are invited to sign these petitions if they so wish. And finally, a pertinent post about the EU and money:


You may wonder why I am a staunch supporter of leaving the EU, a rotten, corrupt, narcissistic, anti democratic, group dictatorship. The following is an extract from an article by my UKIP North East MEP  Jonathan Arnott:

Money for Nothing – Eurocrat paid more than the PM to do nothing for up to 5 years – Oct 2016 –

“Last night (24.10.2016) in the European Parliament Budget Committee an amendment was passed which will allow an employee of the European Economic and Social Committee to be put on leave and given a maximum of  €18,000 per month allowance until he retires, which could take up to five years. According to the Staff statutes, 5% of all EU staff eligible for retirement, can get full pay for doing nothing up to a maximum of 5 years. The staff member in question was on AD14 which means his basic is 12k euro per month.”

UKIP MEP and member of the Budget Committee Jonathan Arnott commented:

“For this individual to be paid this staggering amount of money and then be explicitly asked to do nothing flies in the face of hard-working Brits who do a hard day’s work for their money. To pay them more than the Prime Minister to do nothing seems rotten but then getting value for British tax-payer’s money has never been a high priority for the EU which is a bonfire of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash.”

18,000 Euro’s a month equates to 1,080,000 Euro’s if pushed to its maximum term of 5 years and then, to top it off, a handsome pension no doubt. The sooner Teresa May triggers Article 50 the better. Personally, I would hope for a really hard Brexit. To leave the EU the day after Article 50 is signed would be great because, until we do, we’re still tied in to the rotten, corrupt, narcissistic, anti democratic, group dictatorship EU, paying our EU sub’s and having to accept every EU Law passed in Brussels. The Commonwealth and the rest of the world is queuing up at the UK front door to have a Trade Agreement with us. Without UK Sovereignty you have no control over anything; trade, immigration, University grants, subsidies, fishing, farming, etc, etc. Absolutely Nothing.

Respectfully, Malcolm Watson

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