Today’s first letter, by our contributor Rob Mcwhirter, is about UKIP’s Constitution and Tommy Rpbinson:


Our constitution says, in part:

“2.4  In pursuit of these objectives the Party will at all times adhere to the principle of full equality before the law. The Party shall conduct itself and its affairs in such a way that it does not discriminate against or in favour of any person on the grounds of their race, religion, ethnic origin, education, beliefs, sexual orientation, class, social status, sectarianism or any other basis prescribed by law.”

Sky News today [Ed: Thursday 27th September 2018] reports Tommy as saying:

“If I believe I’m morally right then I’m not bothered about what your law says.”


“he does not care whether his message ‘incites fear’ of Muslims as long as it ‘prevents children from getting raped’.

Clearly, he is a man of strong principles. But if the NEC invokes the “exceptions” clause and admits him to membership, surely, by his own words, he has confirmed that he might end up in legal trouble again, and this could come back to bite the party of which he would now be a member?

Is it reasonable to expect the directors to gamble their savings and houses?

Those wishing to see Tommy in UKIP should stand in the next NEC elections ~March 2019(?), on an “admit Tommy” single policy platform, and if elected, can then persuade their new colleagues to share the risk, in the knowledge that the will of the membership has been clearly expressed, and that they’re not asking the existing NEC members to do anything they’re not prepared to do themselves…

Respectfully, Rob McWhirter

The next letter comes from our reader Alan Breeze, also addressing the Tommy-Robinson-issue:


I am writing as a UKIP Member, Branch Secretary and Parliamentary Candidate in 2017, regarding Tommy Robinson and UKIP.

Over the years I have studied with interest the developing life of Tommy Robinson, watched videos covering contributions he has made at Oxford debating with the Students Union, on Sunday Morning’s “Big Questions” and his many youtube contributions including his books “Enemy of the State” and “Mohammed’s Koran”. I have purposely ignored the labeling from the MSM and Left wing activists who like to present him as an extreme right devil incarnate and have concentrated on his message and beliefs. I conclude that Tommy despite having human flaws and frailties like the rest of us, has consistent messages relating to the abuse of young female Brits by nationwide organised gangs and the ways that people are coerced into following the Qur’an on a literal basis.

The thing that separates him from the millions of people with similar views and concerns is that he has the courage to stand his ground, put his life on the line and expose not only the actions of these vile gangsters but the cover up by the luvvies in the “Common Purpose” Social Services, Police forces and Judiciary who are scared witless by the threats from these gangs. The only way that our political leaders perceive that they can silence him from exposing their shortcomings, which would in turn lead to them losing votes to parties like UKIP, is to lock him away in a facility with a high risk of him being murdered.

This man must be afforded the protection of UKIP and whilst I had certain reservations about our leader following the Jasna Badzak situation [Ed: google that yourselves!], I have grown to like the way he has galvanised the party and been empathetic to Tommy albeit in a measured way expected of a party leader.

Many people will not look beyond the headlines and labels re Tommy and many more will understand the righteous sincerity of Tommy but know that Millions have been turned against him by distorted reporting and therefore will reject him because they perceive he will lose votes for UKIP but we MUST NOT lose sight of the fact that truth will prevail and we must be on the right side of the truth and not fall into the trap of the other parties making decisions for short term political gain.

In the same way that Brexit is a step change that will disrupt our economy, causing jobs to be lost in some sectors and gained in others as new trade patterns are developed, so the acceptance of Tommy Robinson will be a step change for UKIP, with many long standing members seeing him as a threat and resigning whilst others will see many new opportunities arising from his membership. UKIP is genuinely a party of the people and has an excellent down to earth Manifesto demonstrating the way in which it is in the interest of normal patriotic Brits and the membership of Tommy will complement our cause.

Respectfully, Alan J Breeze

And finally, the letter from our correspondent Septimus Octavius reminds us that events in other EU countries may have an impact here on us:


The blue touchpaper has been lit. The Italian Government has now submitted its Budget to the EU, and as expected it promises vast increases in expenditure and an increase in the deficit, smashing to smithereens the EU’s rules for euro participators.

The background to this remains Italy’s 2.3 TRILLION euro debt, the parlous state of its banks, and the loathing the government has for the euro and the EU. Meanwhile, euros continue to flood from Germany to Italy under the TARGET2 system.

Who will blink first?  Someone will, and if nobody does it first, Italy will do it on 15 October.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius


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