In the first letter today our contributor Dr Tomasz Slivnik writes about a dangerous precedent which indeed needs to be addressed by the NEC and the Party leadership with urgency:


This is what happens when you don’t nip this sort of thing in the bud. Our Party Constitution – very sensibly, in my opinion – is very clear on this:

Revocation of membership

4.3 If, after becoming a member of the Party, a person

  1. a) joins another political party (whether registered with the Electoral Commission or not) …; or
  2. b) without the authority of the NEC, sets up or has set up or has aided and abetted the setting up of another political party, whether registered with the Electoral Commission or not; or …
  3. d) stands against a UKIP candidate in any election;

the Party Chairman shall revoke their membership forthwith.

Tim Aker has, brazenly, broken all three rules – a, b and d. Instead of swiftly condemning him publicly (as we did with many others guilty of much less), no action was taken and I now understand the story is that he subsequently ceased being a member of UKIP by not renewing his membership, and our official line may even have been to say that we were sorry to see him go (why?) – while, I understand, he continues to be listed on some web pages as a UKIP MEP.

What has happened as a result? The chickens are now coming home to roost – Patrick O’Flynn is now openly calling for such breaking of our Party Constitution to become the norm:

“I must conclude by noting that for all the criticism he has received, Tim Aker managed to get re-elected onto Thurrock Council under the banner of the Thurrock Independents. I think it is worth strong branches in our party pondering whether such an approach might bring advantages in future elections, especially in terms of presenting themselves as the champions of their locality. But that is a big topic which I will address in more detail at a later date.” (Quote from MEP NEWSLETTER, Weekly updates of the Eastern Region MEP’s activity: MY WEEK PATRICK O’FLYNN MEP)

This is not the first time Patrick O’Flynn has displayed either blatant ignorance or blatant disregard of our Party Constitution (which goes back to at least 2014 when he engaged in public denigration of those members of the Party who espoused values enshrined in our Party Constitution as being the basic values of our Party which all our members are expected to share).

Could Gerard Batten and the NEC please kindly consider taking decisive action and dealing not just with Tim Aker but also putting an end to P.O’Flynn circulating this sort of material which I believe is not just out of order but is in fact directly highly detrimental and destructive to the Party, encouraging our members to form competing parties and stand against our candidates, and putting the authority of a UKIP MEP behind this message?

Respectfully, Dr Tomasz Slivnik

Today’s second letter comes from our reader John, UKIP Gloucester, who raises two issues which UKIP must address: reform of the HoL and the BBC ‘tax’:


Two issues for UKIP to rally behind and to prove we are not a single issue party, that we are the party of the people!

Now that the local elections are out of the way we should start to look for a new beginning, we all know what happens in local elections, the party in government will run their campaign on local issues claiming that it is not a General Election, the opposition will run their campaign on national issues claiming it is an opportunity to let the government know how unpopular some of their actions are. The Liberal Democrats will contact the local media on Tuesday to let them know that a cat will be stuck up a tree on Wednesday and that their candidate will rescue it so please send a photographer.

Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address famously said:

“that this nation ….., shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.

This has since become generally accepted as the definition of democracy and yet we regularly hear politicians and their yes men at the BBC decrying those who propose popular policies. ‘Populist’ is used as a term of insult just as all the other ‘ists’ we hear all too often. If we accept Lincoln’s definition then some popular policies are needed, Westminster politicians think they know what is best for the people, well they are wrong, they think Parliament is Sovereign, wrong again, the people are Sovereign, we can vote them out and it’s time we gave the public some good reasons to vote UKIP again and give some of those arrogant MP’s a bloody nose.

The unelected, in most cases unelectable, members of the anti democratic House of Lords are attempting to thwart the democratic will of the people by blocking Brexit, well it’s time the democratic will of the people was put to the test again, this time asking  “Should the House of Lords be abolished?”

There is an online petition at calling for such a referendum. It is already scheduled for debate (on the 18th of June) as it currently has around 150,000 signatures. We all know parliament will have a phoney debate and say it can’t be done. We need to broadcast this a widely as possible, encourage everyone to sign, if we can get the numbers over the million mark (hopefully a few million!) we can force the Government to take it more seriously.

The second issue that can be raised is the abolition of the most unjust tax in this country, the BBC license fee. The BBC is clearly no longer fit for purpose, it’s time for the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation to be brought to heal and the only way we will do that is by having a referendum asking a simple question:

“Should the BBC License Fee be abolished and not replaced by any other form of public funding?”  Yes or No

Can UKIP please adopt this as a policy and establish a referendum campaign?

These two issues will clearly show that unlike the “establishment” parties UKIP is genuinely on the side of the people.

Respectfully, John, UKIP Gloucester





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