We are looking forward to the publication of the Government’s “White Paper” today which is said to bring more details than the slogans PM May presented in the HoC on Monday. Today’s letters reflect the huge interest which Brexit and its sabotage by Remainers engenders. The first letter is from our reader Patricia Ward (Putney UKIP):


No Deal is the Best Deal, and we need it now!

It seems the Conservatives have succumbed to Stockholm (Brussels) syndrome. We had a referendum. People voted to leave the EU … not just some of it.

If leaving the EU is right for Services, then it is right for Goods too. If EU laws constrain Services, so they do Goods. Everything Theresa May be/ May be not said about Services is true of Goods.

We need to leave behind Germany, aka the EU.. end of, before it runs Europe in to the ground, for the third time. Given Angela Merkel the chance to sign off on a supposed Brexit deal before foisting it on her cabinet, is treasonous.

If we can forge a mutually beneficial fair-trade deal with the EU fine, but it must not be one that constrains the UK’s ability to forge other fair-trade deals…and, given such a deal would continue to benefit the EU more than us, the EU should be the supplicant, not us.

Angela’s so-called negotiator, Mr Barnier has reportedly reiterated warnings that Britain could not secure a better deal than EU membership. In that case it has to be no deal, because our EU membership deal was so lousy that in a referendum the majority of voters voted to leave the EU….most MPs seem to be disregarding this. They should stop wasting our time and money grovelling to the EU and move on now so they can strike a US trade deal while the iron is hot.

We can be doing as well in the world on our own without the EU/ Germany as England is doing in the world cup.

Outward and Upward!

Respectfully, Patricia Ward, Putney UKIP

The letter sent in by our reader David Thornton makes a wonderful comparison which is especially enjoyable in the wake of that complaint by some ‘offended in Kent’ asking that the screening of “Zulu” be banned because it’s ‘racist’:


If (like me) you eagerly scan the TV schedule at Christmas for the regular screening of ‘ZULU’ then you will understand the cryptic meaning of this emails subject header!

‘Listen it’s that damn train again’ said Michael Caine in what must be one of cinema’s most famous lines. No ‘train’ of course but the haunting, frightening sound, almost imperceptible to begin with but then growing and growing and growing until the brutal realization kicks in. The sound was that of thousands of Zulus beating their shields with their spears in perfect unison as they advanced on Rorkes Drift in South Africa in 1879. 

‘What the hell has that got to do with this infamous day in the history of LEAVE’ I hear you say? Well quite a lot actually.

For ‘Zulus’ please substitute ‘The 1922 Committee’. For the ‘train noise’ please substitute the noise of ‘banging on desks’. Now when a PM trudges down one of the long Westminster corridors after being ‘summoned’ to the ‘1922 Committee’ it means one of two things. Either to receive rapturous endorsement (via the public school trait of ‘banging on desks’) of something they’ve achieved of monumental significance to the country OR to get a damn good kicking from ‘the troops’ because they’ve ‘effed up’ and will be told in no uncertain terms that they are ‘no longer required’ . 

Given the level of apparent fury in Tory heartlands at Appeaser May’s Chequers ‘plan’ (a fury that was spelt out albeit in more circumspect tones by many backbenchers live on TV in the Commons this [Ed: Monday 9th July 2018] afternoon), I naively assumed the latter ‘welcome’ for the Appeaser. Imagine my horror, therefore, when (again live on TV) it was reported twice that the ‘PM’ had been received with ‘much banging on desks’ and ‘almost universal approval’. Apparently 23 of the 25 speakers were ‘in support’!

Channel Four did say that ‘maybe the Brexiteers didn’t turn up’ – but even so that just about confirms the ‘myth’ that the Tories are the ‘patriotic’ Party!!  If you want further proof then rewatch the Commons show this afternoon and find the bit where Peter Bone speaks. He mentioned that his activists for the first time this last weekend had ‘thrown in the towel’ and ‘felt betrayed’ and had not gone out campaigning. Watch and listen as the odious Vicki Ford sitting just behind makes disparaging remarks about those people. She was not alone.

Do any of you still think the Tories ‘can be trusted on Europe’?

Time and time again this afternoon [Ed: Monday 9th July] the Appeaser resorted to merely trotting out the main points of ‘the plan’ which (to be fair) ‘tick most of our boxes’. IF the EU would merely ‘sign off on the dotted line’ then I would take this and run I can assure you. Thing is that as many Tory MP’s have said, this ‘plan’ is merely the starting point for negotiations and we all know what that will entail. Indeed the ultimate mistress of political correctness (one Justine Greening) said on Five Live on Sunday morning that: ‘we will definitely have to make further compromises’.

So there you have it – wait for the ‘final deal’ to have reference to ‘continued contributions’ and/or ‘freedom of movement continuing as now’ and/or ‘we will stay in the CAP in order that agricultural products retain the ‘common rulebook’. It’s at that final point that the treachery will be 100% confirmed and the ‘Suez’ type humiliation accepted.

Respectfully, David Thornton, Ex Chairman – UKIP South Norfolk Branch

Our contributor Malcolm Watson sent us his proposal for UKIP slogans – after all, Brexit is the top priority for us, and after all, branches are hopefully working on Gerard Batten’s “Red Alert” for a coming GE:


Although the next general election is a good way off, it is never too early to bang the Election drum. Particularly with this weeks Teresa May’s Brexit upset. A few snappy slogans here and there wouldn’t go amiss, particularly if, as I’ve said before, someone can go to Palace Green outside the Palace of Westminster to counter the free advertising the Remoaners are getting waving the EU flag every time Sky interviews are carried out there:



The Home of


or, using Theresa May’s slogan Brexit Means Brexit:




David Cameron and the Conservatives did NOT give us Brexit.

Theresa May and the Conservatives did NOT give us Brexit.

Labour and the Liberals certainly did NOT give us Brexit.

It was UKIP and the dedication of UKIP Leaders and all the Members over the last 20 plus years that gave us Brexit. No one else.

The way it stands today, you’d think it was all about the Conservatives giving us Brexit. Far from it. It was Cameron, the Liberal Elite, the majority of our Westminster MP’s , Conservative, Labour, Liberal, Greens, who tried to sell us short.

It was the whole of UKIP under the Leadership of Nigel Farage that gave us the opportunity, Brexit, to regain Sovereignty and Pride in Britain’s place in the world.

I sometimes think UKIP is a bit too shy in coming forward to claim credit for the opportunity to regain UK Sovereignty for the British people. Without UK Sovereignty, the UK is nothing but an irritating wart on the backside of Europe.

I’m being polite. I could think of a few more colourful anatomical anecdotes for Brussels.

Respectfully, Malcolm Watson


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