The ‘theme’ for today’s letters clearly is “The Enemy Within” (see the last letter below). It is insufferable that unelected Peers, unelected oligarchs, unelected businessmen and europhiles, with a sprinkling of elected MPs, are trying to do their utmost to reverse the vote of 17.4 million people. The first letter is from Mike Hookem MEP who, as always, does not mince words:


The House of Lords is an unelected nest of vipers who seem determined to reverse the EU Referendum result. Labour and Libdem “Lords” are ramming policies through the HoL for which they have no majority in the HoC.

Yesterday, the HoL returned an overwhelming majority on a vote to amend the Brexit bill. If the amendment is accepted by Theresa May’s Government, the UK will remain in the Customs Union and be unable to sign trade deals as a sovereign nation.

Keeping the UK in the Customs Union is an absolute betrayal of Brexit, and the Lords know this. Under the proposals, the UK would have to continue to pay millions each week into the EU; continue with open borders for EU citizens; continue to implement EU law, and, most worryingly, join the developing EU army framework known as PESCO.

I am in no doubt that the vast majority of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU will be absolutely disgusted by the subversion of our democracy in the Lords today.

Yesterday’s vote in the Lords is little more than Labour and the Liberal Democrats ramming policy through the Lords they have no majority to implement in the House of Commons.

Therefore, I will continue UKIP’s long-standing campaign for a total reform of the House of Lords, to deliver the real democracy the British people crave.

Respectfully, Mike Hookem MEP

Next, a brief letter from our reader John Youles which speaks for itself:


As you know, the Lords have just wrecked the Brexit bill.

So let’s get our own back… sign the petition:

Respectfully, John Youles

Sign the petition – I have!

And finally, our contributor Malcolm Watson gives details about the enemy within:


The incessant anti-Russian drumbeat blaming Russia for everything, in particular the unproven allegations of interfering in the Democratic Elections in America and the Democratic UK Referendum to Leave the EU, takes the public’s eye off the ball.

I refer to the Enemy Within.

Here in the UK, the Enemy Within are organising to reverse a Democratic Referendum. Not the Russians, not Putin. Who are they?

Tony Blair who lied about Iraq. Nick Clegg publicly proved wrong denigrating Nigel Farage’s allegations of plans for an EU Army. George Soros, a Hungarian American multi-billionaire funding Remoaners with hundreds of thousands of pounds. Peter Mandelson’s Global Counsels’ Organisation. Richard Branson warning a hard Brexit will be a “shot in the foot” for Britain (his foot more likely). And who else is standing in the shadows? LibDem Vince Cable, Conservative rabid europhile Heseltine, Conservative Ken Clark, etc, who just don’t seem to understand the meaning of a Democratic Vote.

Also, “The People’s Vote”, launched by the real Fifth Columnists in Parliament, Conservative Anna Soubry, Green Party Caroline Lucas, Labour Chuka Umunna, LibDem Layla Moran. The only thing they did get right was to have a comedian, Andy Parsons, help to launch “The People’s Vote”. I could be tempted to say ‘The People’s Vote’ is a joke, but the Enemy Within is no joke.

And within the last few days, we’ve had the launch of the ‘Open Britain’ campaign which, despite its name ‘Open Britain’, should be renamed ‘Closed Britain’. Closed to the rest of the world and launched by another bunch of fifth columnists, from their website, ‘working collaboratively with pro-European organisations of all shapes and sizes’.

With Hungarian American multi-billionaires, self interested EU Bankers and millionaire businessmen hiding in the wings and other well-to-do champagne politicians such as the Blairs donating their coin to overturn Democracy, I’m tempted to drop a line to President Putin and some Oligarchs to see if they’d donate a few bob to help UKIP stand up for UK Democracy.

If President Putin happens to hear me rattling my begging bowl and would rather be ‘hung for a sheep than a lamb’, I can be reached via UKIP Daily or UKIP HQ. All donations gratefully received, made public, taxes paid and fairly donated which is more than I can say for the Enemy Within!  

I hope Liam Fox was doing the rounds at the Commonwealth Conference this week with his appointment book to meet all 52 Leaders of countries who speak for 2.4 billion citizens.

(By the way, the EU has 28 member states with a population of 510 million approx.)

Respectfully, Malcolm Watson, North Yorkshire

Let me add my personal ‘take’ on that new collection of political desperados, “The People’s Vote”. The colours of their site and logo couldn’t have been better – if you want to signal your despair. A green that looks more like a warmed-over pea soup, a lavender that would have been suitable for a widow’s half-mourning dress in Victorian times: yep, that’ll enthuse the remoaner masses fersure! But don’t make the mistake and think they’re just figures of fun, desperate to grab the limelight. They are the political figureheads behind which all the other powerful groups can now hide and pull the strings, from the HoL down, to scupper Brexit. You have been warned!


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