Today’s first letter from our correspondent Patrick Dearsley is a reflection on ‘that’ demo on Saturday in London (I loved the many aerial photos of Apsley House, the London residence of the 1st Duke of Wellington. All right, they also showed what looked to be many people …):


On Saturday afternoon I found myself caught up in the “people’s march” as I tried to get to Victoria station. As has been widely reported, about £700,000 was funnelled through various anti-Brexit organisations by the EU to provide free travel to London. This was topped up by coach sponsorship from such heroes of democracy as Delia Smith, Star Trek Stewart, Steve Coogan, Jamie Carragher, Lineker, A Campbell — you can probably fill in the rest of the names yourselves.

Working my way through the crowds of those who wish to be ruled by an unelected foreign bureaucracy, I noted the following:

At least a third of them were not British, but EU citizens, because of the languages they were speaking.

The claim that they just want a People’s vote on a deal is disingenuous rubbish: clue — virtually all were wearing stickers saying Bollocks to Brexit.

The claim of the organisers that 670,000 came (religiously reported by the Observer) is nonsense. The police estimated 130,000, but don’t release their figures. A more likely figure seems to be >200,000. But they remain blithely indifferent to the real people’s vote that produced 17.4m to leave. And to the fact that even in London, more people voted to leave than for mayor Khan, who was predictably prancing around on stage looking very pleased with himself.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister remains captive to the Europhile establishment, in particular the civil service who quickly identified her as the ideal person to manipulate: a Remainer, temperamentally a bully, stubborn, secretive. I say a bully because she was quickly persuaded she had no power in the face of the EU, so has appeased them throughout; and a bully because of the way she has treated her party critics (viz Chequers meeting) and indeed anyone who has sought to remind her that we voted to Leave, not faff around for years then not leave. I will leave you to provide your own term for her decision to first present her plans, kept secret from her own cabinet, to the German Kanzler for approval.

As for the Tory “Brexiteers”, you really have to wonder what they are made of. As we’ve seen again today, the moment someone finally musters up the courage to fight her for a clean Brexit, she makes a few tough sounding remarks to the EU — which she always retreats from later with abject apologies — and, with only a handful of honourable exceptions, they roll over to have their tummies tickled.

We are observing a choreographed charade, featuring May as an allegedly defenceless small deer in the coils of the EU python; the endgame is that we are presented one way or another, probably after delays and postponements, with the choice between Chequers Triple Minus and No Brexit. The huff and puff about No Deal is just that. There is no way in the world our Remain Establishment (Houses of Parliament, media) will allow that, at least as long as May is there.

May has taken over two years to prove to all and sundry what we in UKIP knew from the outset, viz, only a government that believes actively in the massive benefits of Brexit — not to mention the disaster of still being in the EU when the latter inevitably implodes — can deliver it.

The only party that can be relied on to press relentlessly for it is UKIP.

In the meantime we can only hope that this most inept of Prime Ministers, who makes Chamberlain seem like Churchill, is swiftly shunted aside in favour of someone who will do the job the country delegated to them.

Respectfully, Patrick Dearsley, Chairman,UKIP Horsham Branch

The next letter is also a reflection on this demo and comes from our reader Geoffrey Brooking:


How dare “People’s Vote“ try and lecture us on a second referendum.

Have they never heard of true democracy?

Maybe if Remoaners stuck by their agreement to accept the result first time around people would have more faith in our current crop of treacherous MPs who still seem hell bent on getting on whatever gravy train that comes along.

What happened last Saturday was a protest by a bunch of bad losers.

No ballot papers, no polling stations, no electoral registers and certainly no votes were involved.

They had their chance in June 2016 and thanks to Project Fear and the strength of public opinion, they blew it!

All I can say to the Remoaners is please accept the result and respect it.

As for the government:

It’s now nearly two and a half years and we are still waiting.

I want to Leave the EU and I want to Leave NOW.

Respectfully, Geoffrey Brooking, UKIP Havant

Today’s last letter is from our contributor Roger Arthur, reminding us about the dirty little secret of the EU and Taxation, and a certain former deputy PM:


Sir Nick Clegg campaigned against tax avoidance while arguing to remain in the EU. Clearly he does not recognise the contradiction between those positions, because it is Free Movement of Capital around the EU that has facilitated big tax avoidance.

For years companies have been able to nominate an EU country such as Ireland as their taxable HQ, even though much of the income is raised in the UK. So how could Sir Nick join a company (Facebook) which paid only £7.4m in tax (less than 6%) on £1,300m in sales?

Had he still been in Parliament he would surely have had a conflict of interest, when voting on Brexit issues. But now he only has his public image to worry about, plus perhaps how he will make ends meet on his $1m salary from FB, and his EU pension. His knighthood may not be under threat, but what about his campaign to thwart the will of the 408 constituencies that voted for Brexit? He won’t have improved his credibility much in those areas. He may however have helped remind us why some big players may want to keep the UK aligned with the EU on tax.


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