Today’s letters turn to the real business of UKIP: Brexit. The first letter, titled “The Day Brexit Died”, is from our reader David Thornton:


Make no mistake my friends – we are now entering the final stages of this intensely frustrating saga and ‘bit by bit’ it seems that the referendum will be re-run and I have little doubt what the outcome of this stupidly tagged ‘Peoples Vote’ will be.

Of course, the reasons for the current debacle are many and varied although much responsibility must be down to Cameron for doing no preparatory planning in the event of the ‘peasants’ voting LEAVE. His arrogance was reflected in that of the whole ‘establishment’ in this country and has resulted in this farce we are now going through.

So when did all my optimism start unravelling? Was it today (Sunday 23rd September) when the old, grey-haired communist has grudgingly admitted to a second vote? Was it on the day of that infamous Chequers summit? Will it be tomorrow when there is a key cabinet meeting when further ministers may resign? In my mind it is far subtler than all that.

Remember the early hours of June 24th when we learned we had won? Stupidly I had considered going down to London to ‘join in the celebrations’. Imagine my amazement then when absolutely nothing took place, anywhere. Had this been France or Italy (or any other European country come to that) and a majority of the ‘peasants’ had defied the establishment, the capital city (and others) would have seen huge public celebrations. The only people out on the street on the night of the 24th were the first REMAIN demonstrations vowing to ‘overturn’ the result. Not encountering ANY ‘opposition’ this then emboldened their campaign and it has grown ever since. Like UKIP voters, LEAVE voters largely kept their euphoria to themselves as if in embarrassment at what we / they had gone and done. If you want conclusive proof of the unwillingness of ‘the right’ to actively ‘take to the streets’ you saw it in truly humiliating fashion in the Brexit Freedom march in London in June this year. I kept waiting for the ‘thousands’ to appear and by the time we got to the finish point the numbers had dwindled to just a few hundred (maybe that was the total anyway?). Meanwhile tens of thousands REMAIN packed Parliament Square and streets nearby. On the train back to Norwich that evening I felt crushed with disappointment and anger.

Ever since June 23rd 2016 the Government have fought amongst themselves whilst the will of the people has been thwarted at every turn with big business, House of Lords, most MP’s, entire Civil Service, the odious ‘celebrity’ circus, NHS, education system, Channel Four News, BBC (the list is truly endless) have been able to build their campaign with ease against an impotent opposition. The ‘Peoples Vote’ campaign could have been discredited at birth but it wasn’t and the demand is like the breaching of the Mohne Dam. Before long it will be unstoppable. Of course we COULD win second time round but everything is stacked against us:-

  1. Project Fear Two           
  2. Leavers who have become thoroughly disillusioned and are now scared of the consequences
  3. Two more years of school leavers
  4. Many of our supporters have died off (pensioners)
  5. A huge campaign will be mounted next time to not only get youngsters registered but march them off to the polling station

The events leading to a second vote are set to be unpredictable and volatile but I can’t see how the end game will be different to my gloomy prediction. A few weeks after the referendum I told our branch meeting that I feared a ‘BRINO’. Many thought I was stupid. They don’t now.

Respectfully, David Thornton,

Ex Chairman South Norfolk Branch and ex Norfolk County Delegate

Next is a letter from our star correspondent Roger Arthur, also on the Party’s bread-and-butter issues, Brexit and our Sovereignty:


Referring to Michael Allistone’s letter (DT on Tuesday 25th Sept} on seeking measures to secure our sovereignty after Brexit. Mr Allistone wrote:

“SIR – A key issue for many Brexiteers is the recovery of sovereignty. The Canada-plus formula would go some way towards securing this, but it would need to be specific about how Britain could throw off the remaining EU shackles if they prove intolerable. A clause should be included in the final agreement which reserves Britain’s right to withdraw unilaterally from any or all of its remaining commitments to the EU, within an agreed period, if that becomes the expressed wish of Parliament. Such provision should cost nothing, as it is already implicit in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.  But by specifically returning the initiative to Britain, it should ease the consciences of Brexit supporters with residual concerns about sovereignty, and hence improve the prospects of Parliament approving the redrafted plan.

The repeal of the 1972 EC Act means that we will no longer have to comply with EU regulations. Since no PM can bind the hands of a future government, it should be possible over time to amend any treaties which are entered into at the end of Article 50 negotiations.

To that extent we will be a sovereign nation. But the EU will seek to keep the UK bound by its rule book, imposing penalties if we try to become too competitive.

The question is will the government be intimidated into accepting such penalties, leaving us with a bad deal?

We know that the alternative is no deal, because Mrs May has told us that. But that is not Chequers, which is a bad deal. So why are we waiting?

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Finally, a note from Captain Graham Harper who commissioned the fine Coat of Arms which was unveiled at the Conference Gala Dinner:

Sovereignty, Liberty, Prosperity!

Our new UKIP ‘heraldic’ coat of Arms, as presented to our four Founders, Gerard Batten, Nigel Farage, Hugh Muelwynn-Hughes and John Harvey at our September Gala Dinner during our Silver Jubilee Conference at Birmingham I.C.C., can now be purchased from our Oxford stockist

Respectfully, Graham Harper, Director UKIP Patrons Club Ltd.



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