The letters below have been languishing in our inbox and are thus given priority over later letters – which will be published in another “Letters” column by the weekend. The first letter is from our contributor ‘Stout Yeoman’:


The party has at least four websites:,, and I say at least four because given the propensity to multiply websites we should not assume these are the only ones. Any reader who knows of a fifth or sixth site should let your readers know.

You can join the party using a form on either or Curiously, they are not the same form. On one of them the proscribed list has vanished! On you have to declare that you are not a member of the BNP, EDL etc., but on the form from, even if joining rather than renewing, you do not have to make such a declaration. That form appears to be the latest for its revision date is Sept 2018.

So, has the rule book been changed under the radar? Or is this just another manifestation of the party’s chaotic administration? I’ll wager the latter.

I never understood why myukip was not a subdomain (a site within a site) of and I understand even less why ukip-online is yet another domain on its own. That one appears to date from June of this year. It contains media guidance for the use of branches but if my branch was ever notified of its existence then that notification has been lost in the post. Myukip also contains guidance for branches. So, two websites to check.

The problem with multiple sources to check is that the party has also multiple places to update its information. All too often, you end up with contradictory information as exists right now with application forms to join UKIP. The rule should be `one fact in one place’ to prevent the contradictory and differential updating that UKIP currently suffers from.

Multiple domain names add to the administrative burden with separate and differently dated hosting fees to pay. Recall how in 2015 UKIP’s website went down when the party forgot to pay its hosting fee., trumpeted as our glorious new site, was built using (wholly unsuitable) then exported to a German hosting company, Host Europe Gmbh. (There are plenty of British hosting sites but let’s not support them.) Even now the new website says we only have an NEC of six people. [Ed: they have now updated it.] Until recently it showed a blank page. Apparently, the party only has three MEPs. Perhaps the information is completed on another website.

The shop is hosted by (on a server in Virginia, USA) hence the separate domain name. Host Europe allows you to attach a database to a website, but my guess is no-one knew how to do that so went back to Wix.

I do not know who in the party is registering multiple domain names and splitting information across them, but with no official list of websites issued, so that we do not know all the places we have to check, the chances of mishap by innocent members unable to find the latest information is greatly increased.

I found out about ukip-online through UKIP Daily, as ever the best source for information.

Respectfully, Stout Yeoman

The next letter is from our correspondent ‘Septimus Octavius’:


Regarding Dominic Grieve: It will be recalled that there is a subtle but horrific trap in the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018, almost certainly the work of Dominic Grieve, in the form of an apparently innocuous alteration to the definition section, which was slipped in during the week before Royal Assent. The effect of this trap is that unless the UK exits the EU in one of only two ways, the ECA 1972 will, upon Article 50 releasing the UK from the Treaties of the EU, immediately reinstate them.

The first way this can be prevented is by the “no deal” exit, which will happen if no Withdrawal Agreement has come into effect before 11.00 p.m. UK time on 29 March 2019, at that moment. Dominic Grieve is on record as saying that a no deal exit would be a catastrophic disaster, and it could well be that one of his reasons for so saying is that it would defuse the bomb.

The only other way to avoid the explosion is by a Withdrawal Agreement being made expressly coming into effect at 11.00 p.m. UK time on 29 March 2019.

Dominic Grieve has never made any secret of his desire to prevent Brexit happening, and he is a very clever lawyer.  Given that he can now see that the most likely outcome is a “no deal” exit, his fiendishly clever plot is likewise likely to fail.  He is therefore now upping his game, first by lending his support to the idea of a second referendum, and then by proposing a new centrist party.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

The last letter comes from Cllr Gordon Davies. It’s about the ‘Online Forums Bill’ -his petition needs to be signed and handed about as widely as possible:


So called Hate Speech Laws (aka thought control laws) are designed to shut out and criminalise any counter narrative to Leftist cultural Marxism.

We know it is wrong for the Ex-Met Anti-Terror Chief, Mark Rowley to announce as his first response to the London Bridge murders that he will not stand for any Islamophobia.

We all know that there are only two genders.

We all know that it is wrong for Mayor Khan to create immigrant and Muslim preferential housing developments.

We all know that it is an outrage that a teacher gets sacked for ‘mis-gendering’ a pupil.

You are scared to call out the anti-social behaviour from that travellers camp near your home for fear of what the local media would brand you as.

You want to say that it is your responsibility to manage your weight, not MacDonald’s but are too scared in case you are ladled ‘Fattist’.

You have good cause to believe that feminism really doesn’t seek equality but instead submission, punishment and belittling.

You are too scared not to clap, cheer and eulogise about same sex for fear of losing your job.

You want to criticize on factual evidence the man made global warming scam but are scared of being branded a ‘denier’.

Because you are too scared to tell the truth, what do you do? You turn to like-minded individuals on social media to exchange the truth and try organise a counter narrative.

And here’s where that online forums bill comes in.

The Police can only pursue you for thought control crime where they can get evidence against us. The Left knows that you are having these private group discussions online and they intend to put a stop to it via this Bill.

The Bill will ban closed group social media discussions and make the site administrators criminally liable for any content that is posted by members following Sites being forcibly opened up.  

They are intent on making it impossible for you to assemble and exchange ideas they don’t approve of.

I am Cllr Gordon Davies. I was the person proposing and speaking for Motion on the Saturday afternoon at the UKIP Conference entitled ‘Online Forums Bill’.

Gerard Batten enthusiastically backed my Motion at Conference which passed unanimously. We are setting out now to campaign against it passing into law.

The Motion passed stated:  Conference Believes, this Bill is intended to further frustrate information exchange, policy discussion and assembly by persons holding Right Wing views. Orwellian in nature and deeply totalitarian, The Left yet again signal their intention to undermine free speech, instil Blasphemy laws and criminalise wrong think.  We will campaign against this Bill coming into law.

Please watch the conference speech I made here

I have created a government website petition in support of our campaign which I would be grateful if everyone signs up to it:

Respectfully, Gordon Davies


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