Today’s first letter comes from our correspondent Mr King:


Alan Pavelin*) (letters DT Wed) – suggests that opposition to the sharing of sovereignty with the EU is “ideological”.

But EU leaders have told us that the “era of the nation state is over”. Now that is ideological, since voters have never been asked if they want Parliament to be emasculated.

Two years ago 408 constituencies voted for the UK to leave the EU. That is a bigger mandate than any government in living memory has ever achieved and Mr Mogg is only asking that their wishes must be respected. That is not ideological, it is democratic.

Respectfully, Mr King

*) Mr Pavelin’s letter:

SIR – Before proceeding in his attack on Theresa May, Jacob Rees-Mogg would do well to reflect on the bitter divisions in society, splitting families and friendships, caused by the referendum two years ago. Those divisions would continue indefinitely if he and his friends succeeded in their ideological commitment against any sharing of sovereignty with our European neighbours.The Prime Minister’s “red lines” should be seen as an initial negotiating position, not as divine law. Alan Pavelin

The next letter comes from our reader Jack Hennessey. It is an open letter to Ms Justine Greening and we publish it as we received it:

Open letter:

Dear Ms Greening

Further to my inquiry about the appalling treatment and highly unfair ‘trial’ of Mr Yaxley Lennon.

It appears now that Mr Yaxley Lennon’s appeal has been delayed because the CPS are claiming they are not ‘ready’. This seems a rather strange response.What aspect of the case against him is incomplete and how did the so called ‘Judge’ at his trial allow Mr Yaxley Lennon to make a plea if the case against him is incomplete?

I have pointed out that Mr Yaxley Lennon’s most basic rights, his right to not be tortured and his right to a fair trial have been seriously compromised.Now it appears that the very legal system that convicted him are now unable to face his lawyers at an appeal despite the judge (Leveson) already going on the radio saying Mr Yaxley Lennon is guilty.He is now being prevented from writing to his wife and family because these letters may be made public. Are we living in the Fucking Soviet Union?

Millions support Mr Yaxley Lennon for his attempts to report on the shocking crimes kicked into the long grass and ignored by local authorities and the mainstream media alike.The terrible crimes, which have been so shamefully ignored are a matter of great concern to the public. The tragic victims almost always poor white working class girls, the perpetrators almost exclusively muslim males.Please stress to your colleagues who grandly and absurdly style themselves as ‘feminists’ yet ignore these appalling crimes,fall ever further in the public’s esteem. Might I suggest that any of your colleagues who are appalled by a newsreader getting less pay than a male counterpart but can quietly ignore female children being plied with alcohol and drugs, then subjected to violent sexual abuse, exploitation and rape is nothing but an absurd hypocrite. Perhaps they can sport “This is what a Hypocrite looks like” on their teeshirts at the next ‘International Womens’ Day’ jamboree.

I would urge you to seek urgent clarification from the Home Office,Ministry of Justice and CPS as to the steps being taken to ensure Mr Yaxley Lennon’s safety is assured, addressing the violation of his human rights, and why the delay in his appeal is undertaken as swiftly as possible.

The disgusting behaviour of the Government is inexplicable. Is the Government so afraid it must use all the arms of Government power to silence one man and his mobile phone? It would appear you have found yourselves on the wrong side of history. I would think very carefully about how the Government conducts itself. If you cannot present a counter argument to your critics, find yourselves reduced to trying to silence them through legal and illegal means – you are quite simply wrong and have no business in power.

Thanking you in advance

Jack Hennessey

Finally, a letter from our correspondent Roger Arthur:


Following your report on Jaguar – Landrover concerns about the impact of EU/UK tariffs after Brexit (see here):

Of course EU car companies stand to lose much more – if zero tariffs are not applied.  When told that by an interviewee on the Business Programme, the BBC interviewer immediately moved on to another subject.

If the EU insists on applying tariffs, then the U.K. government will collect £billions more than the EU. So UK companies exporting to the EU could be given tax relief to nullify the impact.. Since only around 7% of UK companies export to the single market, that would not be too expensive.

Could Jaguar perhaps have released their announcement  to coincide with the Cabinet meeting, hoping to extract a promise of some kind from the government?

After Brexit, UK companies will in any event be able to buy cheaper components from beyond the EU, once outside of the customs union. The 93% of companies which export to the rest of the world will also benefit enormously, from not having to comply with the mass of EU regulations.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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