Well, the Banks & Farage show has now finally coalesced. Banks, in his latest Leave.EU communication, again told Kippers to join the Tories. The ‘Leave means Leave’ group has now also been revived, and Nigel trumpeted that he’s supporting them – even though they are mainly Tories and advocate joining that Party to achieve Brexit. This has left many of us a bit puzzled – and today’s letters reflect this. The first letter is from our contributor Alan Yates:


Tonight (17th Aug) I received an email from Leave.EU. Remember that Arron Banks supported and gave money to UKIP during the referendum campaign, he was also, I believe, a member. Well – no longer, it seems, as he is now encouraging us all to join the Tories and back Boris.  As a UKIP member now in my 15th year with the party I am certainly not going to follow the advice of moneybags Banks. We want grassroot Tories and Labour supporters to join us if they are dissatisfied with their party.

Read the article on the Leave.eu website.

Respectfully, Alec Yates, UKIP Tiverton & Honiton

Our contributor and correspondent Roger Arthur has sent in his observations:


Some are puzzled by the positions taken by Arron Banks and Nigel Farage. My response:

NF has made clear that he does not advocate joining the Tory Party.

For their part the majority of Tory MPs are Remainers and it would take many years to drain that swamp.

Those MPs are the ones who shortlist 2 leadership candidates, for constituency members to vote on. They do not want more Brexiteers in Parliament, and certainly not one in No 10 – because they do not want Brexit.

Tory party membership has fallen to around 100,000 such that big party donors have even more influence on policy – and many of them do not want Brexit.

God knows what Banks thinks he can do to change that.

If you are a Brexiteer, then the Tory Party is not for you.

If that is not enough then reflect on the spin and deception over the years by Tory leaders from Heath through Cameron to May.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Many Kippers however regard Farage’s support for ‘Leave means Leave’ with suspicion. I urge you to read this article in Kipper Central, by their Editor-in-Chief, reflecting what many of us think. It is definitely odd when one reflects on what Farage has done for UKIP ever since he left as leader … and makes one wonder why he isn’t supporting UKIP, for example in the articles he writes for the Torygraph.

Finally, we publish a long letter from our reader Elizabeth Curzon-Howe which she sent to Arron Banks:

Dear Mr. Banks,

Thank you for your message requesting that I join the Conservative Party in order to Unite the Right to achieve Brexit, and I applaud you for trying, but I am a loyal and dedicated member of UKIP and believe in its vision and aims, therefore nothing would persuade me to re-join a party that I used to support because it stood for Family Christian Values, honesty, hard work, principles and respect, but sadly no longer and the reason I will be declining your offer.  I think many of my fellow UKIPers will likely be feeling the same way as I do, many of them having ‘lent’ their vote to the Conservative Party in the 2017 General Election, after being persuaded to do so, to keep Labour out, and because of that poor UKIP suffered its worst G.E., ever, losing over 3 million votes, which was extremely disheartening for us. Frankly I feel rather upset to be asked to re-join a Party that is totally unprincipled and rotten to the core [our membership of the E.U. is illegal and against our Constitution and no-one in the judiciary is prepared to bring those responsible to justice] by someone who strongly supported UKIP and Nigel Farage’s charismatic leadership during the Referendum. Personally, I think if you believe in UKIP and have any loyalty left for the party, you should help us achieve Proportional Representation as well as increase the membership, which you could do easily with your Leave E.U. on-line presence.  UKIP would then be able to gain seats in Westminster, which would change the landscape of the Commons and produce a much fairer representative government; this is what the country desperately needs, not more of the same! Also where were all the other parties during the Referendum, under your heading of Unite the Right to achieve Brexit, because I lost count of the number of times that Nigel tried to get them to join him on the various platforms, mostly to no avail.

If anyone needs persuading to get us out of this unholy mess, it must be the Brexit Conservative MPs and their loyal party members; they need to show some backbone, grit and courage [just like our ancestors] and act upon their principles, because up to now they have not done very much.  If it had been left to the C.P. activists to get us Brexit, it would not have happened, I know that because trying to persuade any of them to come out and leaflet with UKIPers, was almost impossible, they kept their heads below the parapet and would rather sit at home and let someone else do the work.  UKIP members like myself, not to mention our MEPs were completely and utterly exhausted from the campaigning, working seven days a week, with no break and we simply did not have enough helpers or resources.

Therefore Aaron if you wish to make Brexit happen, it is the grassroots of the party who need to take action, by replacing their M.P’s who are Remainers in a constituency that voted to Leave, mine being one of them with a 3,000 majority, but it seems as though it is ‘business as usual’ for our MP, Mel Stride, also a Treasury Minister, working alongside Philip Hammond – enough said! Unfortunately there are too many Cabinet Members and MP’s who are Remainers and that is the problem [same in the Lords], but I do not think it fair to ask UKIP members to join or re-join the C.P., as we have given our all and done enough both physically and financially for our country, and would have appreciated more support and encouragement from people like yourself.

UKIP is unique, it is a grassroots party, mainly funded by its members, it is Patriotic, has a Vision for Great Britain, unlike the other parties, and it is the only collective political group who believe in the traditions and culture of our country, so we must make sure that UKIP has a bright future and receives strong support from those who are fortunate enough to be in a position to influence the general public. UKIP, also does not believe in career politicians, nor Life Peerages for votes!

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Curzon-Howe


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