The MSM have been reporting and commenting on this issue – the resignation of the Director of the CPS, Ms Alison Saunders – since the news broke yesterday. Our correspondent Ann Farmer has written this letter which reached us last night, pointing out the underlying malaise leading to such appointments – a malaise which is being perpetuated by the BBC:

Dear Sir,

The head of the Crown Prosecution Service Alison Saunders ‘will this week announce that she is leaving her post after the Government declined to extend her contract following a series of controversies’; these include Operation Elveden, an ‘investigation into alleged payments by journalists to police and public officials’, which ‘failed to secure [a] single conviction’; a ‘[h]umiliating climbdown’ after their initial ruling that prosecuting Labour peer Lord Janner of Braunstone over child sex abuse charges ‘was not in the public interest’; Operation Yewtree, which resulted in ‘some high-profile convictions’ for sexual offences, including Gary Glitter and Max Clifford, while ‘other celebrities were cleared’; perhaps most notoriously, the Director of Public Prosecutions attracted criticism ‘after trials collapsed when critical evidence was disclosed days before cases [were] due to be heard’; (‘Chief prosecutor to stand down’, Telegraph, April 2, 2018).

The CPS has revealed that Ms Saunders ‘had not asked for her contract to be extended’; she was paid £250,000 last year and will leave with a handsome pension of £1.8 million, to join law firm Linklaters, consequently it seems she will be rewarded for her failures.

Ms Saunders’ reign as DPP has been marked not by the neutral pursuit of justice but the pursuit of political objectives by boosting convictions for actions of which she disapproved, and reducing convictions for actions of which she approved. She announced that online abuse involving racism and religion, disability, homophobia, biphobia and  transphobia would be treated as hate crime’, saying she ‘confidently’ expected such reports to ‘soar’. She welcomed the rise in prosecutions for ‘revenge pornography’, hoping that greater awareness would lead to those already seen as victims ‘to report these nasty crimes’ but she also continued her predecessor Keir Starmer’s relaxation of the law against assisting the suicides of vulnerable persons, against long-standing Parliamentary opposition.

Her determination to increase convictions for rape has led to a nationwide ‘drains up’ operation revealing that evidence crucial to the defence in rape trials has been routinely withheld, but despite seeming to champion rape victims, she has also presided over a ‘justice’ system in which convicted rapists have been let out of prison on a revolving door system, as well as the ongoing scandal involving the systematic rape of under-age girls by gangs across the country.

In the latter, police were reluctant to intervene because the victims were seen as making ‘lifestyle choices’, but it has also been alleged that their reluctance was linked to the ethnicity of the perpetrators – thus the weaker ‘minority’ was sacrificed to the interests of the stronger, a hallmark of left-liberal progressivism.   

But just as the disastrous reign of Alison Saunders is ending, the same worldview can be seen in the BBC’s announcement that by next year, ‘half of the expert voices on news and current affairs programmes will  be women’; Director-general Lord Hall of Birkenhead maintained:

“This is a fantastic project that is already driving change. The results from programmes that have taken it up have been remarkable.”’

The case of Alison Saunders demonstrates the dangers of appointing women because they are women; anyone who criticises the promotion of already well-paid women into higher posts at even higher salaries will be vulnerable to accusations of woman-hatred, but female critics will also be ignored; apparently, there is only one women’s viewpoint, and that viewpoint just happens to be their own viewpoint; in effect, they will simply replace men with ‘yes women’.

Over the years the BBC has become increasingly dominated by the same narrow social class – left-liberal progressives who believe they are right about everything; although they sympathise with the disadvantaged, when the disadvantaged disagree with them on defining issues like Brexit – when they actually want to voice their own opinions, rather than leaving that task to self-appointed champions – they are dismissed as old, ignorant bigots influenced by right-wing news outlets; needless to say,  Christians are seen as embarrassingly outdated, thus, increasingly, Muslims are being appointed to religious appointments traditionally held by members of the majority religion, Christianity.

The left-liberal progressive class now dominates the BBC and use it to project their worldview worldwide. Despite having highly-paid secure careers (at public expense) they identify with minorities because they feel like an embattled minority, under threat from right-wing bigots massing on the horizon.

The BBC has been ‘caught out’ violating its own ‘minorities’ religion and is now scrambling to regain its self-appointed  role as their champion; no doubt they sincerely believe that in selecting minorities with mathematical exactitude they are helping to create a perfectly balanced world; undoubtedly the pinnacle of their ambition would be to appoint a niqab-wearing woman as a news reader; however, unless they succeed in completely abolishing free choice this approach will never succeed, although in repeatedly failing to achieve the unachievable, they will provide material for minority grievances that Marxists can exploit to win power, at which point they can abolish choice altogether.

While overlooking old sexual offences, Ms Saunders has introduced new sexual offences, and the BBC would no doubt be happy to see the criminalisation of anyone who disagrees with them, until the world is free of thought crime and minorities are no longer victimised; but as to the real victims of actual crime – the rape victims, and those whose ‘loved ones’ have ‘helped them to die’, there will be no one to speak up for them, and no one to prosecute the chief prosecutor.

Respectfully, Ann Farmer


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