Is it not amazing that in the middle of this General Election and after the recent tragic loss of life at London Bridge, no one in the media is citing the European Court of Human Rights ruling of September 2012.

The Court then ruled that “indeterminate prison sentences are a violation of Article 5(1) of the European Convention of Human Rights”

So Article 6(2) of the Maastricht Treaty, requires EU members to respect fundamental rights principles, Member States must not violate European Union human rights principles when they implement Union legislation or act pursuant to Union law.

That is presumably why Mr Cameron admitted in Nov 2010 that giving prisoners the right to vote made him feel “physically ill” – but that he was powerless to act.

If the ECHR is not going to balance the Human Rights of UK citizens against those of the hardened terrorists, then surely we have a solution, which is to remove ourselves from the EU.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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When observing the current political landscape in the UK I am alarmed by the paucity of real choice for me to fully support any of the main-stream parties.

CONSERVATIVES: I am reminded of the expression ‘never trust a Tory.’ Their BRINO leaves me feeling uneasy. Their claim to be financially prudent is flawed by the fact that despite austerity they and their coalition partners managed to double the National Debt  to £1.8trillion pounds in less than ten years. Their failure to grasp the obvious border weaknesses in that we are an island and gaining illegal entry thro’ small ports or airfields is obvious to any student of geography.

GREEN PARTY: Protection of rivers – oceans – forests – wild life was being voiced by me before the current crop of Green Peace activists were born. I studied World Health and Population. But they haven’t explained how they plan to control the World’s burgeoning population. People will still need to be fed – clothed – housed – educated and transported. Can they explain how they will control Moon wobbles which affect tidal flows – undersea volcanoes – Solar flares, and have they noticed magnetic variation in Britain has started to shift to East of Grid? The last time this happened, in the 1700s Britain and Europe experienced a mini ice age.. Oxen were roasted on the River Thames.

LABOUR: This country has not had a Labour Government since the time of Clement Attlee. We have had Socialist Governments. There is a difference! The so called Labour Party is a sham and is really a Marxist Party masquerading as Labour attempting to disguise its Orwellian thought process. The expression ‘politics of envy’ still applies.

LIB/DEMS: Or Limp – Dims as I tend to think of them. Illiberal and illogical. They blithely intend to ignore the declared wishes of 17.4 million of their fellow citizens. A vote is only valid when it accords to their opinion. If, in the unlikely event they achieve their stated desire to remain within the orbit and subject to the EU, would they enact the most obvious step of abolishing both Houses of Parliament? Their aim for Westminster  to be to Brussels as County Hall is to Westminster would be satisfied. MPs wouldn’t be needed, just Councillors carrying out the edicts from their political masters in Brussels. LIB/DEMS should re-name themselves the VQ ( Vichy/Quisling) Party they are the natural successors to Marshall Petain of France and Major Quisling of Norway both of whom exhorted their fellow country men and women to throw in their lot with the Third Reich for the long term good of their countries.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) should be compelled to submit CVs with their manifestos and Manifestos should be subject to the same strict criteria as the Trading Standards which are applied to businesses and companies. Abolish the House of Lords, reduce the number of MPs. I look forward to a party listing self reliance- social obligation – self discipline as good, and a ban on promoting victim hood and bribing electors with their own money stolen from them in taxations scams.

Respectfully,  Ernie Blaber


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