Today’s first letter comes from our outstanding correspondent Roger Arthur who is keeping his eyes on what is going on in the remoaner faction of the business community:


On Monday we saw another incisive article by Roger Bootle on lobbying by big businesses to remain in a customs union with the EU. But since over 99% of UK businesses are SMEs, why do we not hear much from them – when over 90% of them don’t even export to the Single Market, but must comply with EU regulations?

Of course big business prefers free movement of labour and capital (facilitating wage compression and tax avoidance) even if leaves the U.K. unable to negotiate its own trade agreements.

They lobby in Brussels for regulations which protects them from too much competition, but that holds back innovation and productivity. Consumers do not benefit from that, or from the inflation of import prices, due to Customs Union tariffs.

They don’t want tariffs applied to exports to the single market, which is understandable. But that neglects the fact that that the U.K. stands to get back even more in EU/UK tariffs than the EU, because we import a net £80 bn pa from them – assuming that the EU remains intransigent and won’t agree to zero tariffs.

The CBI says that it wants to “stay in a reformed EU”, despite Cameron’s failure to get any binding treaty change and wanted to join the Eurozone once. They have never seemed much concerned at the emasculation of Parliament, as long as they can continue to lobby unelected EU officials.

That is what sets them apart from the 408 constituencies which voted to leave the EU. Perhaps we could ask, how many of them are big party donors?

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

The other letter today comes from our Geoff Lazell who reports on his trip to Brussels, with added photos:


Along with a fellow South Norfolk member and 44 other Ukippers from this region, I had the dubious pleasure of visiting the EU Parliament in Brussels last week.

EU Parliament

 It was a ‘fact finding’ trip organised by one of our Eastern Region MEPs and was, believe it or not, 2/3 subsidised by – yes, the jolly old EU itself! It is part of their propaganda programme, designed to convince the citizens of 28 European countries that political union is good for all of us.  You may rest assured that this ‘backhander’, whilst indubitably most welcome, was pretty much wasted on this occasion!

Opposite the main entrance to the EU Parliament Building itself is another taxpayer-funded edifice called the “Parliamentarium”.  Entrance is free, although security is tight (God forbid that someone should want to blow the place up!) and a visit here is something of an eye-opener, to say the least.  To be fair, I was warned before I went in that it would do nothing to reduce my blood pressure, but that was something of an understatement!

Propaganda exhibition in the ‘Parliamentarium’

The entrance is currently adorned with a large poster, advertising a temporary historical exhibition on the great deception of “Nazi Propaganda”.  Given the abundance of contemporary EU Propaganda that adorns the rest of the building’s interior, this struck me as being somewhat ironic, but such is the unbridled arrogance and self-belief in their ‘project’ that the irony appeared completely lost on the organisers!

With carefully edited quotes and ‘half-quotes’ by various political luminaries from history on the walls, soft lighting and the ‘sweet music’ of the EU Anthem “Ode to Joy” gently permeating the display areas, a seductive atmosphere has been very cleverly created.  It appears an unashamed promotion of political propaganda, primarily designed to indoctrinate the young. There were a substantial number of organised school groups visiting the place whilst I was there, although admittedly, in order to preserve my blood pressure at a reasonable level, I did not stay long!

Along with these buildings, there is of course the epitome of self-aggrandisement in the form of the EU Commission Building further down the road, its vast frontage emblazoned with its “Team Juncker” banner from rooftop to ground floor.

The EU Commission Building

If ever a building was designed to make a statement of power over the people – this is it! That it houses just 28 Commissioners and their 32,000 staff only serves to add insult to injury to those of us who have long questioned the very existence of the unholy alliance it represents – and who continue to pay for its tireless self-indulgence.

During our guided tour of the Parliament Building, I did ask the question that since the UK has invested vast sums in all these grandiose monstrosities, would we be collecting some rent once we finally leave the EU?  Unsurprisingly, this was met only with a polite smile! We were in the Plenary at the time, where 751 MEPs are expected to vote on a whole raft of legislation in rapid-fire, referring only to a pre-prepared voting list in order to hopefully get their “Fors” and “Againsts” in the right order.

The Plenary

A ridiculous exercise in ‘rubber-stamping’ if ever there was. It seemed an appropriate place in which to ponder on just how much this ill-conceived ideological dream has cost us over the years. A truly frightening figure, I imagine. In my humble opinion, the sooner we are out of it, the better.

A most illuminating visit, which left me in no doubt whatsoever that 17.4 million brave and optimistic Britons made very much the right decision on 23rd June 2016.  I wonder how the EU propagandists will display that momentous decision in their ‘Propagandarium’ – if indeed at all?

Respectfully, Geoff Lazell


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