Today’s first letter comes from our reader Harold Armitage. That letter speaks for itself:


This is how the EUSSR/Fourth Reich functions:
All empires need to be in constant state of expansion. If not, they wither and die.
They have to take in territory in order to secure a cheap labour force which generates their wealth.
When the Roman empire could expand no more, (bounded by desert to the South, ocean to the West and North and implacable tribesmen to the East it rotted from within as the economy collapsed . It  was based on an endless supply of slaves and when they were no longer available, a weakened Rome fell and was sacked. The important thing here is that breeding slaves is not economically viable, far cheaper to round up fit and healthy adults.
Later multiple European empires suffered the same fate. Here again as slaves became less available the economy shrank. To some extent they were replaced by machines but there are some jobs simple machines can’t do.

The Third Reich had to depopulate entire countries to function, again as it ran out of slaves it’s war machine collapsed.

In the UK, post WW1, there was an economic depression due to a shortage of manpower.

Learning from this experience, post WW2 , Britain encouraged immigration from it’s ex-colonies to keep the economy going by depressing the wages of the native workforce. (There being an acute shortage of man power post WW2 because so many were killed.) For the wealthy this has been  very satisfactory. Workforce wages are down, a housing shortage created so raising prices. Houses which were cheaper to build could be sold for more.

The present-day Fourth Reich is no different. It needs cheap labour to function. This is why the ex-communist East European countries were let into the EU. The costs of breeding and training a workforce are thus avoided. This than is why Angela Merkel let into Germany migrants from the Middle East and Africa, the reasoning being that the more desperate people were, the cheaper they’d be to employ. The ones useful to the Fourth Reich would be kept, the rejects passed on to the rest of Europe.

Having spent most of her life in East Germany, Angela Merkel was well indoctrinated that all cultures are equal.  Ah, how untrue this proved to be. The people she imported have few useful skills, 95% of them still are unemployed after two years. Nobody else wants them in spite of the threat of fines for non-compliance. They have no wish to integrate and many of them are members of a cult that advocates the  killing and enslavement of non-members.

Respectfully, Harold Armitage

The next letter is by our star correspondent Roger Arthur, with a trenchant analysis of the ongoing ‘border’ issue so beloved by Remainers:


Mr Booker (Sunday Telegraph) continues to look for reasons not to Brexit, this time citing the burden of customs checks at Swiss/EU borders.

But when the Swiss carried out a cost/benefit analysis (CBA) of EU membership, they concluded that the costs far outweighed the benefits. So they stayed out and have never looked back.

Perhaps Mr Booker will draw their attention to his article and suggest that they re-run their CBA. Did they get something wrong? I doubt it.

Indeed studies by Gordon Brown (2005) the EU and UK economists suggest  that the cost of compliance with EU regulations is around 6% of GDP, which equates to around £140 billion per annum today.

Needless to say, the extra border control costs, post Brexit, are likely to pale into insignificance compared with that.

So anyone who wants to bet on the Swiss joining the EU, based on Mr Booker’s assessment, would be wasting their money. Perhaps he will stake some money on it.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur

Finally, Peter Mchugh has penned another of his “Caustic Comments”, to the delight of our readers:

Sunday’s Caustic Comment ( 3- 6 – 18 )

The just ended TV drama [ A Very English Scandal ] centred on the events leading to the trial [ and unlikely acquittal ] of the Liberal Party Leader : Jeremy Thorpe,   leaves no one in any doubt, that the Establishment world which Jeremy Thorpe frequented, was rotten to the core.

Furthermore it exercised total control over : the police, the judiciary and the press/media,  and sadly there is nothing to suggest that this is not still the case today, forty years on .

Thorpe was a significant political figure at that time, and Liberal Party Leader from 1967 – 1976  a period during which we were being guided, by a duplicitous and deviant Edward Heath, towards joining the Common Market.

The press at that time were coerced into implementing a campaign of  brainwashing [ reminiscent of the Nazi Party’s Propaganda Ministry under Joseph Goebbels during World War Two ]  with the object of persuading us to accept membership of a trading partnership with a small group of European neighbours.

The object, as Heath later admitted, was simply a first step in a plot to entrap us in a phoney European Union [ via the Maastricht Treaty ] which John Major’s government controversially approved.

Subverting democracy by this means has endured, and ensured, that our undemocratic political status quo remains intact .

It saved Jeremy Thorpe’s skin, but not his political career and it is still the main weapon today in the government’s armoury , though its current priority is: the sabotaging of Brexit ! 

Perhaps, in another forty years,  there will be a TV drama on this very subject, though who will play the leading roles  : David Cameron – Theresa May – David Davis – Nigel Farage – Jean Claude Juncker – Michel Barnier etc  is anyone’s guess, as Judi Dench – Maggie Smith – Benedict Cumberbatch et al, may have vacated the stage.




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