More Brexit Letters today, the first from our correspondent Septimus Octavius:


As ever, MPs and the media keep trotting out lunacy on the Brexit position.  Chief among these fallacies now is the oft-repeated mantra that “there is no Parliamentary majority for no deal”.

This is completely untrue, disregarding as usual the inconvenient truth that we are still full members of the EU, so that EU law still trumps UK law; and Article 50 is a rule of EU law.

Parliament has expressly authorised the Government to give the Article 50 Notification in 2017, and has no lawful ability to do anything about that now.  Article 50 expressly provides that if no Withdrawal Agreement has come into effect before 11.00 p.m. UK time on 29 March 2019, then at that moment the UK is released from the Treaties of the EU.  Accordingly, Parliament has already legislated for the possibility of no deal; and that is what will happen if there is no deal.

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius

Next is a letter from our reader John Owen:


This is a transcript of a conversation I had a few weeks ago.

Whilst standing at the bus stop a lady I had never seen before struck up a conversation with me, she asked me if I had voted Leave in the referendum. I said I had not only voted Leave but had worked for the campaign.

She said she was delighted with the result and that her country would never join. I asked which country that is and she said Switzerland. She went on to explain why she thought Brexit such a good thing:

200 years ago a nasty little dictator called Napoleon tried to rule Europe using canon and swords, only Britain and Russia stood against him.

100 years ago a nasty little dictator called Hitler tried to rule Europe using Panzers and Stukas, the only European countries to stand against him were Britain and Russia.

Today a nasty little dictator called Juncker is trying to rule Europe using pen and paper and only Britain and Russia can save the continent.

I thought this was a very interesting analogy!

Respectfully, John Owen

Next, we publish this letter sent by John Bickley, addressed to Leave Supporter, which includes readers of UKIP Daily:

Dear Leave Supporter,

At the moment the dominant Remain-led Brexit narrative, supported by the MSM, is that there could be a Brexit outcome called ‘no deal’ which would be a disaster for the UK. You are key spokespeople in the Brexit debate and must kill this narrative ASAP, as there is no such option as ‘no deal’.

There are three Brexit deals on the table for the UK to choose from: (i) May’s Hotel California deal (you can check out but never leave), (ii) a Canada type FTA (we have most of the elements already in place given the UK’s 40+ years of free trade with the EU) & (iii) a WTO deal.

As you know the World trades under WTO rules, including the EU and 60%+ UK exports are already traded under such rules.

The Remain cabal running the EU Brexit negotiations have deliberately ignored the Canada & WTO deal options as they desperately want to keep the UK shackled to and a supplicant of the EU. You must point out to the British people that there is no such option as ‘no deal’ because there are better deals on the table which would honour the referendum result and free up the UK to become much more prosperous than Remaining, however they are being deliberately ignored.

Regards, John Bickley

Finally, our reader Lidian Revis sent us the letter she wrote to Suella Braverman MP on her resignation. You might like to follow suit – or indeed write to your MPs, using the website ‘writetothem’:

Dear Suella Braverman, MP

Congratulations for resigning from the Government in protest against Mrs May’s draft withdrawal bill from the EU. You have shown great courage putting your money where your mouth is, which is much, much more than Mrs May is currently doing.

Having voted for, and won, the vote to LEAVE the EU my husband and I had expected our Government to respect the result of that vote, but instead we are being subjected to a ‘Brexit-in-name-only’ slap in the face dressed up to look and sound like the Brexit we voted for.

We did not vote for any kind of deal at all – we voted to LEAVE. WTO sounds like the best option.

We did not vote for a transitional period – we voted to LEAVE. If we walk away now there would be no need for a transition period.

We did not vote to pay the EU £40 billion – we voted to LEAVE. If we walk away now we won’t have to pay this blackmail demand.

If there is no hard Irish border, how will the UK prevent EU passport holders from getting into the UK via Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic?

Mrs May once very nearly brought the Conservative Party to it’s knees by describing it as the ‘Nasty Party’. She is now bringing the Party into disrepute, again, by giving it an image of being dishonest, untrustworthy and undemocratic. She has to be removed; and if the Conservative Party does not remove her the electorate probably will at the next election.

My husband and I used to be staunch Conservative voters. Not any more.

Yours sincerely,

Lidian Revis”


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