It is perhaps rather sad to be sitting at the kitchen table at 5am, checking up on the UK’s National Grid, but as I’ve been predicting nights like this since Matthew Hancock was the Minister for Energy and Climate Change it is grimly satisfying to watch the concatenation of events that I have been banging on about all this time.

A blocking high is sitting over Europe with wind turbines standing silent and still from Norway to the south of Spain. In the UK our ‘fleet’ of wind subsidy harvesters are producing 0.41GW from an installed capacity of 21GW. Well, not completely still – some of them will be using Grid electricity to rotate the vanes, as if they stand still for too long the bearings distort.

The nuclear stations have been neglected for years, with  decisions being made too late to bring new plant on stream quickly enough to make the chaotic dash for green power a safe option, and of course the choice of the almost unbuildable and catastrophically expensive European Pressurised Reactors for the next generation means that clean reliable power from those is at least ten years away. The valiant remnants of this technology – a technology in which the UK was once a world leader – are producing 3.8GW and will keep on producing that amount come rain, come shine, come calm or gale. The UK’s base load requirement is a bit more than 20GW. Steady, reliable nuclear power should be providing it.

Solar is not helping. It’s night time. The sun won’t rise until 06:38 and for a few hours after that we won’t see it anyway as it’s going to be foggy. Then, when the peak demand is past, the fog will lift and solar will have its expensive, subsidised couple of hours as the green star on the Grid. It will be at the wrong time, it won’t help when it’s needed, but it will do its job. Which is transferring money from the old, the poor and the sick into the pockets of rich landowners, farmers and those politicians who sit on the correct boards and committees. Current contribution: nil.

How fortunate we are that we have friendly allies who are sending us lots of energy from the continent. 3GW from French nuclear reactors, a couple from the Netherlands and Belgium. I’d bet, on no evidence at all, that the latter is generated in German coal burning power stations. Let’s hope a surly French President doesn’t realise that he has the power to close down a big chunk of UK industry at the flip of a switch. This morning’s peak demand is going to be around 40GW. It’s squeaky bum time. Again.

Respectfully, Julian Flood

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I thought I would send you a copy of the e-mail I have sent to my MP on Saturday, in my outrage at the notion of ‘passport’ entry to shops in my own Country!

“Dear MP,

It was kind of you to ask your aide to write to me in reply to my last communication to let me know “that my comments had been noted”! Are there no lengths to which this government will not go in their attempts to abolish liberty in this Country? 

We have suffered ‘house arrest’ for months on end for a virus that 99% of people who contract it recover from (rather like a very bad ‘flu year!).  The statistics regarding ‘cases’ have been corrupted by many factors such as ‘false positives’; un-sterile treatment of samples; and mass testing of people with no symptoms.

The death rates have been corrupted because of factoring in the death ‘with’ COVID being lumped in with actual death ‘from’ COVID.  Accurate recording would have meant that only deaths  ‘from’ COVID would have been recorded as such on the death certificates issued.

The ‘vaccines’ being rushed out with ‘emergency authorisation’ are still the subject of ‘trial’.  Most trial dates ending in 2023.  Thus, those who take the ‘vaccine’ are the subjects of the largest human trial experiment ever undertaken. The ‘vaccines’ are being offered without the facility of the ‘informed consent’ being applied.  People are being harassed repeatedly by agencies contacting them to push the take-up numbers higher.

Now the prospect of ‘Vaccine Passports’ (that Michael Gove emphatically denied was a possibility in December!) are being actively touted as a probability.  That would be coercion on an epic scale, worthy of the most authoritarian State that there has ever been!  It would divide the Nation absolutely and make people virtual outcasts in their own land!  If one needed a passport to visit a supermarket to buy food it would condemn a large number of people to hardship and possible starvation.  Not every household has internet facilities.  They would be totally reliant on others to bring them food.  Supermarkets would become overwhelmed with online ordering.  Delivery delays would most definitely follow!

More than 225,000 people have, currently, signed a petition against the issue of such a passport.   Those numbers are still increasing as I write! The Nuremberg Code 1947 expressly states that:-  “The principle of voluntary informed consent protects the right of the individual to control his own body.  This code also recognises that the risk must be weighed against the expected benefit and that unnecessary pain and suffering must be avoided”

I cannot imagine how a supposedly ‘conservative’ government can possibly have become so inhuman; totalitarian and dictatorial.  Leadership is absent and it is a free-for-all amongst the sofa cabinet members to spout their views ad libitum.  The economy of this Country has been wrecked in the most deliberate action ever taken by a sitting government!  It is as if a hostile coup has been mounted against the people of the United Kingdom by its own Government.  Parliament has been effectively and deliberately sidelined so that proper debate and scrutiny has been denied.  Liberty and freedom has been withdrawn.  The age old terms of Magna Carta have been overthrown by the most damaging government ever seen in Britain!

You are part of this government.  I respectfully suggest that you re-consider your position on the path that is being taken and the actions being decided.  These actions work against the wishes of the majority of people in this once free and proud land.  As for myself (should I ever be allowed to vote again in what is fast approaching a ‘One-Party State’) I am disgusted by what I have seen over the past 12 months and I am no longer be a Conservative voter!  –  Yours truly, etc …”

Respectfully, Frederica


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