“Those three beautiful pillars” … “pillars of peace”. Sovereignty, security and prosperity are such a columnar triumvirate, according to Donald Trump who spoke to the world at the United Nations in New York, his home town, on 19th September 2017. A statesman was speaking.

Sovereignty is a word that has had a lot of airtime in the last two years in Britain. It is a word that has been abused. As with many activists who gave time and effort to ensure a successful outcome in the EU Referendum of 23rd June 2016, it was the concept of our sovereignty being repossessed from foreign agencies that motivated me.

Sovereignty is not just a word. It is a statement of liberty, freedom from an oppressor, hard won unbreakable rights of individuals to be equal under the law, for a government to serve those who are sovereign – the people. It is the basis by which continuance of government can be assured: that the government serves, that governance is by the people and for the people.

Power corrupts and the lessons of history dictate that absolute power and those corrupted by it produce misery, suffering, death and injustice. A foundation of successful societies over the last 300 years has been a protection of the people from enslavement, a common understanding that sovereignty must never be allowed to be usurped from the people by an individual or an elite.

Citizens of the USA are reminded of this foundation stone constantly (or should be if they have ears and a brain) when they hear the first three words of the United States’ Constitution “We The People…”. A reminder that the government is there to serve the people and not to enslave them, steal from them, engineer their futures or restrict their liberties.

Britons are not so reminded it appears. In our Bill of Rights 1689, a document written to restate and reaffirm the traditional rights and liberties of the individual, it contains the following reaffirmation:

“..That no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm, So help me God…”.

Sovereignty has been, and remains, undermined by our membership of the EU. Our Rights have been violated and a sovereign pillar damaged by those who purported to represent us.

Security. We all wish to feel secure. Secure from acts of criminality. Secure in the functionality of our society. Secure in our ability to house, clothe and feed our families. A pillar of peace, security is both a function of the real world experiences of people and of their perceptions. It is confidence in physical security and confidence that the government institutions charged with the responsibility of providing it, will do their job.

Prosperity. The third pillar, of plenty. Prosperity provides the security to feed, clothe and house. It provides the ability to protect through employing a well equipped armed force in service of the people. It allows people to live healthier less stressful lives. It gives them the ability to spend more on healthcare and leisure and it reduces incentives to commit crime.

When the people start to question not only the competence of the government institutions but whether those in government acknowledge and understand their servitude and function, confidence is lost and with it all sense of security and hope of prosperity. For many, with the continuing uncontrolled mass immigration and the consequences of it on terrorism, housing, schools, health care capacity and lawfulness, this sense of security is long gone.

Foreign persons, potentates and states have been handed jurisdiction over the governance of the UK by those in positions in Government. This is contrary to the inalienable traditional rights and liberties of all Britons and in contravention of those rights as stated in Law. The results for our nation are not good. Islamisation, explosion in dependency and welfare, breakdown of the family, lowering standards of living, rising pension ages and laws, so many laws. Sovereignty compromised, security undermined and prosperity diminished – the vandalism of the three pillars and not the path to peace.

In offering the world his proudly defiant promotion of nationhood, of responsibility, of governance for the people, of servitude towards the people, Donald Trump gave voice to those who seek a more peaceful world and who see that possibility of peacefulness being undermined by Globalist elites.

Trump’s speech was fantastic to those who love liberty and see the path to a better world through spreading and strengthening liberty of the individual through the servitude of government. Trump highlighted North Korea in his speech, the world’s perpetual playground blackmailing bully who have found themselves, for once, confronted by strength and principles.

No doubt the Trump hating media will focus on Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ label, a reference to the criminal activities of Kim Jung Un and his recent orders to fire rockets over the airspace and land of South Korea and Japan. Perhaps the hostile media will criticise Trump’s references to the humanity of the Saudi’s or the danger of the Iranian regime, for the propagandists in the mainstream media, including to our shame the BBC and most other UK broadcasters, do not warm to the message of Donald Trump and will continue what they have done for over a year – shamelessly misrepresent him.

In a turbulent political sea of incompetence or worse, the world now has a leader who gives hope. Hope to those who wish to protect their western liberal societies and the liberties of the individuals who live in them, from the dangers represented by a multitude of collectivist ideologies that threaten them. Hope that the foundations of civil society will be underpinned and the pillars strengthened, buttressed. Islam, Communism, Globalism, Socialism Fascism, whatever the threat, Trump speaks for those who are threatened. He is the ultimate anti-establishment representative, owned by no special interest.

A person’s reactions to Trump’s speech will tell you much about how that person respects the very foundations of the society that they currently enjoy, for if they are lovers of liberty and listened carefully to what he said, they would applaud him for doing a rare thing and speaking for decent, responsible, civilised peaceful people all over the world.


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