The quote from Mark Twain, about there being three kinds of lies, came to mind watching our Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister claiming to have negotiated an advantageous deal on the EU’s outrageous demand for an additional £1.7 billion before 1st December. So the bulldog spirit had won the day and the headline figure was now only £850 million, and with a sleight of creative accounting the remainder is still to be paid but hidden away in a ‘rebate’ we were entitled to anyway.  The grandstanding, lectern thumping and righteous indignation has been in vain; the hard pressed British taxpayer is still the milch cow feeding the voracious EU gravy train, in this case handing our money over to subsidise mainly the French and German economies.

Obviously if you want to negotiate a reduction in any bill you argue about the amount, how it was worked out and finally the fairness of it; not when to pay instalments and how the true cost can be concealed.  Surely, there are grounds for stating that a calculation of contribution to the EU based on criminal or black economy activity is both morally repulsive and counter-productive, and therefore to be ignored?  Not to mention all that brain power available in the Treasury and the smooth PR machine at Number 10 that, in theory could be brought to bear to fight our corner.  Perhaps all this brainpower could re-examine the methodology, assumptions, economic models and figures and give a different answer that the EU owes us a fortune?  After all, we pay for these ‘public servants’ to serve the interests of us, the people of the United Kingdom, or is something else happening, that we are not being told about?

If this is the best deal that can be negotiated, can we realistically expect better negotiating performance in the future from our political Establishment and acolytes? And, can we realistically discount the EU in future using other means, technical adjustments, delayed rebates etc., to demand or surreptitiously take even more money from muggins?

The American Revolution of 1776 was against abuse of the people, British subjects in North America, by a corrupt, arrogant, remote and autocratic ruler and acolytes in this country. One of the major grievances, stealing their money, was described as taxation without representation.  Just like the EU is doing to us today, assisted by Euro lap puppies in our ruling Establishment.  And just like then, with the emergence of UKIP, it could all lead to an uprising against our political class for liberty, democracy, justice and prosperity.

Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have … The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases. (Gerald Ford)


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