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An increasingly desperate David Cameron has claimed that our leaving the EU would mean war and genocide.

Perhaps he means the kind of war we had in the Balkans encouraged and waged by the EU? Or the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Croatia – now an EU member? Or the murderous cleansing of Jews, gypsies and Serbs from Kosovo, aided by the EU? Or the “peace” that the EU and German political foundations have brought by overturning an elected Government in the Ukraine, threatening a war with Russia? Or perhaps he means the Islamic terrorists allowed to wander around Europe due to the EU’s Schengen agreement, killing 160 in Paris and Brussels? Or the EU agreement with Turkey to give visa free travel to all Turks who have a jihadist President?

No matter what political, economic or social chaos the “Remain” camp threatens if we leave the EU it merely describes exactly what we have witnessed while being IN the EU.

On 3rd February 2016 David Cameron told the House of Commons: “I am not arguing – and I will never argue – that Britain couldn’t survive outside the European Union. We are the fifth largest economy in the world. The biggest defence player in Europe with one of the most extensive and influential diplomatic networks on the planet….I rule nothing out.”

But then on 9th May he said leaving the EU would mean severe security risks and risk “peace and stability on our continent”. And on 16th May Cameron said Brexit would have a ‘devastating impact’ on vital infrastructure projects because there would be no funding from the European Investment Bank – a lie because the EIB lends to 150 countries OUTSIDE the EU.

He warned that the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK would be hit hardest by the economic consequences of leaving the EU, which would see prices rise and jobs threatened, even though unemployment inside the EU is twice as high as in the UK and millions of jobs in the EU depend on exports to the UK.


The UK cannot control its borders within the European Union and uncontrolled mass  migration with enormous costs for our social services and infrastructure are the result. Cameron has been Prime Minister since 2010. Official figures showed that between 2010 and 2015 900,000 EU “citizens” came to the UK. But the the government has refused for years to publish the number of National Insurance numbers issued to EU citizens in the UK. Now at last the Office of National Statistics has done so – showing that not 900,000 but 2.4m came during Cameron’s time in office. No comment from Cameron.


Cameron is the effective leader of the “Remain” campaign which has repeatedly said that “Brexit uncertainty” has meant a slowdown in the UK economy. But the Chinese economy has slowed. The US economy has slowed even more than the UK. And China and the USA are not even in the EU. In fact in the UK household incomes are rising, inflation and interest rates remain low, company profit warnings are down, consumer confidence is up, companies are expecting higher output in the quarter March to July (the referendum is in June). But doing down his own country and continuing to bankrupt the UK taxpayer to subsidise an EU with 24 million unemployed is a “price worth paying” for Cameron’s Euro-mania.


Cameron’s government (in the form of his “Europe Minister” David Liddington) said they had no plans to promote the “Remain” campaign in the June Referendum, but then spent £9m on anti Brexit propaganda, exploiting and abusing government civil servants at Her Majesty’s Treasury to spin the most fatuous and unsubstantiated claims. The propaganda was distributed to all UK households, using a German owned printer and according to some reports a text translated from German!


The disgraceful intervention by the Government in spending £9m of taxpayers money in favour of the Remain campaign demonstrates Cameron’s belief that the Government is entirely separate from the people – that the State is separate from the voters. He showed this when he told Tory MPs that they should ignore their voters on Brexit and suggested that democratic pressure was incompatible with the interests of the State.

This is entirely consistent with the State corporatist philosophy which has destroyed his own party and the personification of that corporatism in the EU which has destroyed democratic nationhood in Europe, with all the democratic, social and economic breakdown which we daily witness.


Giving evidence to the House of Commons “Liaison Committee” Cameron (having assured Turkey in 2010 that “I will remain your strongest advocate for EU membership”) said “I don’t think Turkish accession is remotely on the cards. It won’t happen for decades”. Why did he lie? On this occasion he explained why! “If your vote is influenced by Turkish EU accession, don’t think about it. It’s not an issue in this referendum”.

In fact the migrant crisis, caused by Cameron’s friend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has given Turkey such power over the EU that the Turks are getting an immediate access to visa free travel to the EU and UK. Their application for membership will be brought forward, as even a superficial buffoon like Cameron must know, having sat in the EU meetings where it was all stitched up!


When Cameron was leader of the Opposition he promised – indeed gave a “cast iron guarantee” – that he would hold a referendum on the disgraceful Lisbon Treaty, which was thrown out even by the Dutch and French electorates, then brought back with a few minor changes and a different name and then bulldozed through. But when he got into Government he refused to hold a referendum.


In 2004, after the decades long destruction of British fishing stocks and the fishing fleet by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy, the Conservative Party adopted a policy favouring a national fisheries policy – in other words: leaving the CFP. But in 2006 Cameron, without consulting his party members or the fishermen or even his own MPs abandoned this policy. After all if national fishing grounds could be returned what about agriculture or anything else? And where would the EU empire be then?


In a paper in July 2015, David Cameron and George Osborne wrote: “We will always protect the green belt and make sure planning decisions are made by local people.” But the Council for the Protection of Rural England reports that since then 55,000 new homes have been built on green belt land.

Cameron is a despicable, superficial, mendacious and typically arrogant establishment stooge. Like Blair he thinks he knows where the power is, he smells it and he wants to be associated with it – be it Obama, the EU or big business. The one thing he will never understand is the British people – and how they despise him!

The 23rd June referendum gives the people of ALL parties, by voting Leave, the chance to vote against ALL of them without having to vote for any of the alternatives – what bliss!!!

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