Page 7 What happens if we leave?

“…10 or more years of uncertainty….”

This has never been justified by the government. What is certain is that staying IN the EU will result in uncertainty for the rest of our lives because we have no control over EU decisions!

“…less than 8% of EU exports come to the UK while 44% of UK exports go to the EU.”

Nevertheless the UK is the EU’s largest importer of EU goods and services. Since 1973 the current accumulated value of UK trade with the EEC/EU has cost us a deficit of over £1 trillion. With youth unemployment at nearly 60% in Spain and Greece, 41% in Italy and 36% in Portugal the EU simply cannot afford to lose its trade with the UK.

“No other country has managed to secure significant access to the single market, without having to: Follow EU rules over which they have no say; Pay into the EU; Accept EU citizens living and working in their country.”

Outright and disgraceful lies! Appendix 2 of the note referred to above shows that out of the top 35 fastest exporting countries to the 11 founding members of the EU’s single market the UK (the EU’s second highest contributor of net funds) came 28th. Only 9 of the countries above the UK had a trade deal with the EU. Only Norway and Switzerland were in EFTA/EEA and they were the only two countries which had to comply with the statements above and they came 25th and 23rd respectively.

“. ..Canada’s deal with the EU …has been 7 years in the making and is still not in force.”

This proves yet again that the EU is not able to negotiate trade deals with foreign countries successfully as it has to have them agreed by all 28 countries in the EU. The UK could negotiate more beneficial trade deals with foreign countries much quicker on its own.

Page 9: Controlling Immigration and securing our borders

“… we control our own borders which gives us the right to check everyone ..”

But not the right to stop them if they have an EU passport or are immigrants who have lived in the EU for more than 5 years. In addition, the ECHR has prevented the UK from deporting 900 criminals.

“… Make our benefits system less of a draw for EU citizens …”

Jobless EU citizens come here for UK pay where the minimum wage is £254/week. In Romania it is £55/week and in Bulgaria £49/week.

“…in return for … access to the single market … non EU countries … such as Norway … have to accept the right of all EU citizens to live and work in their country.”

Another outrageous lie. Every country in the world already has access to the single market as proved by Appendix 1 of my note referred to above. Out of the top 35 countries on the list only Norway has to accept free movement of EU citizens. This is a blatant lie yet again.

“Keeping us safer”

There is absolutely no reason why intelligence cannot still be shared between the EU countries and the UK after BREXIT. UK intelligence agencies are amongst the best in the world. It would be more in the EU’s interests to maintain intelligence co-operation with the UK after Brexit. This is another example of misleading scaremongering by the government.

“EU cooperation makes it easier to keep criminals and terrorists out of the UK.”

Another outrageous lie. The chief of EU police Interpol has estimated that there are at least 5,000 jihadists at loose in the EU. ALL of them can come to the UK on EU passports and we would not know them or even be able to keep them out if we did.

“The European Arrest Warrant …”

The EAW is a nightmare. It has effectively torn up our cherished Magna Carta and the quicker we get away from the EU “justice” system where everyone is guilty until proved innocent the better. There is absolutely nothing to prevent the UK and the EU co-operating on terrorism and extradition of suspects after Brexit and it will cost us an awful lot less!

Page 14: “The UK is not part of the European border-free zone. We control our own borders.”

Not true. We do not control immigration from 440 million EU citizens or millions of new migrants into the EU who have the right to come here after 5 years. Turkey joining the EU will open the door to another 75 million possible immigrants to the UK.

Page 15: The benefits of EU membership

“… the EU exists to promote economic security, peace and stability”

The EU exists mainly to form its main objective: a United States of Europe. The UK will be abolished and will become a part of this new “empire”. The Westminster parliament will be neutered and all major decisions will be made by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

“The UK has secured a special status in the EU”

Rubbish. The so called special status is relatively meaningless as the EU still controls all the areas it did before and we still have to pay vast sums to the EU.

“The UK has kept the pound, will not join the euro and has kept control over our borders.”

All meaningless statements as the UK has absolutely no control over EU decisions.

“For every £1 paid in tax, a little over 1p goes to the EU.”

Apart from that, being in the EU costs our economy about £185 billion/annum about 11% of GDP and this figure does not include large capital costs due to EU regulations such as the unnecessary EU water directives which cost the UK £48 billion. It also does not allow for liabilities due to the collapse of other EU countries finances and banking systems. Currently Greece will need another bail-out soon and France has been described as “the biggest problem in the Eurozone” by German officials. There is also the staggering cost due to EU pensions which are not being funded adequately, particularly in France and Germany. This will entail our descendants working all their lives to support many millions of EU pensioners. The government comment conveniently ignores all our financial liabilities due to our remaining in the EU.

“Opportunities for you and your children”

There is no reason why UK citizens will be barred from going to live, work or study in the EU after Brexit. EU citizens will still be allowed to come to the UK, but under controlled conditions.

“It also guarantees many employment rights”

Why do we have to give the EU a fortune to guarantee employment rights? We are supposed to have a government in Westminster that was supposed to pass laws which benefited the UK population. We do not need foreigners to do this for us.

“The UK is a strong, independent nation”

Outrageous lie!  How independent is a nation that has to go to its masters in Brussels to plead for permission not to have to put 5%VAT on tampons?

“The EU magnifies the UK’s ability to get its way ….”

Rubbish. The UK has failed 70 times out of 70 to get the EU to change its decisions. The UK only has a 12% vote in EU decisions which will reduce further when Turkey joins the EU.

“The EU helped prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons: and is leading the world on climate change.”

So what? That still does not explain why we have to be a member of it!

Page 16: “EU membership brings economic security, peace and stability”

Like belonging to a club of nations most of which are bankrupt with colossal debts, whose share of the world economy is drastically reducing, where riots are commonplace, and which is flooded with immigrants including at least 5,000 jihadists who can all come to the UK any day they like when they get EU passports. Remember it took only 2 or 3 terrorists to blow up Brussels airport and the Paris metro station. How much damage can 5,000 do to the UK?

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