Turn to page 3 of the 2016 EU referendum voting guide from the Electoral Commission printed, delivered and paid for out of our taxes. There you will see “SAFER. Fighting cross-border crime – The European Arrest Warrant allows us to deport criminals from the UK and catch those fleeing justice across Europe’.

Let’s elucidate.

When it comes to deporting criminals, saying we’d be safer staying in the European Union because of the European Arrest warrant, is a lie.

Why? Because when it comes to deporting criminals there is something they didn’t tell us. Further on I will provide a link to a video where Nigel Farage explains:

‘because of the European Convention on Human Rights we find it an almost impossible job to deport known rapists and murderers, even Abu Qatada. It took us 10 years to get rid of Abu Qatada’.

Chuck out the EU and we chuck out the EU’s daft Human Rights law. So here, staying in the European Union makes us less safe, with or without their Arrest Warrant. Thus it’s a lie. Simple!

Regarding ‘catch those fleeing justice across Europe’ – is this also a lie?

Well, before we had the EU arrest warrant we brought foreign criminals to justice in the UK by extraditing them. We still do this for non-EU criminals. If we chuck out the EU, we’ll go back to extraditing EU criminals as well. With a bit of luck that might even apply to those EU officials who under EU law are immune from prosecution. So here the EU arrest warrant makes no difference but they are telling us it makes us safer. Yet another lie.

But theres more to ‘catch those fleeing justice across Europe’.

The European Arrest warrant works both ways, so we can use it to arrest EU criminals and the EU member states can use it to arrest UK criminals. This much seems obvious and many might say it sounds fair. So what’s the problem?

Magna Carta!

This is the ancient bedrock on which the UK’s fair and proportionate criminal justice system stands. To a greater or lesser extent, it’s influence extends across the globe to many other English-speaking and Commonwealth countries as well. So we might assume it to be universal. Wrong!

In the EU, Corpus Juris will rule. The rights and freedoms that we have enjoyed for centuries, which we see as our birth-right, are completely alien to them. Don’t be fooled by the European Convention on Human Rights. It is not even a cheap imitation.

When you’ve done reading this please click on the link below and you will see that the video starts with a speaker telling us how she was wrongly arrested and imprisoned in connection to an earlier crime for which she had been acquitted (Under EU law one can be arrested and tried for the same crime twice, thrice …) Other speakers recount incidents where UK citizens have been arrested without charge and in some cases held in European prisons for lengthy periods and then released after acquittal or because the charges were dropped. The link also provides evidence of straightforward corruption where a Prosecutor was apparently seen imposing a fine and then putting the money in his pocket!

The most important thing to understand from this is that UK citizens can be arrested in the UK or elsewhere in the EU on the orders of a prosecutor in another EU country and taken directly and put into a prison in that country and once there may wait months or even years before being brought before a court where they will be required to prove that they are innocent, without free legal advice and perhaps even without a translator. The UK is powerless to stop this. It is also important to realise that one can be arrested for something that is legal in the UK but considered illegal in another EU member state. It is my understanding that it is illegal to criticize a European Commissioner who are, by the way, immune from prosecution!

It is important to realise that there is corruption in the legal systems of some EU countries. Of course simple mistakes are also possible. Add cybercrime and identity theft into the mix and one can easily see this becoming a recipe for disaster for some unfortunate individuals. Of course the European Union is aware that this could lead to bad publicity, which is probably why they have now obtained the ‘cooperation’ of the likes of Google, YouTube, Facebook etc.

British Justice has evolved over the centuries and has all the checks and safeguards necessary to prevent most, possibly all, miscarriages of justice.

Telling us that Corpus Juris makes us safer while ignoring its serious hidden defects is the biggest most damnable lie of them all.

Here is the link to the video. It’s well worth watching: Video of the Press Conference by the Bruges Group with Nigel Farage and others

There’s more evidence on the defects of Corpus Juris. In Feb 2010 it was reported that in Spain a UK citizen, Trevor Wade,65, was arrested in 2007 and was still awaiting trial two years later! Here is information I’ve extracted from the prisonstudies.org website. It doesn’t reveal the length of time people are on average imprisoned before going to trial. However, a high figure for remand/pre-trial prisoners would presumably give some indication of this.


Remand/Pre-Trial Prisoners 2012
Country % of Total Prison Population Number per 100,000 of
National Population
England & Wales 13.8% 21
Greece 34.1% 38
Italy 36.0% 36
Portugal 17.3% 24
Austria 20.1% 21
Belgium 31.8% 32
France 26.1% 26
Germany 18.0% 14
Netherlands 47.3% 32
Turkey 40,1% 64


Some brief comments on the Electoral Commission’s Voting Guide.

Payment of the production and distribution costs of The Electoral Commission’s booklet is from our taxes so it’s not free. The only free thing about it is that it frees us from having the choice of ‘buying’ one or not. So it is not a commercial publication.

Yet in spite of this the Electoral Commission have chosen to place in it what are in effect adverts from the groups that they have chosen from the ‘for’ and ‘against’ Brexit camps. No surprise that we don’t see anything from UKIP.

Notice how the lies in the advert on the left on ‘SAFER’ are entirely missed in the advert on the right which conveniently neglects to mention the topic. No surprise there either!

Ever watched one of those carefully choreographed wrestling matches where everything, including the final result, is all part of the script?

If challenged the Electoral Commission would no doubt claim that they are not responsible for the contents of the adverts because, well, they’re adverts.

So what does Gov.uk’s publication “Marketing and advertising: the law” tell us?

Regulations that affect advertising. Advertising to consumers: The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations mean you can’t mislead or harass consumers by, for example: including false or deceptive messages, leaving out important information, using aggressive sales techniques.

So we’ve got them on 2 out of 3, right? Wrong! This is the Government. They ‘gave’ it to us remember? So we aren’t ‘consumers! So forget the penalties including fines and imprisonment.

It’s apparently a Win Win for the government.

But it’s a big “Lose” for our country and for the next person to be dragged out of bed at 4 am and flown off to some third-world hell-hole EU prison and banged up for months, possibly years, awaiting a trial with no jury, guilty until you’ve proven your innocence.

There’s only one way to right this wrong.

Vote Leave on June 23rd.


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