When David Cameron finally leaves office,  (and that much desired day cannot come a moment too soon) it is perfectly possible that historians will judge his supreme, indeed his only, talent to  have been his propensity for shameless fibbing.

Cameron’s whoppers range from those waffling obfuscations of the truth common to all-too-many politicians, to shifty evasions (the sort of slithery deceit that has deservedly earned him the moniker ‘Mr Slippery’ from Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens) to outright, barefaced lies.

Few will forget the flagrant untruth uttered before he even entered No. 10 and which has come to define his entire duplicitous term in power. In a piece in The Sun newspaper, Cameron reassured voters worried by the enormous loss of sovereignty represented by the Lisbon Treaty, which ceded most of the last shreds of British independence to the EU. This was the Treaty that even Gordon Brown was too ashamed to sign in public, creepily signing away national independence by putting his name to it in a private room out of sight of the cameras. Not to worry, Cameron told The Sun, once in office he gave a ‘cast iron guarantee’ that he would put the treaty to a referendum.  (And there was, it should be noted, no qualifying clauses about not holding such a referendum if the Treaty was already in force. It was a bald, unambiguous promise to hold a referendum come what may).

In 2010 Cameron duly came to office.  There was subsequently no such referendum. We in UKIP have not forgotten or forgiven old “Cast Iron Dave’s” broken pledge.

Many more lies like that one have followed, but now, with mendacity worthy of Dr Goebbels the father of the big lie himself, Cameron’s Conservatives are trumping their ‘Cast Iron guarantee’ with an even bigger untruth: suggesting that they will take action to stop the tsunami of EU immigration that will break over our heads in a fortnight when the last remaining restrictions  on Balkan migration are lifted, and nearly 30 million Rumanians and Bulgarians receive the right to come to live here, seek work, and draw British benefits.

Terrified, not of this alarming prospect itself, but by the realisation that he will lose votes and even power for permitting this influx, Cameron, when it is already months and years too late, is furiously pretending that he can do something about it. As he knows full well, he cannot. The EU will not allow him to (Editor: As pointed out by Nick Clegg in the Daily Mail today). And David Cameron has never said boo to the EU.

By making vague noises about looking at, examining or reviewing the EU rules allowing the free movement of massive populations in Europe, Cameron and his Ministers are vainly hoping to lull the public into imagining they are doing something effective about curbing immigration. This is a blatant, cynical and outrageous lie. UKIP have been sounding the alarm about the now imminent invasion for at least a year: Cameron cannot claim that he has not been warned.

The British people were fooled once by David Cameron: they will not be tricked again. As our already strained jobs, health, housing, schools and transport  services buckle beneath the coming burden from the Balkans, the voting public will know exactly who to blame.

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