[Ed: Lisa Duffy, candidate in the current leadership elections, has sent us her proposals for the reformation of UKIP’s internal structures.]

Below is an outline of how I see the internal reform of our Party which we need, and which I will set in motion if I am successful in becoming your Leader. It has become very clear over the course of the Leadership election that in order to move our party forward constitutional change must happen to make our party a cohesive, inclusive, grassroots based election-winning machine.

National Executive Committee:

The NEC must stay. It is your grassroots voice. Without the NEC you lose your voice at the top of the Party. The NEC is also the governing body of  UKIP Ltd,  and the NEC members are the directors of UKIP.

Under my leadership I will be looking for constitutional change. and would aim for this to start at the end of September.  I will work for these changes to be ready to show the members for approval at the Spring Conference next year.

The proposals I am putting forward for the NEC are:

Regional Representation: it is important that the grassroots members have a representative that is working on the NEC and to whom they have access.

Members able to observe: I would like to enable the members to watch NEC proceedings as if it’s a local council meeting. On items of confidentiality they would be asked to leave the room as at local council meetings.

Keep the present format of election of NEC members: this keeps continuity.

NEC around the country: the NEC should travel around the country for their meetings and hold a reception for members to meet and greet afterwards. My suggestion would be the NEC meets once a quarter outside London.

Constitutional Update

The constitution needs updating so it is fit for purpose for the future.

Party Chairman: This is currently the gift of the leader. I would like to see this changed to the ‘gift of the grassroots’. This will require constitutional change.

Conference Motions: I would ensure that all conference motions passed reach the NEC for discussion.

Internal Discipline: internal discipline needs to be more consistent. All complaints must be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt and investigations to be completed within 28 days unless further investigation is required.

Please let me know your thoughts on the proposals above at lisa4leader.info

Putting the right team in Place

Nigel Farage has done a great job for UKIP. With your grassroots support he secured the EU referendum and built UKIP up from scratch. Now the focus has to be on winning seats in Westminster and for that we need a different leadership style.

My focus has always been on building and developing our Party right here in the UK. I am confident I can build the right team to quadruple our membership; put wheels under our 2015 manifesto; develop a support structure for our branches, our candidates, our Councillors, our Assembly Members and the significant number of MPs we are going to win in 2020.

To make this happen, this is my plan:

Deputy Leader: I plan to appoint three deputy leaders responsible for policy, communications and operations.

Shadow Cabinet: I will introduce a shadow cabinet of top spokespeople to feed in policy ideas and challenge the relevant Secretary of State in the media.

Elections: I will establish a campaign team that is in place all year round and that will fight local, regional and national elections.

Membership Officer: I plan to create a membership representative and a membership development team to boost the people’s army.

Talent Bank: I am asking members to get in touch and let us know what talents they have, in skills and policy. It is important to ensure the grow our party that we utilise the talent which our grassroots members possess.

I believe that in order to move our Party to the next level we need to build a team in UKIP and to make use of the talents of our grassroots members. I am a strong individual that believes in team work. UKIP is a jigsaw and each one of us is a part of that jigsaw. My expertise in UKIP has been in finding and nurturing the part members play. from delivering leaflets, driving the car, becoming a Councillor or a PPC.

I have media experience on national and regional television, having been on Any Questions, Channel 4 News Live, BBC Politics shows and the Victoria Derbyshire show.

I am not afraid of challenges and will make sure that UKIP remains the Party that will talk about difficult and challenging subjects such as immigration, and that we as a Party will always stand up to political correctness.

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