As the weekend of the UKIP conference at the Birmingham ICC goes on, we at UKIPdaily will be bringing you live updates, pictures, and quotes of all the exciting happenings. Stay tuned for updates.


A rousing Leader’s speech by Gerard Batten resulted in a standing ovation and much applause. Gerard outlined the need to be more than just a Brexit party and gave some indications of what would be included in the interim manifesto being released this weekend.

“You can’t win a seat in Westminster on 7%, but you can ensure others lose their seat!” Says Batten when highlighting the next tactic for the elections… Ensuring that remainers know they are targeted.

Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) just gave a speech via video feed describing how UKIP needs to be the party of British values that remains brave enough to stand up to tyranny.

Markus Meechan (Count Dankula) calls for a British Bill of Rights in which freedom of speech is enshrined to rapturous applause from an audience that seems right in line with him.

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