Editor’s Introduction: Nigel Moore is one of our more prolific authors. He has logically gathered all his work together to tell a story and it is presented as both an online resource and a downloadable document that can be printed out and used as a resource at public meetings, for example, or individual double-sided sheets turned into short-run leaflets.

Living the Great British Story

Living the Great British Story is taken from short articles that have appeared on UKIP Daily. All articles on the site are written by UKIP members and supporters: they are not official UKIP policy, but are supportive of UKIP. These articles let us see the real UKIP and how members in their own words talk about subjects of interest.

Often these articles contain insights based on observation and thoughtful analysis. There is also more than just looking at the past and present; you will read ideas and analysis that show how the future could be much better. However, this better future for everyone is based on real change in the politics of our country, which cannot be delivered by the current political Establishment; they do not have motivation, competence or economic and philosophical approach. At the heart of the real change necessary for a better future is honest, prudent and competent government of the People, by the People, for the People.

Mission… to defend our common heritage, liberty, and country.

Until we reach our vision… a prosperous, free, democratic and peaceful country for all People governed by the People and a beacon of hope to everyone.

UKIP begins with you

Why good, honest People are joining UKIP

A few recent example’s in people’s own words

“I was sick and tired of politicians, their deceits, insincerity and utter contempt for us, the honest, hardworking people of this country – I think we get a raw deal. UKIP has opened my eyes through being just ordinary people like me and changed my outlook on politics. Now I want to help build a better, more honest future”

Justine, student

“I am so grateful for all UKIP is doing to fight for our country and us. I’m now turned on to what we’ve lost, our freedom, democracy and that we are continually having our money stolen. I believe we can do much better through UKIP.”  

Kay, mother and grandmother

“…We are not aware of any other political party that speaks the truth and has clearly thought through what needs to be done to tackle the great challenges our country faces.”

Mike and Anne from xxxx

In UKIP we are inspired

On May 7th, 2015, in the General Election we have an opportunity to change our country for the better. UKIP stands for government of the People, by the People, for the People. At our core is a  strong commitment to Liberty, Democracy, Social Justice and Prosperity. Dear to us are respect for people, our laws and freedoms, our country, our shared heritage and our democracy.

We all believe our country can do so much better; that David Cameron’s Conservative Party, Ed Milliband’s Labour Party and Nick Clegg’s Lib Dem Party through poor choice of policies, inept management, failure to tackle the major problems our country faces and high taxes have failed the People; they have destroyed so much and the socially excluded and vulnerable have suffered the most from their mistakes.

If you are not a member of UKIP, please consider joining UKIP and/or making a donation towards our campaign for real change. You can help fight for us, the silent majority of good, honest hard working People, against an out of touch Establishment in Westminster and Brussels.

People like You are very special; You make everything we do possible.

With gratitude, I and many of the People of our truly inspiring country thank you so much.

I can you can we canThis is a summary of articles, which are grouped to tell a story and provide a narrative for better change. The whole Living the Great British Story document can be downloaded by clicking the link.

Chapter 1 ‐ Wrong about Today’s Politics and Politicians

In the Spirit of 1776 – A Declaration of the British People

Health Warnings about Politics and Politicians

Bossy, Deluded, Snobbish Legacy Parties versus the People and UKIP

Politicians Playing Trivial Pursuit with Us the Losers

A Tales of Two Cities: Westminster & Rochester

A Reasoned Response to the Ugly Side of Politics

Clacton or Canary Wharf?

An Open Letter to Your Local Member of Parliament

Chapter 2 ‐ Specific Major Current Problems

Our PM Economics Illiterate or Scammer?

Sleepwalking into the Next Economic Tsunami

Labour in Denial

Rape of the Fair Country UKIP Begins with YOU….

Crisis of Confidence and Trust in Politicians

‘Lies, damn lies and statistics’

The Tragic Ignorance of ‘Green’ Politicians

Foul Play on Democracy

The Hidden Revolution 

Chapter 3 ‐ The EU – How the EU Drags Our Country Down

Theft – EU Taxation without Representation

The Management of Decline

Misleading Us or the EU?

An Ethical Case for Leaving the European Union

Chapter 4 ‐ Proud of the British People

A very British patriotism

Proud to be British

Chapter 5 ‐ A UKIP Future – Fixing the Current Political Establishment Mess

A Vote for UKIP is ….

Ukipism – a New, Better Deal for all the People

The Case for Ethical, Honourable Politics The United Kingdom

Innovation Party

Selling sunshine in Rainy Rochester and Soggy Strood

Sending a Message to UKIP

Chapter 6 ‐ Novel Ideas in the UKIP Spirit

A new Bill of Rights – Magna Carta 2015

Britishness in the 22nd Century

Are we all natural libertarians?

UKIP ‐ Fostering a virtuous, caring society

Chapter  7  ‐  General  Interest 

An A to Z for Politics Today  

The Queen’s Christmas Message

August 1914 – A lesson from history?

Scotland the brave

Mr  Salmond’s  Flawed  Scottish  Vision

Some lessons from the Scottish Referendum

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