Dear Fellow UKIP Members,


Nominations for the local elections will close at 4pm on Friday 6th April.We need as many candidates as possible in order to reach the threshold of 740 that will qualify us for a Party Political Broadcast.



Having a Party Political Broadcast would reinforce the message that UKIP is back on the battlefield.


No campaign plans for these elections were made by the previous leadership and we have had to start organising from scratch.   

That has been very challenging given the limited timescale.

If local elections are taking place in your area will you please consider standing as a candidate?

If will be a tragedy if we achieve 739 candidates and fail to reach the threshold.

If you are able to stand, and help us get the broadcast, please speak to your branch chairman or call HQ on 01626 831290 and click HERE to complete the UKIP vetting form.

Time is very short. If you can help please act now!

Gerard Batten MEP

Interim Leader


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