Dear friends,

Nominations for LE2018 are open, and they close at 4pm sharp on Friday April 6 – barely a week away, and with the intervening Easter Break.

London’s Peter Staveley ( is the National Nominating Officer, and also London’s Nominating Officer for UKIP.  Designated Nominating Officers have been appointed for all other regions; without a document, a Certificate of Authority, from the nominating officer, the local electoral officer cannot register a potential candidate as standing for UKIP.

A potential candidate can be a freshly signed-up member of UKIP – but must have lived, worked or owned/rented property in the borough or local authority area in which he or she intends to stand (not necessarily in the council ward itself) for a year.  That’s the law.

We need at least 740 candidates nationally in order to qualify for a Party Political Broadcast, and must field at least this number in order to show we are still a fighting force. Paper Candidates will be acceptable, where necessary.

London will do its bit.

If the candidate was already vetted as of March 31, 2017, then there is no need for further vetting.  In all other cases, the vetting form has to be completed; it is at:

Make great haste, if you have not already done so!  A branch Chairman can complete the form on behalf of the potential candidate, providing they have all the required information and the permission of the candidate.

Once the potential candidate has received “vetting approved” status (by email) they need to take the Nomination Pack (copy attached to this email; also, available from their local electoral services department).

In London, we have decided to use “UKIP” as the “Description” in the Pack for everyone.  I cannot speak for elsewhere – the other option is “UK Independence Party (UKIP)”.

Now the potential candidate must get 10 signatures of people on the most recent electoral roll for the wardconcerned.  These people need not be UKIP members, voters or supporters.

Then, liaise with the regional Designated Nominating Officer (DNO) to sign off certificate of authority, which needs to be presented to the electoral department of the local authority before 4pm on Friday April 6, 2018.


Well, sort of.  West London Branch Chairman Richard Braine has cleverly devised a system which will allow you – but we rely on you being an approved LE2018 candidate to use it! – a DIY PDF leaflet.  Click here:

This, with minimal text input from you, and no computer skills, will allow you to download a completed PDF leaflet which is print-ready.

You must not use this PDF leaflet unless you are an approved LE2018 UKIP candidate and you have had the leaflet (including the vital imprint at the bottom) checked by the relevant regional or national UKIP officer.


Are you happy with Theresa May’s fake Brexit?  Now may be your last chance to do something about it.  How can you yourself fight against her submission to the EU?  Only votes for UKIP put pressure on the Government to keep its promise.

We need you to be a candidate for LE2018 – a ‘paper candidate’ will do.

You won’t win – well, not in most places – but UKIP candidates remind the Government that we are still here and that we are watching them.

Don’t be frightened by Remainers into disowning your own politics.

Be proud. Stand your ground. Stand for UKIP.

If you don’t stand to represent the Leavers, who will?

Feel free to use the attached PNG (lossless); I waive all copyright in the image, provided it’s for UKIP use.  Despite the best efforts of the EU and Remainiacs, Northern Ireland stays coloured the same as Scotland and the Isle of Man, and not the same as Eire and France.

What’s gone on in England (and Wales too) is the focus here, though:

I trust the colouring, and any symbolism one might impute, is sufficiently subtle.

“Our kids are safe with Labour – right?”



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