“This is so biased! It says only 31% would now vote for Remain!”

“That’s correct,” I said. “More people want Brexit now.”

The young bloke looked taken aback. He had asked me for a reputable website to get information from. He had suggested  ‘Independent online’…. I  decided to give him a wake up and guided him towards Guido Fawkes and Breitbart. He did not like their survey on Brexit. It didn’t fit with his perception that everyone wanted to Remain – a typical assertion in London. Then his friend joined in – more aggressively.

“If we leave the EU our island mentality can only get worse,” he said, “and we have already lost millions of pounds from our economy because of it…”. Erm… we haven’t actually left yet! So how can that be? Blank stares.

I had been chatting to a couple of colleagues in their 20’s. Pleasant enough normally, but mention Brexit and a whole wave of arrogance and condescension arises from nowhere.

They were determined and focussed in their belief in Project Fear. Apparently its all true …   “We need another vote! To decide how we feel about the terms!”

“What?” I said. “We have had a vote!”

“Oh, but we can change our mind can’t we?” he went on. “We have general elections and we change our minds, our government. Why not now? That’s not fair!” … and on and on. Never mind that we haven’t even enacted the first vote – to leave – yet! “Oh, but we cannot leave without a deal!” To which I replied incredulously: “We are leaving. It would be nice to have a deal but either way we are leaving.”

Their turn to be incredulous – open mouthed in fact. “But how can that be? We need the EU for … well … everything … don’t we?” Someone pop their EU bubble, its wearing me down…

I had had enough by then but was immediately interrogated as to why I voted Leave. What exactly was wrong with the EU. What laws did I imagine the EU had imposed on us? How would we survive? Who would we trade with? All the banks would leave, we would be isolated, the economy will crash, we didn’t know what we were voting for, it’s going to affect young people.

Their main concern seemed to be money, money, keeping an EU passport, data roaming, and oh yes, money … yawn. Not a shred of patriotism, gratitude, appreciation or love for their country, even though both of them were born and bred British citizens.

Now I’m not saying all young people are like that. Far from it – I know they are not. There are many fabulous young UKIP members and Brexit supporters. And there are plenty of OLD Remainers too – and some of whom ACCEPT the democratic vote. My battle is that in London, Brexit is an uphill struggle.

What took me aback is even though I am older than them they had no respect for anything I said – if I voted Leave I must be spoken down to and be explained to as to how I made the wrong choice. I was an idiot, basically! And they were completely adamant – it was a fact! The atmosphere became so horrible that  I walked away.

Universities, schools and most institutions including the church now preach a left wing mantra and  claim we cannot survive outside the EU. They tell us Brexit is wrong, something to be ‘dealt with’.  (I sometimes feel I have snatched a child’s toys when a staunch Remainer finds out I voted to leave. They seem hurt – I’m not as nice as I seemed!). This is taught as if it is correct, a bit like man-made climate change is taught as correct and if you don’t agree you are a ‘climate change denier’.  State brainwashing is rife.

It began back in the 70’s or maybe before, and those who went into teaching, politics, any sort of institution took it with them and influenced the next generation. So hats off to those who managed to see through it and make up their own minds. Tony Blair introduced the idea that everyone should go to university. Sounds noble enough, but of course many didn’t need to and are now in huge debt they cannot pay off. And many have studied pointless subjects that will never benefit anyone – and now have a sense of entitlement that hinders their ability to get a decent job.

Whilst doing this they have been brainwashed into the left wing ideals that many teachers (not all) hold. When you think what previous generations went through to keep this country free, regardless of personal risk, it shocks me that so many think that passport free travel and free data roaming is a reason to give away your country’s sovereignty. I find it hard to discuss without having an argument.

But who do we really blame for this constant badgering and edging for a second vote and a revisiting of the whole referendum? Well, on top of the institutions that encouraged the idea that if you don’t like something you are entitled to just not do it, I do of course blame the government for dragging us two years down the line and still not having left! The longer it goes on the more some Remainers think they can change it – especially in London.  I’ve never heard of re-voting and changing your mind before the first vote has been enacted – except when it comes to leaving the EU of course! The longer this goes on the more they have hope of changing it, and the more scheming and arguing we will have to put up with.

The only vote we need is for a new leader with a clear vision on Brexit. Strong leadership stops all kinds of shenanigans. Brexit cannot come soon enough – say it, mean, it, do it. Then we can get on with clearing up the mess, just like our ancestors after WW2.

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