“My” rally is just outside the US Embassy, 33 Nine Elms Lane, London SW11 7US tomorrow, Saturday 14 July 2018, starting at noon.  It is going ahead!
Following my pointing out to the Assistant Commissioner of Police their typo – it was just that, no conspiracy theory needed  hey have updated their webpage, corrected their error, and emailed me this with which to reassure you:

Mr Daniel Hart of the U.S. Press Office will do his best to ensure our event is recorded from within (while the Embassy is officially shut, because visits by the POTUS are rare, lots of staff will be inside) and you can expect this to be broadcast far and wide.

We’ve also got the diapered-Trump blimp down, rather earlier than its inflaters hoped for …  and it willnot rise again.  It isn’t only them who know how to play the ‘elf and safety, mate!  card…
But the Khan and the Dick (for those rural folk who don’t keep up, that’s a respectful use of the respective exact surnames of London’s Mayor and Police Commissioner) may not have anticipated all the consequences of this brief flight.  Due to what many perceive to be their deliberate sins of omission – diverting police resources and thereby facilitating terrorism, causing the U.S. Embassy to issue safety warnings to their citizens in London, and permitting/encouraging the blimp to make it more likely Americans will be attacked here – I have written to my contacts in the U.S. administration suggesting their two names be added to the U.S.’s “No-Fly” List.  Inter alia, there’s “explosive” people claiming friendship with one, and arguable danger to lives (innocent Brazilian aside) from another.
We’ve got the excellent Paul Joseph Watson, a London UKIP member, increasingly on-side.  In an hour-long chat we couldn’t find anything to disagree about, which was mutually disagreeable!
Below appears my letter of thanks to our benefactor in Number 10 – but more importantly, a warning shot across the bows to some of her influential enablers:

From: Freddy Vachha (UKIP London Regional Chairman)
Sent: 13 July 2018
Subject: With people like you on the team …

On 18 March 2016, the Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith – my MP – was principled enough to walk out of Camoron’s cabinet.  Ostensibly, it was in disgust at Osborne’s  proposed cuts to disability benefits, but asevri fule kno, it was more to do with the frightful bias shown by HMG in favour of REMAIN, the appalling, lie-filled, taxpayer-funded anti-Brexit “balanced” (sic) government toilet paper masquerading as an informative leaflet through every letter box in the UK, the lack of preparation for a LEAVE outcome, and the generally unprincipled carryings-on of that fake.

Some of you – Michael, especially, are you listening? – should have some of the principle shown by Iain Duncan Smith.  Or by Norman Tebbit (now Lord Tebbit of Chingford), his predecessor.

In Chingford & Woodford Green, I often walk in Churchill’s footsteps (he was MP for a predecessor constituency); my contempt for the scoundrels, cowards, idiots and traitors among the 650 simply knows no bounds.

Meanwhile, UKIP surges back in the opinion polls, thanks to the betrayal by the so-called Prime Minister.  As my memory is beginning to fail me, perhaps one of you fine chaps could ask her to remind me how much was the % commission per joiner pre-agreed to be paid to her in a brown paper bag, new preshrunk fivers, for boosting UKIP’s membership so enormously?  We can’t cope with the flood.

Not one of you loathes Labour more than I (sorry, Kate), as James Brokenshire may privately confirm, but even I have begun to think that five years of the gimlet-eyed Ancient Mariner who stoppeth one in three, the terrorists-best-friend Chancellor and Prof. Abbopotamus (Maths laced with Hypocrisy) might be a price worth paying to rid the country of the traitor class.

Not one of you loves Europe more than I; it behooves us to do everything we can to rid Europe of the EU, before Europe sinks.  Doing this while Sharia May rearranges deckchairs and arranges diversions is impossible.

We can help only from a successfully launched lifeboat.

Thanks to UKIP, there was a Referendum, and thanks to UKIP, the Referendum was won.  If you think we’re going to let you lot chuck it away because of that creature in Number 10, a worthy successor to Bliar/Brown/Camoron, think again.

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