Looking back over the years since I first voted in 1979  for Hugh Frazer in the GE (Conservative – Stafford), I cannot remember a time when the UK has seemed to be so close to  the edge of becoming  unstable.

In a matter of weeks Theresa May has transformed from a confident “strong and stable ” leader (in her opinion) into a realisation of her true self: weak and uninspiring. We are used to her calm but forceful speeches since 2010, made confidently, but anyone with a little common sense soon realised that her words would be followed by no corresponding action. In the run-up to the election she showed her true face: unable to give a straight answer to a straight question; unwilling to face a direct debate with the other party leaders; saying that millions of pounds of our taxes must go to foreign aid but if we are unlucky enough to be in the position where we need care in our homes then tough, most of our hard earned and previously taxed savings should go to that and not to our children on our death.  She threw away a majority in the HoC . Can her minority government last long enough to see Brexit through, and what sort of Brexit will we end up with?

We have seen four recent appalling attacks in our cities, three by muslims and one against muslims. Also, according to an article in the Guardian, gun and knife crime in London has risen by 42% and 24% respectively over the last year. Over 30 people have been stabbed to death in London since the start of the year (not including terrorist attacks). This often doesn’t make news headlines, it’s just an everyday occurrence. Mayor Kahn says that terrorist attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city. People who do not have their head in the clouds fear for the safety of their loved ones. We await the next atrocity!

The Leader of the Labour Party is now confident and smooth talking. The Young, fresh from school or university “thought instruction” and full of the ideals of youth, together with those that have always voted Labour because they think they are going to care for them, were voting for Corbyn and seem more willing to take to the streets to push their opinions. The threat of intimidation and violence in politics  seems to continue to increase as I am sure Nigel could testify!

Many of us with a long recollection can remember the years under LabCon governments of: Wilson, Heath, Callaghan, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and now May. In my opinion, all these leaders came to their positions because they were willing to conform to what the people pulling their strings wanted of them, and were willing to tell potential voters whatever they thought would give them power. They were ambitious, not for their country but for themselves. The name missing from my list is that of Margaret Thatcher. My first vote in 1979 helped her to power and although I may not have agreed with all her policies and actions, she was a truly strong leader that pulled the UK out of a financial mess and actually gave working people a chance to improve their lives by hard work.

Mass immigration has meant that there is a housing shortage, although politicians and the MSM find this calculation difficult to understand, causing rental costs and house prices to increase to the extent that they are out of reach for many ordinary Brits. According to reports (see here and here) our ex-forces heroes face living in temporary accommodation or living on the streets after serving their country. Immigration at present continues apace. Our culture is also being rapidly changed, again without the consent of the people.

We have a police force that is hemmed in by political correctness. Police officers actually turned a blind eye to hundreds of little girls being groomed, raped, trafficked and did nothing for years until the pressure to act became too great. But even recently their resistance to act quickly to grooming of our children seems to continue. Street Pastors in Telford reported concerns of grooming to the Police: no action was taken. The police’s excuse was that the reports were incorrectly entered into their computer system. Apparently police officers in Telford don’t talk to each other, certain crimes are only recognised as a crime if the computer tells them it is. If our police won’t protect young girls what hope for the rest of us?

Theresa May is under threat from members of her own party,  a weak Prime Minister who possibly only received as much support as she did in the election when voters looked at the alternative. She won’t control immigration, won’t effectively control crime, continues to give away our taxes to all and sundry around the world. Corbyn was not wanted by his own MPs, perhaps that may have changed, but do most voters want to live with an economy under the watch of Corbynomics?

And crime? Will criminals be treated even more as victims than they are now? The LibDems, under a possible leader such as Vince Cable, seem to appeal to well off intellectuals who believe that everyone should have what they have – one day – but until that is possible it is only right that their standard of living should be maintained, as their hearts are in the right place. Hardened criminals must surely all vote Lib Dems – prisons as the last resort and the best of conditions if you have to go down.

[Part 2 to be published here on Monday]

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