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So, is there a vacancy to be filled in British politics?  Would a large enough number of voters want to be able to consider voting for a party that is:

  • committed to Brexit;
  • have realistic sensible economic policies that will encourage business;
  • committed to reduce immigration and to put the interests of indigenous Brits and their safety before foreigners;
  • be firm on crime and the courage to be honest about the causes and the extent;
  • sort out corruption and the institutionalised political correctness in the police that led to the start and continuation of “child abuse on an industrial scale”;
  • would have the courage to be honest with the public about the country’s debt level, and the consequences;
  • Present a viable plan  for the NHS to be able to cope with increasing pressures;
  • have ideas to bring sense to education – that money is spent on relevant education to equip people with the skills that we need, so that people leave education with relevant meaningful qualifications that employers can have confidence in;
  • have the courage to tell the electorate that no government can get everything right but, if a particular policy appears not to be working being flexible and trying to put matters right is an important virtue;
  • be willing to give approval of major policies to the electorate through referenda.

Over the years,a  sufficient number of voters have crossed from Lab to Con and back again to swap the party in power. Each time they celebrate electing the new government, then slowly realisation comes that the promised miracle improvement to their lives isn’t going to happen, so it’s back to the start. Where is the alternative? After continually swallowing the same old lies time and time again, surely it’s time the Brits woke up and looked reality in the face.

A possible alternative was UKIP. Prior to the 2014 EU elections support for UKIP increased. Nigel was saying what many people wanted to hear – we should leave the EU, immigration too high. UKIP had policies such as a moratorium on immigration for 5 years, and that major policies should be put to the electorate for approval in referenda. This was music to the ears of many people like myself who rarely voted, as we realised that our vote previously made no difference.  Party membership increased. However, this also brought in newcomers, former members of other political parties who saw a rising UKIP as a good career move.

It seems to me that their influence, together with that  of some of the existing UKIP Elite, muted these policies, I felt that the UKIP that promoted radical policies and gave voters an alternative had been castrated by people who wanted to generally keep the status quo, but have a nice career move.

There may be another election before too long. Voters will have the choice between Tories who want to carry on as they have done since 2010 (no change to immigration, no courage to face up to our debt, and remain in EU).  Labour with Corbynomics and no control of immigration, Abbott as Home Secretary … Liberals – wishy washy on everything.

Surely, if there was any time for a radical but sensible party to step forward and offer to put right the wrongs of the establishment, to fight for and listen to the people, not just on one issue but on the many that affect our lives, there cannot be a better time than now. But who could lead us to the promised land?

I, and I believe others, would be willing to put our heads above the parapet and face up to the leftist thugs, put up with the smears and bending the truth of the MSM and possible persecution by the  Thought Police. But not many would do so for a leadership and for MEPs who appear to just want a nice  life; playing it cool till the EU salaries run out; possibly thinking of the future and a move to another party …

Nigel appears to have had enough and after what he has put up with for his country and UKIP, I for one can’t blame him. Kippers surely deserve to have a good choice of candidates for the leadership election with various points of view, not just the Elite approved ones.

Now is an opportunity to find a leader who could be literally the saviour of our country – before it is too late.The voter deserves an alternative: a party which will strongly defend the British people in their own country.

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