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Remainers should appreciate the Doom and Gloom of this article!

If the UK remains in the European Union what effect will there be in the UK?

The first effect will be an increase in the number of migrants from the EU and also in those from outside the EU.  The latter, on becoming EU citizens, may decide to move to the UK by using one of the EU four freedoms.  What effect will they have on the lowly British taxpayer? More demands on public services with a follow-on increase in income taxes, VAT, local government taxation and possibly national insurance.  These tax increases will take money out of the fiscal system thus reducing the lowly British citizen’s disposable income.  The result is a reduced disposable income with less purchasing power thus less trade and the higher price shops, where the lowly British taxpayer used to shop, will suffer a loss of trade and will close.  This will increase the number of unemployed and increase the cost of government-provided national social benefits.

The lowly unemployed British worker will have a wider choice of lower paid jobs and less choice with the higher paid jobs.  The lowly British worker might now be in a position to claim benefits that he had been previously denied.  Result, a slowly increasing burden on the lowly British taxpayer.

Increasing migration means an increased demand for homes.  If there is no increase in the number of homes available then rents will rise. Thus the lowly British taxpayer will have less disposable income and will use local traders less.  A local black market will develop and less VAT will be paid.  Will the lowly British tax payer worry about the VAT not being paid? No! But the government will be concerned about the reduction of tax income.

The will be an increased in population due to more births thus increasing the demands on local services.  These services will require expansion and who will pay for the expansion? Once again the lowly British taxpayer!  In the meantime the large international corporations will be saving money by moving their offices to countries with low corporation taxes.  This is a legitimate option as the UK is a member of the august body known as the EU.  Who will gain from the taxation applied to the profits made by the international companies the selling goods to the lowly British taxpayer? You can be sure that the lowly British taxpayer will not benefit but will have to make up for the loss of income to the British government.

The police will become less and less noticeable in cities and will cease to exist in towns and the countryside.  Hospital A&Es will become fewer and fewer, the A&E will be be amalgamated to provide the required care.  The golden hour in which patients should be treated is slowly becoming the golden half day.  Hospitals will be moved from inner city locations to out of city sites where the hospitals will have guaranteed income from parking as public transport will be non existent outside the major cities.  The effect will be a reliance by the lowly British worker on charity-provided transport.  This transport is decreasing because local government cannot afford the costs.  National government will say local transport is a local and not a national matter.  In the meantime HS2 will consume more of the lowly British taxpayers taxes.

I must not forget the saviour of Europe, the august EU. The organisation, which has not yet claimed to have won the Second World War, claims it has kept the peace since 1945.  One bright (or maybe not so bright) EU politician thought that on June 6th 1944 the British, Canadian and American troops were fighting for the EU …

Talking of the august EU, it will want an ever increasing take of the lowly British taxpayer’s taxes, both of import duties and eventually a part of the income taxes.  What will the UK treasury do about the loss of income that is being taken by the august EU?  It will become more devious and it might, as a progressive move, re-introduce the Window Tax.

The “For the EU Many and not the UK Few” Party will introduce a land tax on householders. It has yet to state how this tax will apply.  Will it be an excuse to up the rates on existing houses, will the rate be based on square metre of land owned, including that occupied by the dwelling, will it be based on the size of the rear gardens whereby assuming that 50% of the land could be used for a house and the land will be taxed as if a house had been built on the land?

Because the UK has a high percentage of non native citizens, the august EU will assume that integration of people is very effective therefore more EU migrants will be allocated to the UK.  The usual effect of an increased population is the increase in retail sales . The august EU will think that, due to the increasing customer demand, that the UK has become a wealthier country and the EU membership fee, to be a captive state of the august EU, will increase.  The UK’s public debt will increase and so will the debt repayments.  We must not forget that the lowly British tax payer is still being taxed, taxed and the taxed even more.


[Ed: Part Two of this essay will be published in UKIP Daily on Monday]

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