Ed ~ This is the second part of a two-part series. You can read the first part here on UKIPDaily.

The future for the lowly British tax payer is looking very bleak indeed.  The challenge is how this story of Gloom and Doom can be changed to a story of Hope and Happiness.  Throughout mankind’s existence on this planet, the lowly British taxpayer, or lowly British peasant, has never had sufficient income for a Happy life.

Standard and Poor will downgrade the UK credit status which will lead to increased debt charges thus reducing the Government’s ability to provide services.  Once again the lowly British taxpayer will be expected to accept even more tax increases.  Following the fall in the value of Sterling, more pounds will be required to meet a non-decreasing EU membership fee.  The august EU works in Euros, not Sterling. Once again the lowly British taxpayer will suffer increased taxes.

Following a Sterling devaluation, some of the immigrant EU workers will decide that it is no longer profitable to be in the UK.  These people will be the skilled and not quite as skilled.  The result will be a shortage of skilled and not quite as skilled workers.  British industry, if there is any left, will have to start giving wage increases to keep the immigrants.  British industry, like the NHS, has relied on skilled immigrants and the lowly British worker may not have this skills because training is a cost to British industry and the NHS.  The lowly Britisher will be these additional costs through, as normal, increased taxation

Several things can be guaranteed, about being in the EU, there will be increased taxes. VAT will rise in two stages to 25%, VAT rates of less than 20% will be increased to 20% or higher. The august EU requires your body and soul as well as your money.  Road usage charges and congestion charges will be applied whilst local jobs are disappearing.  The ”For the EU Many and not the UK Few” will encourage more loss-making trade with the EU and a reduction in trade with the world outside the august EU.

The august EU will start diverting monies derived by taxing the lowly British taxpayer to itself. The august EU will introduce new taxes, pollution taxes, into EU coffers thus imposing a further burden on the lowly British taxpayer.

The Doom and Gloom ‘Remain in the august EU’ supporters stated that if the UK leaves the august EU, the living standards of the lowly British taxpayer will decrease.

Remain has never told the lowly British tax payer how his/her life will improve by remaining in the august EU. Is this because Remain has no vision of the future for the lowly British tax payer except by stating that his/her life will get worse by not remaining in the august EU?

Do the Remain supporters have any vision at all that they can share with the lowly British taxpayer?  At one time the Remain supporters denied that an EU army would exist.  The august EU had different thoughts and the lowly EU citizens will be able to join the august EU’s army, navy and air force.  On joining you will be required to pledge your soul to the august EU.  Roman soldiers served for 25 years.

The lowly British taxpayer has and is still experiencing reductions in public services that increased tax payments were supposed to prevent.  The lowly British taxpayer would like to know why these reductions are still occurring as there is no corresponding reduction in the taxes being imposed on the lowly British taxpayer.  Once again the lowly British tax payer is being ignored.

The “For the EU Many and Not the UK Few” party want to keep UK jobs by increasing trade with the august EU. Despite the fact that the UK imports more than it exports to the august EU.  The “For the EU Many and Not the UK Few” party seems to be unconcerned that the lowly British taxpayer may have to pay ever-increasing taxes to meet the trade imbalance with the august EU.

The “For the EU Many and Not the UK Few” party ignores the lowly British tax payer, perhaps this is due to the large number of lowly English taxpayers and the “For the EU Many and Not the UK Few” party does not like England.

For the lowly British tax payer, Leave offered Hope.  Remain offered nothing except Doom and Gloom.  I prefer Hope.

The lowly British tax payer voted for a future outside of august European Union totalitarianism.

Some Remain supporter are still trying to ensure that the lowly British tax payer is kept in his lowly position.  Fortunately, the lowly British tax payer voted to leave the European Union as UKIP has campaigned for.  The lowly British tax payer should be given a government who will look after him (Or her (political correctness)).   The “For the EU Many and Not the UK Few” party is not concerned about the lowly British tax payer as by being a taxpayer he obviously has employment.

The “For the EU Many and Not the UK Few” party is more concerned with developing policies that will help the people who are not lowly British taxpayers.  The Conservatives are more interest in ensuring that the not so lowly British taxpayers pay less tax.  The Liberal Democrats are interested in ensuring that the European Union is fully funded.  Liberal Democrats are not interested in the lowly British taxpayer because he wanted to leave the holiest of all nations, past and present; the nation that is not a nation but has the interest of every person living in Europe at its heart.  I have yet to see the EU’s heart.

From the lowly British taxpayer:

UKIP, thank you I am now out of the European Union and where do I go from here?

UKIP, you offer me nothing at all except you will fight to the last man, if there are any men left, to ensure that the UK leaves the EU.

UKIP, you remind me of the Blair government that won the war in Iraq and were totally unconcerned about the peace afterwards.

UKIP, are you going to reduce my tax burden?  Is UKIP going train the the ‘lowly want to work potential taxpayer’ to enable me to become a ‘lowly trained British taxpayer’?

UKIP, we have left the EU and the past is the past.  What is the future?

UKIP, I, the lowly British tax payer, I am looking for a party to give me hope for the future.

UKIP having taken me out of the EU, are you going to abandon me?

UKIP, I want a party that is for the future not for the past.

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