I expect many of us have wondered just why it is, that in our increasingly globalised world, we never seem to make much headway against the globalists. We independently minded Brits rarely win a court case against the European Union or The Powers That Be. Our police, legal and political systems don’t seem to represent us. Who do these people and organisations represent, and what is it that binds our various institutions against us?

There are around five million Freemasons worldwide and around eight hundred thousand Masons in the UK . The Majority of these brethren are very decent, respectable people, but it is ironic that many of them perhaps don’t fully understand the nature of the organisation to which they belong.

It is very difficult to piece together the true nature of Freemasonry. It is, after all a secret society, at least at the higher levels. I’ll refer now to a book by Thomas Pain ‘The Origin Of Free-Masonry’ available for free download here.

This work is not completely accurate as it only deals with the first three levels of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Master Craft and Master Mason. Details and transcripts of these rituals can be found here. I’ve researched these thoroughly and can guarantee their accuracy. Likewise, Paine’s claim that originally Freemasons were Druid-like sun worshippers isn’t quite correct (I don’t think). What is correct is Paine’s writings of when and where Freemasonry originated and not many people know this. Freemasonry has its origins in Ancient Egypt and it predates all of the current mainstream religions. This is of particular significance. Paine claims, I think correctly, that Freemasonry was driven underground with the advent of Christianity, hence the reason for its secrecy to this day.

The Entered Apprentice Freemason quickly learns that it is forbidden to discuss business, politics, race or religion within a lodge. He must believe in a higher being. He is then introduced to a universal god: ‘The Grand Architect Of The Universe.’ By the time the apprentice Mason reaches the third degree of Master Mason, he is given his first limited insight into the true nature of Freemasonry. He is introduced to Hiram, the Master Mason concerned in the building of King Solomon’s Temple, a thousand years before Christianity.

The Master Mason’s next progression in Freemasonry is via the ritual of the The Royal Arch or  Knights Templar ceremony (details can be found at the link above). The significant thing about this next step is that ‘The Grand Architect Of The Universe’ becomes the one True God. His brothers become his companions, signifying ever closer ties. There are thirty-three degrees of Freemasonry, and it won’t be until the thirty-third degree is reached and perhaps transcended that the One True God is revealed – and it is not a Christian God. But who is this God?
Above is my modified Masonic hierarchy, modified to include the Globalists and the European Union (I’ll get to that shortly). I have no idea of the significance of all the levels (few people do, including most Masons), although most of us have heard of the Illuminati. Near the very top, the pyramid refers to Ain Soph Aur – Lucifer’s Empty and Eternal Light. “Ain Soph Aur” is a concept from the Kabbalah, but there are different versions of it. Some versions of the Kabbalah or Qabbalah, rooted in Egyptian mysteries, are Jewish, others are those followed by followers of ‘The Left Hand Path’, a path that leads to Satan, Black Magicians etc. Freemasonry seems to take a bit of left and right hand path. Whoever their One True God is, he’s certainly at odds with our Christian God.

Perhaps it’s time we started asking questions about Freemasonry. It predates our Christian religion by centuries but it still exerts a subtle but powerful influence on our lives. Freemasonry pervades our political and legal systems, judiciary and police. Of particular note is Tony Blair, there are many sources that refer to Blair as a very senior Mason, but this video highlights Blair’s role and also that of other Masons in the government.

The entertainment industry has its fair share of Freemasons, this is another video worth watching – you’ll be surprised at who you’ll see.

Which brings us to the European Union. Here is an interesting video that talks about Freemasonry and the European Union, it talks about the Tower Of Babel, another interesting piece of Masonic history. There are numerous references to Manuel Barroso, being a 33rd degree Freemason, along with many other senior Eurocrats, and an interesting picture of them with one of their lodges, ‘Grand Orient De France’.

Here is another very interesting and frightening video about Freemasonry: “The Lightbringers The Emissaries of Jahbulon”.  It describes the influence of Freemasonry on the European Union and global politics much better than I can here. It is long, but worth the watch. As with all the sources here, there are many I could quote, but I’ve chosen those that align with my research and if they are not totally correct they are nevertheless very close and broadly correct, it’s a case of joining the dots after that.

Photo by SomeRandomNerd

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