As real news thins out in the run-up to Christmas, Editors of both the broadsheets and the tabloids are scrapping the barrel for stories. I can just see the Editorial team having their daily conference:

Editor: “Well, other than the Glasgow tragedy, and Labour targeting Nick’s seat, there’s not  much going on today. Any ideas?”

News Sub-Editor: Shrugs her shoulders.

Features Sub-Editor: “Search me,” he says.

Comment Sub-Editor:  “Well, my motley crew have always got some ideas, but what we need is a theme. Emma got sworn at on the Tube last night by a racist…”

Editor: Throws his hands up in joy and shouts “UKIP. That’s it, we’ll write a bunch of articles all slagging UKIP off, it always fills column inches, and it keeps the pro-UKIP online trolls busy on the comment pages, knocking up the page hits and advert revenue. OK team, any angle, get to it…”

With a little bit of poetic licence, here’s a small collection of recent stories from across more than one paper that’s been published recently in this vein:

Emma Barnett encountered a drunk on the tube who was insufferably rude to a non-white person and had an argument with him. She calls him a “UKIP copycat” and says she felt like she was at “a UKIP fringe event” and then goes onto comparing him with Cllr Rozanne Duncan in Thanet and Kerry Smith in Essex.

The Daily Mail uses a reverse headline to make it appear they are supportive, but in fact they are doing a UKIP hatchet job with “One in three say Farage is RIGHT to claim using ‘Chinky’ and ‘Poofter’ is normal language for working class

The Guardian joins the attack with Gay donkey rapists and other oddities: how Ukip keeps going off-message based on an interview with John Rees-Evans, our candidate for the Cardiff South seat.

The brainwashing effect of the media on today’s youth seems to be succeeding for some, with this report: “Ukip fury over phone app designed by school kids featuring ‘Nicholas Fromage’ kicking immigrants off white cliffs of Dover.” Another back-handed article, the Mail thinking it is making the point that “people” do perceive UKIP as being racist. Perhaps some do, but not a majority.

Indeed, with regard to that “game”, the Telegraph has just added another article to its menagerie of UKIP-pecking articles: “Nigel Farage and Ukip’s crybabies need to learn to take criticism.”  Cheer up, gentle reader, the commenters don’t appreciate Tom Chivers’ “work” with comments such as:

  • Another desperate article by another sad hack who can’t make a coherent argument against UKIP’s policies, so reverts to ad-hominem slanging instead.”
  • The real concern should be the encouragement of twisted political left wing ideology through our education system.”
  • and “Dear God is this ‘newspaper’ obsessed with UKIP or what ? Three of the four articles on display in the on line comment section refer to it – two attempting to do so derisively.

They obviously still haven’t learnt the lessons of the 2014 campaign. Every attack on the party, it’s members and it’s candidates is also perceived by voters as an attack on them, if they have voted UKIP or are considering voting UKIP. This only locks them more into us as committed voters, which a recent poll has proved.

The party’s response has been draconian compared to the other parties. UKIP deselects and expels members who make comments that may well be offensive to some or many people. Do the other parties do that? Heck, some of those people have come from those parties where they would have had the same outlook.

I cannot think of single case in the last year or two where a UKIP candidate or councillor has been convicted of an offence. Taking the case of Cllr Roxanne Duncan (an ex Tory), one of her former colleagues is now serving 18 months at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Maidstone prison: “Former Thanet council leader Sandy Ezekiel starts life behind bars.”

That’s just one case. Take a look at these collections of criminals: LibLabCon Exposed on Facebook, Liars , Buggers and Thieves (Conservatives), Same site (Labour) and a specialist site on Labour Paedophiles. If you scour the internet with Google I am sure you will find more.

David Miliband, with hopes of a return to British politics, is now being implicated in possible British involvement in the CIA torture of Guantanamo Bay detainees.

And I’ll bet that most of “The Establishment” are hoping and praying that a lid can be kept on the VIP child abuse of the 1980s until after the election. With the head of steam that the MSM and Police have on this now: perhaps not.

In fact, what history has shown us is that LibLabCon will try desperately to cover-up scandals for as long as they can, weathering the media storm, until that storm reaches hurricane proportions… then they deal with the miscreant. Again, why they haven’t learnt is a mystery.

And then there are the policies that the Conservatives are proposing now to attempt to deal with the immigration problem, within the constraints of the EU. Take just one: Campaigners say home secretary’s plan to send foreign students home will hinder scientific progress. If UKIP proposed a policy like this, where they will send non-EU students back home once they have finished their course, there would be hell to pay.  Membership of the EU is in itself “racist” (using the left’s own warped definition) as it is prejudicial against people on the basis of the country they are from.

Thankfully, the voters are mostly not fooled. A recent YouGov survey showed that Voters think media are more biased against UKIP than other parties.

Given that experience shows us that they will not learn, the media’s niggling attempts at denigrating us will continue. We must just press on, ignoring them if we can, remaining careful in how each of us expresses ourselves, sticking to our core messages, confident in the knowledge that these attacks are counter-productive.

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