We have read in the papers of various hints about a Paedophile scandal some 30 years ago, involving “establishment” figures, not just MPs, but Lords, senior civil servants and security service staff, perhaps some Police and yet more entertainment figures. And now there is major investigation to be conducted by the Chief Constable of Norfolk Constabulary. We also know that Baroness Butler-Sloss was appointed to head a “major review of child sex allegations” but after mutterings about her suitability she has resigned from the role.

And you don’t have to dig far on the internet to find evidence, albeit uncorroborated and unproven evidence, of wrong-doings from that time. Try Googling it: let me give you a clue: “Elm House, Richmond” which was raided by Special Branch Police in August 1982, the story all over the papers that month.

We can be suspicious of what is going on now, for a number of reasons:

  • For a start Baroness Butler-Sloss’ replacement is not reporting until after the May 2015 election.
  • There have been allegations that another “independent” police investigation of child abuse in another part of the country suffered from a “cover-up”.
  • While many of those alleged to have been involved 30 years ago will be dead now, many are alive, and one has to ask the question – how much of it is going on today?
  • We also know that absolute power corrupts absolutely. If they were able to involve a wide enough spread of the “establishment” (police, judiciary, press etc.) in a paedophile ring, then they have protection: an insurance policy against public detection.

There are a number of possible scenarios.

One is that before the next election there will be a full report from both the inquiry Chairman and the Police, that both reports will be wholly accurate and complete, and there would be a meltdown of “the establishment” resulting in a major upset to voting patterns. We don’t live in cloud cuckoo land, so we know that won’t happen. However, partial leaks may occur.

What may happen is that there will be a few sacrificial lambs before May 2015: another entertainment “industry” giant, an ex-copper and an ex-civil servant perhaps, or even a dead MP, but no living MPs or Lords. Front-page news, but the real “crooks” will remain safe behind their insurance policy. The leaders of the “legacy parties” will come out with strong statements of condemnation and the voters will be convinced… again?

And after the election, the full reports will be delivered and it matters not how many alleged culprits they reveal, the election is done, power is grasped for another 5 years and in any case it’s all 30 years old news, and the “new breed” are different… aren’t they?

One has to ask though, how many voters have considerable suspicion of some major establishment figures? How many people are going digging on the net and seeing these names. How many of them will be sharing this information with others? And, how much doubt is there around about the integrity of “the establishment”.

While we should not make any specific allegations ourselves, as a party or as party members, there is surely no harm in raising those doubts, and in making the following suggestion to the voters:

“If you vote for one of the establishment politicians, can you be certain you aren’t voting for someone who will be convicted as a criminal after the election?”

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