Majority, Democratic, Sovereignty, three significant words which our Political Elite, Conservatives, Labour, Liberals, Greens, the SNP are ignoring.

Without Sovereignty, you cannot control borders, immigration, trade, fishing, agriculture, Law, etc. Sovereignty is KEY.

  • The Conservatives are selling us in name only, a Brexit pup, not regaining full Sovereignty, not claiming Sovereignty of our Seas for Fishing, and suppressing Freedom of Speech.
  • Labour are only interested in changing the UK to a Socialist/Communist State. If you thought losing sovereignty to the EU 27 was bad enough, try being ruled by 140 Global Progressive Alliance Socialist participants with a Group Dictatorship Board of 33 Members.
  • Liberals are only interested in ever closer Union with Brussels with the UK turned into a Vassal State.
  • Greens just want to subvert the Majority Democratic Brexit decision as long as the wind blows and the sun shines.
  • SNP in one breath wants Scottish Independence then, in the next breath, wants to throw it all away to Brussels.
  • UKIP is the only Party that believes in listening to the people and delivering the Democratic Will of the people.

It was a Democratic Majority that voted for Brexit. If Tony Blair, the Kinnocks, Cable, Clegg, the BBC, and Co. don’t like it, and still aspire to the politics of a Banana Republic, rerunning Referendums to rig politics; TOUGH. That is Democracy.

The Socialist Brigade

So, what are Corbyn and the Socialist hard left up to? What is their Socialist/Communist strategy?

The global Progressive Alliance (PA) was founded on 22 May 2013 in Leipzig, Germany. The Alliance was formed as an alternative to the existing Socialist International, of which many of its 140-member parties are former or current members. Until recently, Iain McNicoll was General Secretary of the Labour Party. He is still shown on the Board of the Global Progressive Alliance.

Under the hidden agenda of the global Progressive Alliance, new Socialist Parties have/are being created here in the UK. The UK Progressive Alliance, Compass, Momentum, Renew and the soon to be launched, Common Platform. To make all these new Socialist Party’s socially acceptable and attractive, such as Corbyn and Tom Watson appearing at Glastonbury last year, we now have as their Agent, The World Transformed.

The World Transformed Organisation grew out of Momentum which itself was formed after the election of Jeremy Corbyn.

The following few sentences from a Compass newsletter gives another clue to Socialist strategy, the last sentence in particular:

‘Compass has always sought to admire, respect and work with the beautiful complexity of progressive thought and ideas. (What a load of Rubbish )

Our journey started in the Labour Party, and that party still matters, but it never sought to end there. We could see the trends on the horizon. One party can’t possibly meet and overcome all the multiple challenges we face.’

To give substance to that last sentence, take a look at the Compass ‘Think Piece’, ‘Beyond Monopoly Socialism’ by Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass and a Guardian writer. If you wish to spare yourself wading through the reasoned verbiage, jump to the Conclusions on page 13.

Finally, the homepage of the Communist Party of Great Britain refers to an updated book ‘The EU, Brexit and Class Politics’. You don’t have to read the book to have a clue as to where Labour, the Socialists and Communists are going. The introductory captions are sufficient, the last line in particular:

Which way now for the Labour movement?


For a people’s exit from the big business EU!

Yes to international solidarity and cooperation!

Clear the way for a left-led Labour government!

Corbyn is aligned to hard left Socialist principles with a great admiration for Communist regimes. By allowing Corbyn, to have his hard-left political head with the Labour Party, all those more moderate Liberal Socialists Voters are looking for new, politically moderate, Socialist homes. Step forward The UK Progressive Alliance, Compass, Momentum, Renew and Common Platform, a diverse range of Socialist Party’s each with slight differences to appeal to all shades of socialism.

That purpose is to provide new political homes and retain the loyalty of all Labour/Socialist Voters. With these new Parties, there will even be an attraction for disgruntled Liberals and Greens, even liberal-leaning Conservatives and the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Creative Destruction

I would suggest the turmoil currently tearing apart the Labour Party apart is, in fact, a deliberate act by Corbyn and his acolytes to end Monopoly Socialism so as to populate these new Socialist Parties. Additionally, Proportional Representation (PR) Voting is becoming more attractive to Voters which, if PR is adopted, would give the Socialist/Communist Party’s a clean sweep. This would achieve the Socialist Dream of a fully Socialist UK society governed by several Socialist Party’s.

If you voted for Brexit because you didn’t want to be ruled by Brussels with 27 EU countries deciding your future, contemplate a Labour Party Government supported by several Socialist Parties. Government policy being fashioned and directed by Socialist International or, as now known, the global Progressive Alliance with 140 global Participants and a Group Dictatorship Board of 33 Members to decide your future.

And Conservatives?

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party, Amber Rudd and the Home Office continues its suppression of any Party to the Right of Centre, UKIP, For Britain and Britain First. This suppression of Right of Centre parties not only removes or belittles any challenge to the Conservatives, it aids and abets the above mentioned Progressive Alliance Socialist Cause by removing any political Challenge to counterbalance the Left. It also denies a political home for any Right-leaning Labour Voters, of which there are many, who will never ever vote Conservative. It’s in their DNA. But try explaining that to Conservative Central Office.

While Conservatives and Socialists, Brexiteers and Remoaners, fight it out, both seem to be ignoring the growing threat of Islamisation of Western Democracies which, in our children’s lifetime, will be well on the way to being achieved here in the UK. With the suppression of Right of Centre thought and debate, we can’t even talk about Islamisation without being denigrated with every derogatory name under the sun, fascist, racist, Islamaphobic, xenophobic, Nazi, etc, etc.

But, who am I? I’m just one of these old folks who, I’m told, should not have a voice or a vote on Brexit, should not be deciding the future for our children. After all, I’ll be long gone. Why should I care or have a voice in our children’s future, Brexit, Remain, Right, Left, Christian, Islamic, Atheist or otherwise?

But I do care. In my small way, I’ve paid into this UK Democracy and contributed in building it for our children to enjoy. It should not be thrown away on some Liberal Socialist/Communist pipe dream or a Conservative Party Selling Out the Democratic Majority.

My message would be to give our self-indulgent MP’s a shot across the bows.

Forget traditional Conservative, Labour, Liberal, Green, SNP Loyalties.

Many Local Councillors are a waste of space anyway toeing the Party Line.


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