As you wake up this morning to the realisation that the UK has suffered a major terrorist attack, possibly the only surprise you’ll have is that it’s taken so long. Many of you here have been increasingly hostile to islam or at least radical Islam. While agreeing that it’s an incompatible culture, I prefer to focus my thoughts and efforts on the politicians that brought us to this sorry state of affairs.

Nearly ten years ago, I remember sitting in a pub in Melbourne and having a drink with a Muslim, a very educated engineer who worked for one of the big oil companies. I know it’s a strange place to find a Muslim, but he wasn’t drinking alcohol. He was quite westernised though. We inevitably got around talking about the last Gulf war. He was telling me how he was visiting Australia because his son was starting university in Melbourne, but he would so much like to live is such a peaceful place.

I’ve been haunted by some pictures I’d seen of a bombed-out church or mosque (am now not sure which) in Baghdad, where hundreds of women and children had been killed. This was called collateral damage. I could see the pain in this man’s eyes. Like so many other Muslims he just wanted to escape and good luck to him.

Unfortunately though, we can’t take everybody in, we have to defend our borders. As a small island we can’t absorb the entire Middle East, let alone millions of economic migrants from the Third World. Muslims have been easily radicalised by our actions in the Middle East, they may want refuge here, but they won’t forgive us for the deaths of possibly friends relatives and children. As we all know, many from the Islamic world have a totally incompatible culture with our own. The combination of an incompatible culture and many thousands of radicalised Jihadis entering our country is an ongoing disaster that anybody with any sense can see, but apparently not our so wise politicians.

Tony Blair was instrumental in starting the second Gulf War through lies and deceit. He was prepared to murder thousands of innocent people for the benefit of his globalist colleagues. Blair was the first Prime-Minister of Britain to drop all nationalistic pretences and to step starry eyed onto the world stage. An arrogant evil little man, Blair was going to do anything he had to do to please his globalist masters, an endeavour for which he has since been very well rewarded.

Since Blair, we’ve had a succession of globalist politicians and Prime-Ministers, equally as determined to follow in his footsteps and as time goes on, the bombs keep falling in the Middle East, and now again here in our country. It doesn’t matter which mainstream political party these people belong to, they’re all different sides of the same pyramid. Anybody that thinks globalism is altruism is very much mistaken.

And now we’ve got Theresa May and we’re going to have to put up with this smiling gargoyle as she offers her condolences. She’ll say all the usual right words. Theresa May is a known and self-confessed globalist. The people that died in Manchester are, to our government, collateral damage – just as much as those women and children who died in the church (or mosque) in Baghdad, all those deaths incurred in the pursuit of globalist ambitions.

How else could you explain a government that allows the brutal rape of hundreds of women like Chelsey Wright and the sexual grooming of our children, while letting the perpetrators off with a light slap on the wrist. These are the citizens they’re supposed to defend! Theresa May has stalled on Brexit, it is becoming clearer by the day that she will backslide and has no intention of controlling our borders.

The rape of women like Chelsey Wright, the deaths of terrorist victims so far, now those in Manchester last night and those that are still to come, the responsibility can be laid firmly at the feet of Theresa May and her colleagues. Yet still millions of British people will go and vote for the Conservatives in June, this is like turkeys voting for Christmas.

I can’t remember which senior Al Qaeda operative said this. He said, when asked why they kill innocent civilians: “these people vote for their politicians and pay taxes to support them and their policies.”

He does have a point, we are responsible for the politicians that we vote for and they are out of control. We desperately need a representative government: this is our right. I’m sure none of us would have supported Blair’s evil war if we had known the truth! These politicians are very good at spinning such ‘noble’ causes to support their actions.

In a few weeks time, we have an election. By 2022, the time of the next election, Britain will probably be changed beyond recognition and irreversibly, by May’s government if we let her get away with it. UKIP is still the only hope we have for any meaningful representation in the coming government. We can’t afford to let it slip into obscurity.

When you go out to vote in a few weeks time, it’s worth remembering that you have a responsibility to your family, your children’s future, and the rest of the world too. You may want to think long and hard about who you vote for. We’ve had enough collateral damage!


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