Mary Smith sat on a bench overlooking London from Primrose Hill, a place for the poor.  She was troubled about the world and the guilt and fear of man’s pollution weighed upon her.

A young man came and sat beside her.  The day had been bright, but now the light had that strange and unreal, yellow autumn glow, of an October evening.

The man must have noticed her anguish. “You are hurting” he said “and are in need of assurance?”  He was right, and Mary didn’t stop him talking.

He continued in an understanding manner.  “There is much danger in the world not because of what will happen but what is perceived and why that is so.”

Men are fickle and that gives way to a fear of the inevitable and fear of the unknown.  I will tell you why I have taught men to be guilty.

Mary caught her breath she felt that a frightening and sinister reality was to be exposed.  The young man spoke with authority and she dare not interrupt.

Once the world was so full of life.  Lush dense forests covered the earth 400 to 500 million years ago when carbon dioxide was ten times the level it is today.  250 million years ago it was five times today’s levels and large healthy animals roamed those forests and swam in the seas. 1000 years ago Greenland was green and farmed by men.  The British Isles was much the same land area then as it is today.

The geological outgassing of CO2 is not understood.  

Direct geothermal heating is not understood.  

Undersea volcanic action affecting convection currents and acidification of the oceans is not understood.

Tectonics, driving ocean currents and air currents, are not understood.

Do we understand the Milankovitch cycles, the effects of the Chandler Wobble and the True Polar Wander?

Have ‘sudden fluid motions within the earth’s core’ been considered fully?

Is the danger of increasing the greenhouse effect greater than the danger of reducing the greenhouse effect?

Rising CO2 levels increase plant growth and make plants more resistant to drought and pests

Do scientists understand the effects of living on the surface of a fluid envelope where earth crust bulges come and go?

Carbon is the fourth most common material in the universe.

The amount of CO2 in the Earth’s upper mantle may be up to 100 trillion metric tons.

The flow of information went on and on.  You have been spared the detail of statistics, figures and sources the young man included.  Mary could not take it all in, but she was mesmerised. She wondered whether his mouth was moving as the words came like a silvery flow.  Time seemed irrelevant she may have been sitting there for two hours or ten hours.

The clouds were dark and menacing and it was only the glow from the city sprawled out in front of them that picked out the contours of the clouds underbelly.  The intensity of the man’s face was also outlined but his eyes glowed with purpose.

Water vapour provides over ninety percent of total greenhouse heat trapping capacity.

Cosmic rays cause ionisation of the atmosphere which in turn creates clouds from water vapour, further increasing the effect of water vapour on global temperatures.

Carbon dioxide will be a pollutant the day that water vapour becomes a pollutant.

Scientist argue because they don’t know.  They present theories that others refute, and so it goes on.  This is a natural testing process in science.

“But I do not understand the science” said Mary.  

“Nobody understands the science” he said. “It is not about the science.  I am not here to teach you science, Mary.” The hairs were now standing up on the back of her neck.  

“But what about the pollution?”

A grin flickered across his face; a distortion of light and a power exposed.

While man is given guilt for the presence of a natural substance he neglects the real pollutants. Your nuclear program has been stifled and the coal mines closed increasing global dependency and subjugation.

You now have the information to allow you wealth, control and domination on the back of man’s self-righteousness, self-importance and stupidity.

Mary was not brave but she opened her mouth and the words came out

“But what about contentment and happiness?”

There was a flash of lightening in the distance. The light reflected back on the canopy of dark clouds. As the roar of thunder reached them the man said,

“You haven’t been listening to me!”

She did not see him going.  A massive storm had erupted.  Flurries of rain could be seen here and there like skirmishes in a vast battle that raged for as far as the eye could see. Finally the panicked, rushing and swirling clouds were breaking and moving off to the west and the wind was dropping.  A shaft of light from the rising sun lit up Primrose Hill.

The light allowed Mary to consider what she had been told.  The science is not the problem. It is not a question of right or wrong.  The problem is the human condition; opportunism, manipulation and the replacement of truth with repetition in the game of Ideological imposition.

She had been given an insight into the exploitation of man’s weaknesses and fears.  Rather than rational discussion there has been an irrational adherence to an incomplete understanding.  The scientifically illiterate and vulnerable public are no better informed and have become tribal. Instead of civilised discussion there has been aggressive argument, an attempted shutdown of debate, and a manipulation of figures.   Understanding and belief, like virtue, cannot be imposed. Climate science has been used to create corruption, which has in turn corrupted the science.

Tears welled in Mary’s eyes and she now understood the politics of guilt and the politics of fear.  She looked down at the inscription in the York stone and saw a different meaning. The light had given her an answer and Mary’s mind was …..settled.

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The author of this article is a member of the Trinity Group. This group was formed in response to a series of articles in UKIP Daily. The founding members had all commented on those articles and they were invited by the author to continue discussions.

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