We’re all painfully aware of the daily anti-UKIP hatchet jobs that appear in the press these days. Selective reporting, misrepresentation and failure to disclose interests are rife. Most of them don’t deserve any attention but the occasional gem surfaces.

Take last Thursday’s Daily Politics. It’s on BBC iPlayer for a few days . Jo Coburn interviews the excellent (and in my opinion underutilised) Paul Nuttall. The subject of UKIP racism comes up of course and is expertly handled by Paul, but a fascinating exchange took place. This is what I heard:

Paul Nuttall: 92% of ATM crime in London is committed by Romanian gangs.

Jo Coburn: Would you say that it’s xenophobic to make that kind of statement?

Paul Nuttall: It’s true.

Jo Coburn: I didn’t ask you if it was true, is it xenophobic?

Don’t see the significance? Read that last sentence again.

What Jo is betraying here is the attitude – prevalent in the establishment – that Political Correctness of thought and speech is the equal of, and possibly even more important than, the truth. If you think I am isolating a few sentences for effect or taking them out of context, watch the programme for yourself.

To be fair to Jo, this occurred in the middle of an unscripted interview. It could be argued that it was a slip of the tongue. However, no matter how tongue-tied she may or may not have been, she expressed a sentiment – a sentiment that must have been there in the first place and which she must have considered legitimate to make.

What was this sentiment? Was it that telling the truth may cause offence?  Well, telling the truth about Romanian crime gangs may well offend Romanian criminals but much more likely is that it would have offended the establishment.

To many people this will come as nothing new. We have an establishment so riven with Political Correctness that the truth is weighed against its capacity to offend. This is why we are fighting to get our country – and our values – back.

Voltaire said: “It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.” The establishment know that they are under threat and they will continue to react. This will get uglier before it gets better, but if history has taught us anything it is that oppressive regimes ultimately fall.
We will win. History is on our side.

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