We knew it, didn’t we …!

We knew that the Ministers in May’s Cabinet would cave in.

Personally, I didn’t even wait up until the bitter end to watch Ms May celebrate, live on TV,  her wonderful work, ‘with head and heart’. I knew, when the announcement came that her press conference would be delayed,  that we were facing a sell-out/

I knew it would be a sell-out when we learned that the document, the Draft Withdrawal Agreement, was 568 pages long and only presented to cabinet ministers to ‘have a look’ under strict secrecy conditions on Monday night in 10 Downing Street.

If anyone tells me the Cabinet in toto were capable of reading those 500+ pages during that cabinet meeting, I can tell you that yes, one can flick through it in a few hours, but one cannot make an in-depth analysis. So – the Cabinet voted to support buying a pig in a poke.

Voices from the EU are jubilant, M Barnier first and foremost. You can read his comments here on Breitbart (scroll down a bit). Mr Verhofstadt is quoted in a German paper as saying that they (the EU) worked so hard on this Withdrawal Agreement because they needed to ‘protect’ us, the British voters!

It seems in bad taste, after the Centenary Remembrance Sunday, to compare these negotiations with war, with both World Wars – but what else can one call it when this ‘Agreement’ reads like a document of unconditional surrender, like another Versailles Treaty?

What is it about the French that they get one Versailles after the other? There was the first one – we know how that ended! There was the second one, not so well know: the installation of the €uro, about which a French diplomat said that this was like a second Versailles for Germany and that the French got all they wanted. And yesterday we finally saw the third Versailles ‘Treaty’ …

At UKIP Daily we’ve been pointing out again and again that the politicians, especially Ms May, have given away their power to the Whitehall Mandarins. Some Tories, e.g. Mr Redwood and Lord Tebbit, have occasionally mentioned this, as have, belatedly,  some commentators. It didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that it is apparently open knowledge that all of the Whitehall civil serpents, not just those in the Treasury, are Remainers – see the remark by Andrew Bridgens MP as reported by Catherine Blaiklock in her latest article in UKIP Daily.

To use another historical parallel: we the people have been betrayed by that unholy alliance of Big Business, starting with the support for Cameron’s remain campaign by Big Banks, of the EU-paid former ministers and PMs and of our State Broadcaster and the Remain MSM. They are what the Vichy French were 70 years ago. To save their ‘lives’, i.e. to keep their lucrative, EU-financed lifestyle, they sold us out, with pious words about ‘will of the people’.

It is odd, though, isn’t it, how they only regard the Remainers as ‘people’ – we Brexiteers don’t count. That goes for all the MPs in ‘Leave’ constituencies, who have not been deselected and who can feel safe because Ms May and her Vichy supporters fear nothing as much as a new General Election. It’s not because they fear a Corbyn Government but because they would lose their seats and their cushy lifestyle.

Those who didn’t want to rock the boat and voted Tory in both 2015 and 2017 so as to prevent a Labour government should now rue their decision: voting from fear and for expediency rather than for a principled stand did not work. It will never work. Party Manifestos are wishlists, to be chucked once the Party is in power. Anyone who thinks Corbyn will deliver on our Brexit better think again: he’ll betray us as did May.

Well, it’s time for resistance. It’ll be hard, but we need to do it. If we fold now then we as well are betraying the 17.4 million Brexit voters. There’s no more time to waste on pet side issues – the sands in the Brexit hourglass are running out.

We’ve warned all along that, once we’re under the Brussels boots, we’ll be under those boots forever. This “Withdrawal Agreement” is the evidence. So let’s concentrate on Brexit now – remembering this word from Benjamin Franklin:

If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.

The EU will see to that if we let our Quisling, Ms May, and our MPs, the reincarnation of Vichyists, impose the agreement to deliver our country into EU bondage.


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